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Best Military YouTuber Competition 2018 – #BMY2018 | ThomasVlogs

Best Military YouTuber Competition 2018 – #BMY2018 | ThomasVlogs

What’s going on YouTube? ThomasVlogs here. I hope you guys enjoyed that last video that
I put out. It was super fun making it and have been receiving
a lot of positive feedback from you guys. So thanks again! Recently, I’ve been nominated by a few of
you guys to participate in the Best Military YouTuber Competition. #BMY2018 Kyle Gott and his wife, McKenna, are hosting
a competition with several well-known military YouTubers from across the States. It’s in a format much like March Madness. I think this competition is a great way to
bring more military YouTubers and viewers together as well as bringing more exposure
to this tight-knit community. Thanks you guys, I am moving onto Round 2
of this competition. This week, I will be going head-to-head against
WildBlueYonder, a zoomie, from the Air Force Academy. He does have a pretty decent following and
has some pretty informative stuff on his page. However, as a West Point graduate, you guys
know where I stand when it comes to Army vs. Air Force. The polls open tomorrow. So head on over to @KyleGottYouTube on his
Twitter page and vote for your boy, Thomas Vlogs. Let’s make it a repeat of what happened
to Air Force earlier this season and bring home the W for Army. Thanks again for all of your guys’ support. I’ll see you guys in the next video. ThomasVlogs out.

Reader Comments

  1. A Thomas I feel like you do not remember me but I was that person who commented and ask you about like military stuff in the Marines or whatever it was around the first videos you made. I hope life on Poland is great and you know who is your biggest fan?


    Peace out.

  2. u are really the best can't wait to attend west point i hope u remember me as ur biggest fan once u get big like nava the beast did

  3. Polls are open, AGAIN! This time, I'm facing off against CoastGuardChris. Vote here: #GoArmy #BeatCoastGuard

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