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Best gas mask for a civilian

Best gas mask for a civilian

apologies I'm not doing a video in a while but um when I've been freed or weather's not been good as you can probably hear now it's raining I was plying on doing a crossbow video today but seeing as the weather's really wet obviously it's not really practical so I thought I do a video on what sort of modern gas masks or respirators that would be good for a civilian I mean it will vary a bit depending on what country you're on depends on what you can get in your surplus easily but these are sort of the modern design masks and all sort of I would talk about on and say which I think's best so on the far left we've got the Israeli masks at the top there ZM 15 which is the IDF military mask and then underneath we've got the civilian lasts there is a number four that I forgotten it but that's just such as a civilian mask all of them except the GSR second from right around 40 millimeter filter masks next to right we have the Avon s10 atop which is the old British Army gets mask and below we have the CT 12 and the CT 12 and FM 12 were sort of civilian or armed police versions of the mask made where the s10 weren't been suitable in my opinion the CT 12 is a much better mass than the s10 but I'll talk more about that later then we have the GSR GSR zon very nice mask does pretty much everything yes 10 does but it's got a nicer field of view and it uses these interesting filters but a lot of people don't really like the GSR because they sort of have complaints about the build quality of it and I can kind of see what they mean it feels like if you knocked it too hard you could break it which is obviously not something you want in on chemical situation okay and then on the far right we have the Belgium be m4 GP which is now known essentially as the Belgian write mask and these were some masks that were sold to or Belgium essentially made for their military but then they ended up selling them as write masks surplus because they've won undercut them on the deal – they all slightly y-yes tens or something so in my personal opinion I think a military mass could be better than civilian masks for um civilians user than we see NB c– scenarios Italy because most military masks that offer better field of view and more comfortable for wearing for longer and the rubbers normally slightly thicker so I brought out the Israeli civilian mask so it's certainly not about mask you see Israeli m15 mask above it has triangular lenses which are actually often much better field of view especially when they're that size with the Avon masks I find the C t12 personally I like better the field views better main thing I like is it's more comfortable with that different mold shape on it lower both the same size the thing I really like about the C t12 is that it's got elastic straps rather than rubber straps so it's easier to adjust them and then more comfortable GSR I like quite a lot but as people I've complained about the build quality I can kind of see the problem of that my main issue of the GSR is these bayonet type filters it uses because they're not going to be easy to get a lot on the civilian market another spare opened package and keep them sealed in case of an emergency but I've said they're not as practical as 40 millimeters then the PM for GP on the right very good mask I like it a lot not my favorite I say out of all of these RCT 12 is probably my favorite but um it's still not a bad mask very good field of view what's interesting on that you can twist the filter and take – left or right or below so you can get to work with pretty much whatever you're wearing and they're all armed these are all good masks I mean they're all very reliable with masks but personally I choose the CT 12 obviously it depends on what you can find in your area and the good thing of all these masters you shouldn't except for the GSR you should be able to find them below about 40 pounds 30 pounds and all of them are good masks also you want to get em as new as possible that would make a huge difference in protection they offer but CT trial in my opinion is the best one there and all of the others very good the israelian 15 is quite good now I've got the straps adjusted this is quite comfortable it's a good field of view but all of these are good masks and they're not too hard to find

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  1. got this mask : also Military and cbrn.

  2. I merely forgot something, but a quick question, what kind of gas mask does Smoke use in R6S? If I remember correctly, it’s a standard gas mask for the S.A.S.

  3. The 2 the to the right half of the screen are the Scott GSR (Left) and the BEM 4GP on the right. The 4 on the left half of the screen include the Israeli M15 on the top left, Israeli Civilian on the bottom left, the Avon S10 on the top right, and the Avon CT12 on the bottom right.

  4. Hey I have a S 10 and I use it for airsoft and I use it for smoke grenades and anti flash light protection with the red lenses thing is I didn't get the outserts and I replaced the regular lenses but here is the question can I put the original lenses back in it and will it renew the seal or do I have to get a new gas mask ? @weaponsandstuff93

  5. You left one of the Police ones out which doesnt require a filter (its in-built) I cant remember what it is called but Armed Police are using it currently (2018)

  6. I've been thinking about starting a gas mask collection of my own. Do you have any suggestions on any gas masks to kick off with? (Perferrably a more affordable mask)

  7. Do you think an m10m could fit a 12-13 year old child? (My son was wanting one so just wondering) A place I could buy black outserts for it too would also be nice.

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