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Best Friends Videos of Studio C

Best Friends Videos of Studio C

Hi guys, welcome to our compilation
of friendship sketches. Best friend sketches! The sketches where we’re
all like, together, and being like,
doing friend stuff. That friends would do. Yeah. Or so we’re told. Yeah. In our research
about friends, this is the activities
they engage in. Right. And so we wrote it and
performed it for you. Enjoy. [audience cheering]All right, here we go.Okay, sir. We’ll get those
upstairs for you. Thank you so much. Thank you. [sigh] Did you see how he
handed me those papers like I’m some filing
cabinet on legs? Lacey, if I’m sent to
get one more breakfast like some golden grahams
retriever, I’m going to lose it. You know what? We run this business! We could easily sabotage it. Can I tell you a secret? Yeah, of course. What is it? Sometimes, I get my
revenge. [gasp] Sometimes I get my revenge too! Sometimes I get my
revenge three! Remember those new company pens
I was supposed to pick up? Yes. Guess what I did. Did you flush them all
down the toilet? Mm-mm. Worse. Did you stab someone? Girl, much worse. What? What? What? I bought the ones with
the loud clickers! [gasp] You are so bad! Take that
corporate America! Yes. Remember how I was
supposed to replace Mr. McKewen’s tissue box? Ugh, do I. I took the first three tissues
out of the box. [gasp] You she-devil! You did not! Yeah! I cannot wait to see
the look on his face when he’s 177 tissues in, and he does not have
the last three. Boogers will flow! Where’s my tissue? Where’s my tissue? I’ve got boogies! Where’s my tissue? Hey. Sorry to bother you, I’m just,
I’ve got a bit of a cold and I used up all my tissues. I was wondering if you could
drop some by at some point. Of course, we will bring
some right up. Thank you. No, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Did you see how bad I got him? Yes you did! You got him good! If I hadn’t done
that prank, we wouldn’t be having
this conversation for another two minutes. Two minutes! That’s 120 seconds. You are a witch, girl! Stir that brew, Harry Potter. Stir some brew, put some eye of
newt in that brew. Hey. Just one more thing. When you do the quarterly
report next time, I would love it if you
could staple it as well. We sure can. That would be nice,
thank you. Oh my goodness. Oh, no he did not! I already got it, girl! Because I’m putting the
staples in backwards! No! [screams] You are evil! You are taking evil
to the next level! I know! I know what I do! That’s insane! [phone rings] Vance & Associates.Hi, I delivered some flowersand I wanted to make sure they
get to my wife, Alexa Neilson.
It’s our anniversary and I’d
really appreciate it.
We sure can. Aww.All right, thanks a lot.No! Mm-hm. He– Oh, yes. Did– Get him! Not! Oh, but he did! And I am not famous
flower artist, Henri Fantin-Latour,
yes sir, no sir. [gasp] Lacey! Lacey, what are you doing? I’m rearranging
these flowers. These colors are going
to contrast so hard! [gasp] Lacey, they’ll be
so unappealing! You are out of control,
and I sustain you! I do!Excuse me.Hi. Hi there, how are you? I’m great. I heard there were
some flowers for me. Oh. There are! These are just as lovely
as you are. Oh! Isn’t that the truth. I could keep going. You are beautiful. Thank you! She’s so beautiful. Oh, no she did not! That’s the light we
need to change. I’ll change that
light right up. Oh! Hey. Back so soon. I was wondering if you had
a copy of the agenda. Oh my goodness,
of course we do. Yes. We have one more for the
most beautiful woman in the office. Oh! Thank you! No, thank you. I want you to know that
you are gorgeous. Thank you. You’re amazing. So what did you do
to the agenda? I didn’t do anything. Change the font
or something? No, I should’ve. Ah, that’s too bad. I know. It would’ve been a
really good– JK! I printed the ink at
98% tone quality! [screams] Leo! Help me, Leo! I’m king of the world! Yeah! Yeah!You guys, where is Jeremy?We were supposed to start
the movie a half hour ago. Oh, pay up. Um, what was that? Uh, oh, I just bet Stephen
that Jeremy would be late at least half an hour. Wha– you bet on your friends? And some. What was that? Well, I also bet him that
you’d be offended by it.What?I am not offended. Of course not. Please stop talking. Oh, pay up, Matt. Stephen lost three bets. [groans]
You will pay for this, Stephen. More her than me. What, you too? Yeah, we all do it. I won five bucks
last movie night because Mal laughed so hard she snorted popcorn
out of her nose. That was so good. It’s true. Okay, so how many bets
do you guys have going? Well, lots. Seven or eight. I don’t even know. I have 36, and I know ’cause I keep
track on my new iPhone. [groans] Adam, why did you have to
refer to your new iPhone? [screams] Ooh, Stacey screamed
like a girl. What? [groans]
No, I– I– And to think I
used to call you the most manly one
in the group. I– I am. Oh, [imitates train] Thank you! Jason accidentally
dissed himself. Yeah, he did. Grazie. What? Why? That was the sixth time you
acted like a train this month. No, that was only five.Mm,buying groceries, at
the bank, in the cemetery– Ew. Cooking spaghetti,
in the bathtub, and now here. Oh. I did not know I could
be heard in the bathtub. Okay, but just to be
clear, that was six? Yup. Pay it up, pay it up. [chattering] Oh, sorry, I’m late, guys. I had to stop and
get some ice cream, and then this girl
started choking on a frozen gummy bear, so I gave her the
Heimlich maneuver, and I gave her
a ride home, and, uh, we’re going
out next Friday. Booyah! Man, how did you
know all that? Rockin’ it. Are you guys, uh,
doing bets right now? Yeah. Who’s winning? [clears throat] Stephen lost three, won one; James lost one, won four; Stacey lost one, won one; Jason won one, lost three; Mallory lost one, won two; Matt lost two, won one; Natalie lost one, won one; and Adam won one… Just as I predicted. What? That’s right, that’s right. I played you all. Oh, victory lap! Yeah! I used to like her. [Whitney cheers from upstairs] All right, told you guys
Whitney was in on it. Man! I don’t know
how you knew.I can’t believe I
almost died twice
when we walked out of that
bank with 15 million dollars.
We’re quite the team.No.We’re quite the family.Family.Worst movie ever. Come on! It was pretty good! Wasn’t so bad! Well, it’s only 9 o’clock. You guys want to play
any games or something? Yeah! Oh yeah! Yeah? What games do
you guys have? Uh, we have Risk. Yeah! Nice! Why do guys like
Risk so much? Seriously! It takes forever.What’s wrong with–?It’s not even that
long of a game. Hey! How about we play
the quiet game? Okay, Mom. Sorry Nat. No, I’m serious. Growing up I played the
quiet game with my parents all the time. It was so much fun. I would play the quiet game,
the sit still in church game, the ask for the cheapest
Christmas present game. One year I won because I
asked for a pile of dirt. Your childhood
makes me sad. Why don’t we play
the quiet game? Wait, are you serious? Yes, and whoever wins gets to
decide what game we play next. Mm. Like Apples to Apples? Is that like wash
the dishes? Oh my goodness,
it got sadder. Okay, but no
complaining, ladies, when we enter hour
five of Risk. Fine. [clears throat] Okay, everyone– All right. Ready? Set, go. [silence] Ow! I didn’t know we were
playing street rules! Come on! [silence] Really? James! Oh! I was so close. Did you see that? [silence] Aw! Guys! I’m not even
upset, guys. I love it. I don’t blame you. [silence] Oh! Matt! It’s just a game! Don’t be a fool! What? It’s a– Hey, hey, hey, hey! Maybe we should
just calm down, Matt! Whitney gives up, right? Yeah! Yes, Whitney,
it’s a grenade. You do. You do! Think of the puppies. Oh! No! Whoa. Whoa.Be careful.[screaming] You did it? [laughs] I win! Who’s the fool now? You are! You’ve killed us all! Oh, calm down! [explosion] [screams] So, Risk? Yes, Risk. Good job man. Thanks for helping
me do this, Matt. I’ve never broken up
with anyone before. Sure, what are
friends for, if not to help you end
other friendships? I’m just worried that
I’ll lose my nerve. I feel like he’s a lot more
invested in this relationship than I am. Don’t worry. I’m a pro at this. Tons of girls have
broken up with me. Have you got your
earpiece in? Yeah, I do. Do you want to test it? Yeah. This is Mongoose,
come in Heartbreaker. Okay, I need
another code name. Man-eater? Soul-crusher. You’re just making me
feel worse about this. I’m sorry, you can
be Butterfly… of sadness. Just leave it
at Butterfly. Fine. Commence Operation
Scarring Emotional Pain. [doorbell] Oh, hey Mal! Hey, hi. So good to see you. Oh, yeah. Well, I just wanted
to talk to you. You are doing great, I
repeat, you are doing great. I was beginning to think
that you’d forgotten that today was
my birthday. You are the devil, I repeat,
you are the devil. No, no, I don’t forget
things like that… I did not sign up
for this, Butterfly! Today is his
birthday? How was I supposed
to know? Oh, I don’t know, have
you thought of Facebook? Hey, do you want to go
get something to eat? I was thinking
Italian. You think
about it. I’ll go get
my jacket. Are you sure you want
to continue with this? It’s not gonna
be pretty. If he’s anything like
me, he is going to cry. A lot. I’m sorry, I have to. I can’t live in a lie. You lie all the time! I know, but I really
want to break up. Though I could
do Chinese.Okay, let’s ruin
his special day.
Of course, today’s
your special day too, seeing how it’s our
six-month anniversary. Have you a heart
of stone, woman? What do I do? Okay, you need to
stop him from talking and change the subject. Stop! I want to talk
about cheese. Good, now transition from
that to breaking up with him. This isn’t easy
for me, just like cheese isn’t
easy for me to digest. But… But… It’s okay. To be honest, I’ve kind
of seen this coming for a long time now. I’ll just spare you
the awkwardness. Oh, this is going
much better now. I love you. [groan] Red alert, the “L” word has
entered the conversation. We need to regroup.I was gonna wait
to give you this, but it can’t wait.Oh, no, don’t let him
bring out any presents, Butterfly. Stop this. I– [gasping] [audience “aww”-ing] What are you
gonna call him? He looks like
a Toby to me. I used to have a
dog named Toby. [groaning]
Ugh, that is an adorable name! We are losing control of
the conversation, Butterfly. We need to regain– Hello! I’m Jason’s mom. Hi, it is so good to
finally meet you! We’ve heard so
much about you. Okay, we have engaged
multiple hostiles. Matt, help me! Okay, don’t worry,
I’m mobilizing, here comes the distraction. Uh, hello there. I am in the
neighborhood today… …to rob you. Yeah, get
him Mom!Yes!Harder!Ah! And that’s why I always carry
a brick in my purse. Man down, Butterfly,
man down! Anyway, you be good
to my Jason, okay? Between you and me,
the last girl he dated practically ripped
his heart out, so I’m glad he’s
dating you now. Okay, we can still
pull through on this. I mean, can you believe
she broke up with him a year ago today? I mean, it was his
birthday, first of all, and the day
his dog died. You’ll never die, will you,
Toby Junior? Abort the mission. I mean, what kind of sick,
twisted person would do that?I’m sorry Butterfly.You’ve got to date him for
at least two more weeks.
My conscience is
screaming at me, along with my ribs. Yeah, I would never do
something like that. Hey, I’m just gonna
get your present, and then I’ll be
right back, okay? Sounds good. I knew we should have done
this over the phone! I require medical attention. Nicely done, everyone. Looks like Operation Stop
Mallory from Breaking Up wtih Jason was a huge success! I can’t believe
Matt’s gone. I know. Are we terrible friends
for showing up late to his viewing? I hope not. Looks like they put him
together pretty well. He looks peaceful. He does, doesn’t he? Yeah. Hello boys. Hi, Reverend. You were good friends of
Matthew, weren’t you? We were. I mean, we are. I mean, I don’t know which
tense to speak. I understand. The world has lost a kind,
loving soul in Matthew, but as long as we
remember him, he won’t be
lost to us. Thanks, Reverend. Thanks. God bless. Well, should we go? Hold on. This is my watch. Dude, there’s no way. “To my grandson, Jeremy”? Okay, this is probably
just a misunderstanding. Maybe you left
it at his house. Did you leave this
at his house? Hey! I swear I saw him
smirk from the grave! Bro, this is
Little Pony! He’s just laughing! Man– Something the body does. Is this a Purple Heart? I don’t recall Matt ever
serving in the military! I don’t either. What else is in here? Jar Jar Binks? What? My American Express card? That’s how you got
such a nice coffin. I knew you couldn’t
afford real wood! Man. Your ears aren’t pierced. Why does he have–? Weird. Dude. This is your girlfriend. He stole my girlfriend! How did he even–? Was Matt a sort of
secret kleptomaniac? Um, does this answer
your question? My pen? Yeah. My pen! I let you borrow
this six months ago and you said you didn’t
know where it was! It’s been here in your
cold, dead hands! Shh! Okay. I’m sorry! Sorry. All right. Just be cool. What else do you have,
you little jerk? No, come on, man. Come on. We shouldn’t speak ill
of the dead, okay? Okay? We just need to get over
this little bump– we just need to get over this
little bump in our friendship! Well this little bump just
turned into a mountain. Is that–? It’s the Declaration
of Independence. What?! Come on! This is cra– I’m sorry, okay? I mean, this is just
like National Treasure! Man, we’ve got to get
this back to D.C.! I know. I never knew Matt was
such a Nicholas Cage fan. Is that–? I mean… Ghost Rider? Who has that? Ghost Rider poster. That’s what’s
shocking you? Okay, you know what? We just need
to– we just– This is so much to
process, you know? We just gotta– Dude! There’s actually a treasure
map on the back of this! What? Come on! Meese! How could you keep
this from us? We trusted you! Boys, boys, boys! Please, please. I know we’re all trying to
cope with the loss of Matt, but you need to be
respectful… Are those my great-
grandmother’s earrings? [whispering]
What do I do? Well, don’t tell
her that her son– Why not? Because that’s
his mom! Think about the
emotional stress. I stole them. [gasp] Well I never! What seems to be
the problem here? These so-called friends of my
son stole a family heirloom! I cannot believe– Is that my
Purple Heart? Heaven has no
place for you. Do you want to go
find that treasure? Yeah. It’s what Matt
would have wanted. Unless… Okay. That makes me sick, Meese. That is… Hey guys. What’s going on? Okay Matt, first of all,
we want you to know that we’re all your
friends here. Did something bad happen? Did they cancel Downton Abbey? No, Matt, uh, we found
this in your car. Oh, thank goodness,
I thought I lost that. So you’re not even going to
pretend like it’s not yours? Should I? Matt, we opened it.Okay.And we saw what was inside. I assumed that when
you said you opened it. We found needles
and drugs. Yes. How long has this
been going on, Matt? Since I was a teenager. Oh, Matt, you’re addicted
to this– this insulin. Okay, I don’t know how
you guys didn’t know this, but I have diabetes. Okay, Matt, we can’t have
a serious conversation if you’re just going
to make up words. Diabetes is a real word. It’s a metabolic disease. Oh, yeah, yeah, okay, yeah,
I know all about your disease. You’re at some party, and all the guys are passing
around the insulins, and you just
can’t say no. Have you been
to a party? That doesn’t happen. Listen, Matt, we’re going to
help you through this, okay? You can beat this. Well, currently
there’s no cure, so… I know it feels
that way right now, but you don’t need
this to be happy. I agree. I just need it to live. No, no, there’s other
ways to feel alive. There’s natural highs. Here, have this
giant pixie stick. Guys, do you not understand
how diabetes works? I need insulin to regulate
my blood sugar level. Like right now I had a
lot of carbs at lunch, so I need to take some insulin
to break down the sugars, otherwise bad things will
start to happen to me. You’re just going through
withdrawals, okay? That’s normal. You’re technically
right, but… Look, Matt, I know you’re probably
jonesing for your next fix, but you’re going to quit
right now, cold turkey. We already flushed your stash. What? Guys, I’m going to go
into ketoacidosis. Again, Matt with
the words. You can’t just
say things. Hey, don’t you
worry, buddy, we’re going to
stay right here to make sure you don’t
call your dealer. You mean a pharmacist? So that’s what they’re
calling them these days. Wow, wow. Look, in a very removed way,
I am grateful for your concern, but in a more important
and life-threatening way, I’m really upset
with you guys. You’re completely ignorant
about a very prevalent disease. Whoa, who are
you trying to call? Are you trying to score
some more insuline from your pharmacist? No, I’m calling
an ambulance because I’m going
to need one soon. Why? Because my pancreas
doesn’t make insulin. We know, Matt. The pancreas is
a useless organ. You’re thinking
of the appendix. No, the appendix is the thing
at the back of textbooks. I’m going to freak out. Okay, listen, we understand
that you’re angry, but we love you too
much to let you do this. Friends don’t let
friends take insurin.9-1-1 emergency.Yeah, hi, I need a paramedic
to come with an insulin shot. My well-meaning friends didn’t
know that I have diabetes, and they flushed my
insulin down the toilet.Sir, we can’t help you if
you’re going to make up words.
Man, this turkey
sandwich is so good! I’m so glad
we came here. I know, the food is
always good here, and it’s a great
value too. Yeah it is. You guys are always
so positive. It’s really great. I know some people
that are negative, and they can’t say anything
good and anything, and people like that are just
not very pleasant to be around. You guys, I’m
right here. What? I said I’m
right here. You guys are talking about
me like I’m not here, but I am, and I don’t like
what you’re saying about me. Jeremy, I don’t think she
was referring to you. Well, how could
she not be? You guys know how much
I hate sandwiches and love being negative. I didn’t know you
hated sandwiches. Why do you think I’m
eating soup, Stephen? It’s like 100
degrees outside. I guess that
makes sense. Look, Jeremy, I wasn’t
referring to you, really. Promise? I promise. Sorry guys, it just got out
of hand there, you know? I don’t want to be
that guy, you know, who’s so prideful and
unwilling to back down, and probably pops
their collar. Guys, I’m right here! Jason, I didn’t
mean you. Look, I can’t help it
that I’m better and more confident at
everything than you guys. And sure, I’m
physically built as if Michelangelo chiseled
me from stone… …but don’t
put that on me. Okay, so you’re
a little cocky. There’s nothing
wrong with that. Oh, so the truth
comes out. You know what? Most of the time, I’m just acting confident to
cover up my insecurities because I don’t want to be the
guy who’s overly sensitive about everything. [upset squeal] [in a foreign accent]
I am right here! Do we know you? You don’t even know me? You’ve been coming here
for ten years, and I have all your
birthdays memorized. Happy birthday. We forgot about
my birthday. I know! It’s not like we
didn’t notice you. You’re clearly not the kind
of person we’d all forget! I’m right here. Oh! James! How long have you been there? I gave all of you
guys a ride here. I remember being driven
here by a faceless orb. Yeah, yeah,
I know. Okay, I was voted most
forgettable in my high school. Didn’t end up in
the yearbook. But, at least I’m not one of
those people who steals food from other
people’s plates! James, Adam’s
right here. What? Guys, we’ve got to
get out of here. The movie starts
in 15 minutes. Yeah, it looks like we’re gonna
have to take Main Street. The cops just shut
down the freeway because they’re looking
for a homicidal maniac. You guys, I’m
right here! I cannot believe
that ending. I know, right? Who knew Hugh Jackman
could hit those high notes? Right? These X-Men movies
are getting so weird. All right, nobody move. Give me your wallets. You don’t have
to do this, man.Hey, hey,just shut your face
man or I’m gonna– Oh my goodness,
Dave? Yes? Dave Vance,
Leeland High, class of ’05? It’s me. Tyler Dixon. Tyler? No way man. Hey. I didn’t even
recognize you. Oh, I know, it’s
been a while. Yeah. How you been? Great, just living
the dream. Me too. Oh, you remember
Chad. Yeah, yeah,
Chad Tanner. What’s up,
what’s up man? Uh, yeah. Chad. Yeah, yeah, we had
Mrs. Smead for geometry. Okay. That kind of sounds
familiar, I guess.Okay. Cool.All right now, give
me your money. You don’t have
to do this. Yeah, man, remember
in geometry how good you were at the
pythagorean theorem. And… Ow! Okay, I’m going to be
perfectly honest with you, I have no idea
who that is. Well, he was kind of
a nerd, you know. Now please
don’t do this. Yeah? I’m gonna cut you,
man, unless you– Hey, what ever happened between
you and what was her… Janice Peppers? We got married. What? Yes! Yes. No! No, we have a little girl
and another on the way! Oh, that’s awesome. Please, I have
a family. Yeah? And they’re not going
to have you anymore unless you give me the
cash, now hand it over. Okay, okay, uh,
here’s a twenty. [chanted together]
Get to the twenty, get to the ten, Leeland High School,
bound to win. Go Leeland! [laughing] Yeah. Oh, I can’t believe we
still remember that. Let’s do another
football cheer, I was on marching band,
I love all of those things. I kind of strained my
voice begging for my life.Freeze dirt bag.You gonna shoot
me, man?Yeah, I will shoot
you if you–
What? Tyler Dixon? Jaren Mayne? No! What? Come here! Oh yeah! What up? Hey, hey, hey. [chanted together]
It’s football, football, and we’re gonna beat all. Chargers, Chargers,
hoo wa. Chargers! Oh man. You gonna shoot me? You couldn’t even ask out
Ashley Morris to prom. [laughing] You remember how
scared you were?I totally
forgot about that. I was such a nerd
in high school. Ashley, will you
go with, with– So you. Dude, dude, can you
believe that Jaren Mayne is pointing a gun at
me right now? This is so cool. Wait, wait, wait, you
went to Leeland High? Yeah, I’ve lived next to
you since second grade. Oh, hey, hey. You remember the pass? When we won state?Uh, yeah.Yes, and I conducted a Star
Wars themed half-time– Shut up! Okay. Oh… [chanted together]
It’s football time, it’s football time,
the Chargers didn’t come, make no plan. Move that ball up to the line. It’s Chargers,
Chargers football time! [cheering]
Chargers! Oh man. We have got to get together
like this more often. Yes, we do. So good. All right,
nobody move. You don’t have
to do this!Hey, drop it![gunshot] You shot her! I’m sorry, she caught
me off-guard, man. You’re sorry? Wait, Tyler Dixon? Laura Tanner? Get over here. Oh my goodness!Laura!Hey Laura,hey,
it’s me, Chad. Who is this guy? I’m your brother. That’s right. Right. Okay. You know, I thought she
showed a lot of potential. No, I didn’t like how
non-committal she sounded about long-term plans. You’re so hard
on everyone. [knock on the door] Come in! Hi. Hello! You must be
Joel Brighton. Yes, that’s me. Hi, I’m Richard. Hi. I’m Renee. Hi, pleasure to
meet you both. Yeah. Now Joel, Rich and
I have interviewed a lot of people today to be our
annoying third-wheel friend. Yes we have. Yes. May I have a seat? Oh, absolutely. Go ahead. Hm. So Joel, why do you think you would be
a good third-wheel friend?Well, I’m veryconfident
in my abilities. Mm-hmm. You have some
impressive references from some notable
third wheels. Solange Knowles,
Prince Harry. Oh, this one caught
my eye, Ron Weasley. Oh wow! How did get him? We have a
Facebook group. Oh, that’s great. That’s great. And it also says on your resume
that you recently left a job as an annoying
fifth wheel. What happened there? I just wasn’t being
challenged enough. I always felt over-included like everyone actually
wanted me to be there. [laughter] Well that won’t be
happening here. Oh, not at all. Not at all. Wonderful. Wonderful. Oh great. Well Joel, how about we run through some
potential scenarios, okay? Now your main responsibilities
would consist of tagging along on our outings. Right. Right. So if we said, “Hey Joel,
we’re going to go ride the ferris wheel.” What would you
say to that? “I love
ferris wheels! Let’s go!” Great! That was good. Great! Yes. No, I love how you
misinterpreted our statement as an invitation. Yeah. I think that really conveys your
pathetic sense of confidence in our friendship. Right. Yeah. It makes us feel like
we’re doing you a service, which I think is key to any
third-wheel friendship. Vital. Yeah, okay. Um, new scenario. Let’s say we’ve all just
finished dinner at our house and I turn to Rich
and say, “Hey honey, why don’t we watch a
romantic movie together?” Sounds great. Well, I already
brought The Vow! Oh wow. He’s prepared. Boy Scout
right here. Wow. Just came with it. So we just finished the movie,
what are you going to do? Thank us for dinner,
get your coat? Actually I’m feeling
a little peckish. I might just
check your fridge. Hm. Nice. I like how you’re
still eating our food even though we
just fed you. Mm-hmm. You’re really committed
to not leaving us alone. Well, I’m alone most of
the time and I hate it so I figure why would you
two want to be alone? Yes! We talked
about this. Laying on
the guilt. Yeah. I love that. Wow. Yes. Key. It’s a gift. Oh wow. Okay Joel, how about we go
through one more scenario. Yeah, okay. Now, how comfortable
are you with PDA? Oh, very
comfortable. So, this wouldn’t
bother you? Oh yeah,
not at all. Maybe if you walked
in on us embracing? Yeah, okay. Well I can’t read social
cues, so I’m fine with it. Take it up a notch? Yeah, yup. Oh, you guys
are the best! Thanks for showing me
the future I’ll never have. Wow! Wonderful! That was good work. Wonderful! Yes. No, the hug, I think that took it
a whole new level. That’s what we’ve
been missing, some poorly-timed
physical contact. Look at that. Look at that. Yes! Now, now, Rich, I
don’t know about you, but um, I could actually
feel the spark of our love
diminishing. Could you feel that? I could feel that. I could feel that– You could feel that? Yeah. Oh that’s great. You flatter me. Oh, that’s
wonderful. Now Joel, would you excuse us
while we discuss our options? Oh yes,
of course. Okay, great. Joel, we want to be
alone right now. We are alone. [applause] Well done, Joel. Well done. You’ve got the job! Thank you. Passed with
flying colors. Oh, thank you
so much. We did it honey! Oh! So when do I start? I guess now is as
good a time as– Selfie! He’s really good. Yeah. You know what a real
friend would do right now? What’s that? They would subscribe
to Studio C. That’s how you can show
your friendship to us. And also you could continue
to watch the compilation. Yes, ’cause that’s
what we’ll do for you. See how
friendship works? You’re welcome. Hey Nat! Hey Stacey! Man. How are you? Good, good. Such a beautiful
day today, right? I know. It’s really nice. Yeah. Hey, um, peanuts? Sure! I’m actually
really hungry. Yeah. Anyway I was- [laughter] April Fools! Oh man! I forgot it’s April 1st. I always fall
for everything. Yeah you do. Anyways, I– I know that kind of
bothered you so, sorry. Truce. Okay. [buzzing] Ow! [laughter] It’s too easy! [groans] That is it! I am not falling for
anything else today. Did you guys see they’re
giving out free ice cream over there? Oh, sure! I’m not falling for
your little prank. Oh! Why would you
do that? That was the last
choco-taco! [cell phone ring] Oh, it’s me. Hey Mom. Oh, uh-huh. Goodbye. My grandpa died. Good one. Hey um, I don’t
know you, but I just wanted to say
you look really great. Hey, shut up! You’re the worst! Oh. Natalie, I think she
was just being nice. No. Not on April 1st,
my friend. Man, I hate this day. Ow! What the– Oh, right. I’m sure you planted this
treasure here, Stacey. Uh, no I didn’t! What? Don’t even want it. Natalie! Wait. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, hey– Take it away! No! Natalie! What– What are you doing? I bet this college acceptance
letter is fake too. I was so excited. Full-ride and
everything. No Natalie! Oh my goodness. No, no, no, no. Natalie, your future! What are you- Hey lady, give
me your purse. Do what he
says, come on! Oh sure, or
he’ll hurt me? You got to do better
than this, Stacey. No, no, no,
no, no. I’m serious, I
will stab you. Oh sure, with this
really real knife that isn’t a
collapsible prop? [screams] Oh my goodness– He’s really good. I never should have
pranked you Natalie. This is all my fault that you
just gave up the treasure and your education
and just stabbed a guy. Oh my goodness,
what have I done? [gasping] April Fools! [laughter] Prank the prankster. Hey Nat, I uh, I thought we were going
to use a fake knife. ’cause I’m really
bleeding. April Fools again! I recite the magical
incantation of Adaladar. The runes on the door to
the dragon’s lair glow red. Six months of questing, I can’t believe we’re
finally here. My character sheds
tears of joy. Ah, critical fail. Instead of crying
you break a leg. That’s unfortunate. [breathing]Luke, I am your
ring tone.
Oh that’s me guys,
let me take it. Hey yeah! Hi! Oh, just hanging out with the
guys doing manly things. Playing Dungeons
and Dragons. Oh, come on! Yeah, you can come
over if you want. Yeah, okay,
hello, bye. Uh, who did you invite? One cannot simply join the
Guild of Adventurers. Huzzah magic powers. Relax guys, it’s just
my cousin Carly. A girl? You can’t
invite a girl. My character left his
formal robes back in town five moves ago. He’s a total disaster. What do I have to roll
to get him a facial? Uh, critical fail. Dang it. Besides, no facial is going
to help– Damian the Stout? He is a very
attractive gnome. Well according to the
Guild of Adventurers’– Huzzah magic powers! –charter there are no rules
against having a girl come because we never figured they’d actually want
to be here, so… I guess we’ll have
to let her play. Yeah, I guess so.Uh, Adam are you down here?Yeah, come on down. Guys, this is Carly. Milady. Uh, I stand with skill
in standing and bequeath to thee most
zealous greetings. She is so hot. I know. Thank you. So Carly, do we need to
make you a character? I think I have some
basic sheets with the- Oh, no need. I’ll just play my character
Avenglen Arado. She’s a level 15 elven ranger
steward of the forest and silent huntress. [gasp] So where are we? Oh, the Guild of Adventurers–
huzzah magic powers. –was just about
to open the door to the golden
dragon’s lair. Okay, and I trust we have
the proper magical amulets to protect us from the
dragon’s psionic abilities? I love her. Uh-huh, yes. We had been meaning
to get those. Have we? Oh, we had. I actually
have three. Um, let’s see. Avenglen puts
on the amulet and the purple stone is
framed by her raven hair and flawless
alabaster skin. So into the
cavern then? Oh yes, the dragon
appears to be sleeping. Oh, sweet, we don’t even
have to fight it. We can just take the
treasure and run. Huzzah. So you would just rob
the dragon blind? Jason,
for shame! But to be fair milady, dragons
are rather evil creatures, kind of like the IRS
but with wings. Really? What do you know
of this dragon? Well, it’s a dragon. Ate my mother once. So you figured you know
everything about it just because of
the way it looked and the color
of its skin. Is that right? We’re dragon racists. Well, perhaps we could
talk to the dragon. Yeah. That’s fine. Avenglen approves
whole-heartedly and she smiles at
your sweetness. I smile back. I smile also. No, the most that roll will
get you is a confused look. Okay, but remember the dragon
will think that you are there to fight him so you really
should leave behind your magical weapons
and enchanted armor. [cries and laughter] Milady, this is Chazatran,
the great sword that I rent from the hands of
the lich king. I can not very well leave
it here while I go and confront the dragon. Unless you ask me again
because I will do it. And I wield the staff
of the flame worth at least
100,000 golds. I’m just going to give
that away, okay? Well, just remember that you
can leave with them with me. I’ll keep them
safe in my pack. I promise you
can trust me. [gasps] We leave her
our weapons. Immediately. No guys, stop and
think about this. And to the one who
shows the most bravery, Avenglen will bestow a kiss
with her full ruby lips. Long have I desired to
be kissed by a woman… says my character. No. Guys, I really
think that this– Silence! Adam! Matt and I walk into the
dragon’s lair. Bravely. Fine. Yeah, the dragon
wakes up, sees you, and incinerates
you both. Ow. You tricked us. The dragon wasn’t
in the cavern. It was in
our own company. That was beautiful. Thank you. He’s right. You siren! You tricked us! You took our treasure and
left us with nothing in return. Oh, you’re right. I did promise you
a kiss, didn’t I? What’s happening? [gasp and screeching] [gasp and screeching] Let the dream begin! You are so gullible. Bye, boys! Did you see how
close we were? I felt it.Okay.Settle down, guys!Settle down. Everyone–
settle down, okay? Your teacher is sick today, so we’re getting a
substitute for you. He should be here any minute, and I want you all to be
on your best behaviors. Don’t make me come down here. Hello.Hi.I am Dr. Reebs. Reebs? I am Reebs. Oh! And are you
really a doctor? Ja! Like Dr. Dre. Who… Who isn’t a doctor. It’s a metaphor. He cures the world of bad music. I cure the world of bad fashion. Well, we’ve
had weirder. Good luck! This will not do. Your teacher has taught
you nothing! I must start from the beginning. Assistants! Yes, Reebs? We’re here for you, Reebs. Take a look at this class and
tell me what era we must be in. Dark ages. Dark ages for sure. Very dark. Ja. These are my assistants,
Mimi and Juju. I am Mimi. I am Juju. I am Reebs. What are we learning today? Ah! Perfect! I know everything there is to
know about economics. Are you kidding me? I need a volunteer. You. Come! [Mimi claps hands] Mimi. Ja. Juju. Ja. Let’s teach them economics. It’s all about
the supply– –and demand. Supply goes up
with the price. Demand goes down
with the price. Where they meet: Mimi and Juju: Magic! Reebs: Boom! Economics. So– so why
am I up here? Ah. Cheap, ugly clothes. Ugliness. Nobody wants that. Demand shirt curve
shifts down. Uh-oh. Make it cheaply. Wal-mart $5 special. Supply curve shifts up. Your mother buys it for you
and ruins your social life. Your shirt is like a piece
of cotton that got confused. Boom! Economics. You guys
are jerks. No. I am Reebs. What’s next? Literature? Yes! New volunteer. You, come! Mimi and Juju: Mmm. What do we have here? I see the problem. Tell me, Mimi. I will tell you, Juju. Poor man’s Harry Potter. You’re right, Mimi. I am, Juju. Teen Vogue. InStyle. Marie Claire. These are your
new homeworks. Open them up. Find the perfect
article. All: Magic! Also! “To Kill a Mockingbird.” [gasps] Very good book. Ooh, Atticus in
fitted Armani suit. Scout in a-line,
tea-length dress. Make it emerald green
to give her some edge! Boom! Literature. Next! French. French? Do you speak French? [whispering] Paris. Mimi and Juju: Go there! Boom! French. Next! Art. Huh. My greatest talent. Yes. [chuckles] Juju. Ja. Mimi. Ja. Ready. ♪♪ Excuse–
excuse me! Excuse me. This young man told me
you insulted him in front of the whole class. [Reebs scoffs] He insulted my eyes. In front of the whole me. Also, I checked your file and
this does not count as a resume. [gasps] So if you’re not a real
substitute, you need to leave. Fine. But their fashion blood
is on your hands. Oh, and by the way,
your outfit– All: Tragic! ♪♪ Get out. Okay, get out,
get out, get out!Guys!What is taking so long? Come on, the party started
like 30 minutes ago. Are you guys ready? [sighs]I’m coming!Hey.Oh!Woah, woah, woah,
woah, woah, hold up! What is this? It’s my costume. No, no, no,
no, no! Adam. There is no way we’re letting
you outside like this. What– Why? This is the biggest
party of the year, man! You are not going as some
janky fantasy horse! It’s a pony. Let’s get ready to pa- Why? Woah, I think you
guys are overreacting. I don’t even know
what I’m reacting to! What are you even
supposed to be? This wasn’t part
of our plan! Uh, yes, it was. We all agreed to dress like
our favorite characters. Wait, Adam, since when is
your favorite character Shirley Temple’s
demented spirit animal? Okay, you guys
need to accept this. I am a brony. Wa– I… You mean like that
gross Italian deli meat? No, that’s baloney. Oh! Okay, like The Rock
used to say. Well, that’s jabroni. Oh, like this part of
a buff guy’s leg. No, that’s a
bro’s knee. I’m a brony, a man who
watches “My Little Pony”. A– Adam. What does “My Little
Pony” have to do with bedazzled war
donkeys, man? I’m ready! I’m ready! [gasps] Demon! Demon! No, it’s okay,
he’s okay. Why is this such a big deal? Adam! You look like a starved
rainbow land manatee! Okay, I am Twilight Sparkle
from “My Little Pony”. Are we ready to go? Am I on drugs? Look, man, we can’t
go to a party with you dressed
like Black Beauty and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat! Come on. Stacey, come on,
you’re always talking about how you’re supposed
to be proud of who you are. Yes, Adam, maybe if
your costume was good! But you look like an
experimental theater production of “The Last Unicorn”,
homie! What is this? Stacey’s right, man. It is just too
weird, and I- [gasping] So I’m an avid
Hello Kitty fan. Hold on, were you planning
on wearing two costumes this whole time? Well, I was going to be
a wizard at the party with everyone and then
Hello Kitty in my heart. What is wrong
with you? You guys, I have a
confession, too! What? [gasping] No! Woah.What?What is this?Wait, are you
going as Trump or as someone who’s
obsessed with Trump? Isn’t that the
same thing? Well, since we’re
all coming clean, I’m also wearing
another costume! Oh, no. What? It’s the same
costume. It’s shocking,
I know. Gah! And do you have
something for us, too? I do not. What is wrong
with you? Put your clothes
on, man. Sorry I’m late, guys. You ready? Ah-ha! James is a brony, too! What? No way. Dude, I’m Shirley Temple’s
demented spirit animal. I’ll go change. Yes, you should. You look good. See, this works. Oh, hey! Where is everyone? Oh, in their rooms. Ah. Hey man, how
was your date? It was okay. You know, just went to her
place and she made waffles. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. She made what? Waffles. Dude, that’s what I’m
talking about, son! Get it! Yeah, ya’ll. What’s so great
about waffles? Adam, waffles are a universal
sign for commitment, man! She’s digging you. Yeah, I’ve never
heard that. Why do you think they’re
in circles like rings, Adam? Waffles are like edible
rings of commitment. Did somebody
say waffles? Yeah dude! Natalie made Adam waffles
on their date tonight. Get it! Get it, Adam! All right. No, it’s not that
big of a deal. She just made her grandma’s
chocolate waffle recipe. Wait, what– Chocolate waffles? No way! What is so great about
chocolate waffles? Dude, Adam, chocolate represents the
highest form of attraction. Uh-huh. I mean, why do you think
girls love Valentine’s Day? Uh-huh. Nutella– Oh yeah. And this guy. Oh, they love me. I mean, chocolate
and waffles? This girl’s throwing
signs down hard. Hard. She was throwing
them down hard, son. Yeah, are you sure? Because it kind of
just ended there. She said she was feeling sick
and started coughing so– She started doing what? What? She coughed. Unbelievable. Amazing! Unbelievable. Guys! Can you keep it down? I’m trying to study– Dude! Natalie made Adam
chocolate waffles and coughed the whole time. Whole time. Get out of town
and take a bus! That’s what we said! This calls for a tickle train! No! Hey, hey! Stop! We banned tickle
trains last month. And are you seriously
telling me that coughing is a universal sign too? He doesn’t know anything. Uh, Adam, when one is in
love their throat tightens causing a shortness of
breath and or coughing. It’s not a universal
sign, it’s science. Science. Why do you think the
whooping cough is known as the love epidemic? ♪ The love epidemic. ♪♪ That’s not true. Guys, what is going on? I have to be to work
in like four hours. Adam got chocolate waffles and a steady stream
of coughs tonight. No way! [cheering] Guys, no! No! Stop! Okay? You know, I think she was actually
trying to get rid of me. She physically pushed
me out of her house and told me to go home. Well, in the words
of Little John, “Turn down for what?” Okay! [cheering] What are you doing? Get it! Guys! Guys! What now? Guy, Adam, girls push
to satisfy a desire for physical affection. She was practically
begging you to kiss her. Yes. Stop it. I love you. Kiss me. Okay. No! Okay, you know what? No! No! I waited outside her
apartment thinking this was all
some big joke, but then another guy came
and he gave her flowers and she gave him a hug and
she introduced me as her “gnarly old man friend”
and then they went inside and cuddled and watched
The Notebook together. [sighs] [screams] Love cannon! Ready? [fake gun cocking] [fake bullet sounds] Guys! Guys! That cannot be good! Adam! Have you heard
anything– Anything! We have said? Adam, a woman who
loves a man will do anything to make him jealous. Anything. She called me a
“gnarly old man.” Women love older men! Yeah! George Clooney,
Sean Connery– The pope! You know, people do say I’m
a nice blend of the three. You got to do something soon
or you could miss your chance. Well, it’s not that
I don’t like her, it’s that her actions
were so confusing. And that’s different from
any other woman, how? How! Preach brother, preach! Just saying. Oh, you know what? You got to call her
tonight before it’s too late. Yeah? Yes! Okay, um, where’s
my cell phone?[knocks on door]Adam!It’s Natalie!It’s her! Whoa. Hide! Hey. Hey, you left this
at my place. Oh! Thank you. Listen, I’m sorry if
tonight was confusing, but I think I
might like you. Yeah? Yeah! I’m sorry bro,
she hates you. No! That’s impossible! She doesn’t
like you man! Move on. Cut your losses. [text sound] “Don’t read into anything. We’re just friends.” [cheering] We’d like to thank our
valedictorian for those inspiring words. We truly can reach
for the stars. We will now have a special
musical number from two of our
graduating seniors. [humming starting pitch] ♪ Oh, Danny boy, the pipes,
the pipes are calling ♪ ♪ From glen to glen, and
down the mountain side. ♪ ♪ The summer’s gone, and all
the roses falling, ♪ ♪ It’s you, it’s you must go
and I must bide. ♪ [tambourine shake] ♪ Come ye back when
summer’s in the meadow, ♪ ♪ In the meadow ♪ ♪ When the valley’s hushed
and white with snow, ♪ ♪ Snowy snow ♪ ♪ I’ll be here in sunshine
or in shadow, ♪ ♪ Shadow ♪ ♪ Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy,
I love you so! ♪ [in a much higher key] ♪ Come ye back when
summer’s in the meadow, ♪ [nervously]
♪ In the meadow ♪ ♪ When the valley’s hushed
and white with snow, ♪ [nervously]
♪ Snowy snow ♪ ♪ I’ll be here in sunshine
or in shadow, ♪ [nervously]
♪ Shadow ♪ ♪ Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy,
I love you so! ♪ [in an even higher key] ♪ Come ye back when
summer’s in the meadow, ♪ [upset]
♪ In the meadow ♪ ♪ When the valley’s hushed
and white with snow, ♪ [hysterical]
♪ Snowy snow ♪ ♪ I’ll be here in sunshine
or in shadow, ♪ [shrieking]
♪ Shadow! ♪ ♪ Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, ♪ [extremely high note]
♪ I love you so! ♪♪ Man, I can’t believe we
haven’t seen Adam in over four years. Yeah, he’s only been in town a
few times since high school. Hey, there he is! Oh, hello! Oh, Jason. I didn’t know you were
going to be here. Yep. Last time I saw you,
we were arguing about something stupid,
I’m sure. Uh, it wasn’t stupid. Though I haven’t looked
into it any further, I’m still very positive
you could ride a bicycle on ice if it had ice
skates for wheels. That is so not something
that bugs me anymore, buddy. Man, you are looking good. That is a nice haircut. Thanks. Barber cut off five pounds. Five pounds of hair? Yeah. Are you Rapunzel? Hey guys, oh, the
gang’s back together. You don’t
believe me? No! There’s no way you lost
five pounds from a haircut! I weighed myself
before and after. Five pounds! Did the barber also lob
off part of your brain?Okay,guys, hey, who
wants a tic-tac? And, there’s no way the ice
skatsicle would ever work, [simultaneously]
even if the blade went all the way
around the wheel. It’s the same technology
as the ice skate! Except for the
propulsion. Ice skates glide. The ice skatesicle
would grind. Pedaling would
be impossible. Moving the blade
changes everything. Hey guys, you remember
the good old days when Shannon Olbrisk’s
cat got lo– Shannon Olbrisk believed
in the ice skatesicle! Shannon Olbrisk thought that if
you moved a deer crossing sign, the deer would change
where they crossed. They would! Deer can’t read! That’s why
it’s a picture! Oh, forget Shannon Olbrisk. She still thinks there’s
a hidden message in the preamble to the
Constitution. The one about
invading Canada? Ah! I know, right? We, the people of
the United States… Yeah? In order to form a
more perfect union… Wink. …establish justice… No mercy! …ensure domestic
tranquility… They don’t
like conflict. …provide for the
common defense… Because they’re pansies. …promote the
general welfare… This is impressive. This is hot. …and secure the blessings
of liberty to ourselves and our posterity… Double wink. …do ordain and establish
this Constitution for the United States
of America. I think we’re on the same
page here, triple wink. Okay, stop numbering your winks
and tell me what part of that made you think the founding
fathers wanted to invade Canada. That’s absurd. I know. What? It wasn’t the
founding fathers, it was an alien named
Martha Washington. I am going to go
get my luggage. Hey, speaking of aliens,
did you guys know that there’s a tiny bit
of the planet Mercury in all of our
thermometers? [screaming] My haircut!Man, I can’t believe you
dislocated your shoulder. Matt, the gym is a place where
men go to push themselves. You slipped by the
water fountain. I was thirsty from
working hard. Will you help me
fill this out? Yes. Thanks. Full name,
Stacey Gerome Harkey. Date of birth? You don’t remember
my birthday? That so surprising? It’s today. Happy birthday. Thanks. Uh, emergency contact? Oh, um. I don’t know. How about you, man? I mean, like if you
want, right? No yeah, that’s really
nice of you. It doesn’t have to be
permanent or anything. No, yeah, no. It’s just a lot of
responsibility. I figured you
could handle it. What about Barry? Barry would make a great
emergency contact. Yeah, yeah, I didn’t think
about Barry, yeah. Cool, I’ll write in
Barry’s info. Uh, any allergies? But you don’t think you’d
be more convenient? Hay fever, right? You have hay fever. ‘Cause you like brought
me here today! Yeah, but it’s omelet night
at the hospital cafeteria, so I was coming here anyway. Matt, we have been roommates
for a long time now. Don’t you feel like this
is just the next step? Wouldn’t this be more
fitting for a family member? They live on the other
side of the country! Your girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend? You don’t have
a girlfriend. You haven’t had one for
years, I knew this. Do you have an
ex-girlfriend? You do! Oh that would be bad,
I’m dating her. Um… It’s just a big, big step, which is why I think Barry
would be a better fit. Matt, why are you
avoiding this? I mean, why? Are you someone else’s
emergency contact? Matt? I didn’t want you to
find out like this. Who is it? It’s Jeremy. Jeremy?! Jeremy who’s lived with us
for two months, Jeremy? He had to be taken to the ER after he swallowed a poisonous
spider, on purpose! Tell me that’s not the
coolest thing ever! Okay listen, I do want
details about that later. But why can’t we both be
your emergency contact? Well, it’s just difficult. What if you’re both in an
emergency at the same time? I’d have to save one and
let the other die. That is so unrealistic. Is it? Have you seen “The Dark Night”? One explodes, one gets
horribly disfigured. And if Jeremy had half
a mustache he’d probably die of grief
anyway, it’s a lose, lose. Okay, so uh, just like that
you’re saying “no”. Don’t be like that,
we’ll still be roommates. Which is just an
empty term now. Was it a very meaningful
term to begin with? Matthew! Roommates are supposed
to be there for each other. Okay, they’re supposed to
look out for one another. And they’re supposed
to say “yes” to being each other’s
emergency contact. All right, fine! You want to know
the real reason? Yes! I’ll tell you! I’m scared. Of what? What if you
swallow soap and I don’t know the number
for poison control? What if you put your
hand on a hot stove and I’m not there to say
“that’s hot, no touch!” Matthew, I’m 26 years old,
I am not a toddler. Hasn’t stopped
you before. [gasps] Okay, listen, I understand
that you’re scared. I do! But this is something
that means so much to me and if anyone’s going to have
my back, it’s you, man. You mean that? Of course. Thanks, man. [groaning] That’s a bad area. You got me. Okay. I’ll do it. Man, thanks. You are the best. Yeah. Barry is going to
be so disappointed. Matthew, we do not have
a roommate named Barry. Yeah, I was hoping
you wouldn’t notice. Hey Adam, when
is rent due? Thursday. And don’t try to distract me
with Pitch Perfect 3 trailers. It won’t work
a second time. [high five]Don’t worry, we’ll get
it to you, Adam.
All right guys, I’ve got
to go take my midterms. See you later. Good luck. Bye, Adam. Adam? Whoa, that was weird. Sorry. I’m James. No, I know. Obviously I know that. Then why’d you say Adam? Because I was looking at
Adam when I said goodbye, so I said Adam’s name. But we’ve been
friends for 12 years. Dude, it was
an accident. You came to my
bar mitzvah. Are you serious? I was there for you during
your parents’ divorce. This is getting
weirdly personal. But it’s like, none of
that means anything if you’re going to
go forget my name. I didn’t forget
your name, Adam. James! Ah! I’m sorry if I’ve gotten in
the middle of your friendship. You didn’t. I don’t know why this is
a big deal, you guys. Oh. So now we’re just “you guys.”You’re not even trying
to use our names.
Should I go get
some nametags? Are you kidding? I know your names. James. Adam. James. Adam. You trying to commit
them to memory? I don’t need to
because I know you. Really? Yeah!What’smy birthday? February 27. Favorite ice cream? Marionberry. Debit card pin! Why would I know that? I know it. Stephen! What’s my name! Ah, man! Ahman is our
Hindu roommate! Did someone
call for Ahman? No? Okay, I go now. Hey,do you
need anything?
Don’t talk to me, James. You want to watch trailers
for Pitch Perfect 3? Yes. [accapella music] Thanks for
watching, guys. Please subscribe. Yes, and also like, share,
comment, um, all these things. All the things that denote
that we are friends. Yes, it’s a manifestation
of your friendship. And you know, as my
Spanish teacher once said, subscribe is
friendship in Spanish. Subscribo, [both]: amigos. [laughing]

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    ⚖️: Which one?

    Me: REEBS!!!

  2. I LOVE studio c! My mom doesn't which makes watching it really hard…but my dad likes it. My fave member is Jason BTW!!!! I'm sad that studio c quit to do JK studios but I still watch both. I love you studio c!!!!!!!
    BTW studio c, you should make a puppy compilation or an animal compilation. I love animals too!!!!😺🙈🐕🐈🐀🐁🐢🐇🐓🐦🐏🐺🐃🐂🐄🐴🐖🐗🐍🐸🐼🐘🐨🐒🐆🐯🐻🐫🐊🐳🐬

  3. Lol the sassy secretaries are so funny. They’re actually really good at pretending to be kind to the people.

  4. "…dragons are rather evil creatures." Except for the fact it is a gold dragon and they are Lawful Good.

  5. "You're good friends of Matthew, weren't you?"
    "We were, I mean we are, I mean I don't know which tense to speak…"
    That had me dead…

  6. I've already subscribed…I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR A LONG TIME! AND YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED ME?! WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS ARE YOU?! …..Okay bye guys! See you at the Friends Forever Picnic!

    Just to tell you, I was terrified at what would've happened happened.

  8. ‘A friend’s dying secrets’ reminds me of ‘Crisis at the Confessional’ and how Matt confessed that he stole stuff. It’s a small world.

  9. Nattily:did you see how he just gave me those filing papers like I was filing machine on legs!?
    Me: that’s sorta your job 😅

  10. Me on the road trip when my siblings were being annoying and I was trying to read: "Hey! Why don't we all play the quiet game?!"

  11. Are you saying that Whitney killed Matt with a brick and Jason was also friends with Matt at the same time!?

  12. Real bestfriends will waddle around the school yelling "PENGUINS UNITE" Then think on the bus that you were probably ducks instead of penguins

  13. Guys, there are so many places in this compilation that are just comedy gold. I love your work and appreciate you all so much!!

  14. My whole life my nickname has been “Reebs” my sisters nickname is “Mimi”….I guess we should call our other sister “JuJu” 😂

  15. It’s Judge Claude Frollo School

    Witney and Natalie sing Danny boy

    me trying to hit dem high notes during chorus because I am somehow not an Alto

  16. Well at least they got puppies even though they lost the quiet game! 😉
    Speaking of which, how many live puppies do they have backstage?

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