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BEST New Handguns Under $200

BEST New Handguns Under $200

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  1. Is the reason why you chose the .380 hi point over the 9mm? Or is it because you just have experience with the .380 model? You did say guns you have experience with? Or does it have to do with being in an apartment?

  2. What’s wrong with me? Every one talking about how ugly the hi point is. I think the high point looks better than the sccy. I’m sure the sccy is probably better but idk why everyone thinks hi points are ugly. I always look at them at the pawnshop but I’m scared to buy a gun that’s 150$ brand new.

  3. The Taurus g2c is the best gun you're going to get around that price range without a doubt I prefer my g2c over some of my Glocks… and over a lot of my other guns even if the g2c was four hundred bucks it's still a great deal it has more features than most $400 guns I have 1,600 rounds through mine and it has runs completely flawless… it's small enough to conceal but still holds 12 rounds which is more than enough to have by your nightstand

  4. Informative video a little bit off the mark when it comes to Taurus Taurus has been around for years they make a -quality firearm. As for any Hi-Point I see it as nothing more than a brick with a trigger

  5. The Jimenez JA9 is one also that would fall in this category. It's not going to win any awards but neither are any of the others on this list. Self defense shouldn't be restricted to your budget.

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