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BEST BREAKFAST In Malleshwaram AT VEENA STORES | SOFT FLUFFY IDLI | Chow Chow Bath | Sweet Pongal

BEST BREAKFAST In Malleshwaram AT VEENA STORES | SOFT FLUFFY IDLI | Chow Chow Bath | Sweet Pongal

The idlis are soft but you can feel the texture of the idlis as you’re eating it. So, when you taste the Pongal with the chutney… … it’s transformed to a whole new savoury, spicy level. Every neighbourhood has its own set of
popular eateries. The popularity of this tiny eatery or store right here in Malleshwaram that I’m about to visit today… … far out-surpasses, the neighbourhood
that it’s located in. In fact, all of Bengaluru craves for the super soft idlis of Veena Stores. This store has been in existence for the
last 40 odd years. It’s nothing much. It’s just a small little store. You pick your food, you stand on the road and you eat. So there’s the menu, very short menu. You’ve got the Idli Vada. You’ve got the Kesari Bath, Khara Bath, Shavige… … then you have the Pongal… … which is again another rice preparation. But then, they also have the Sweet Pongal and I’ve heard about the Sweet Pongal too, in addition to the Idli Vada. This place inside is a beehive of activity. You don’t see much here, but if you look
at the crowd around… … you know all the food that’s getting prepared at the back of this store to serve everybody out here. So, you have to jostle a bit for your order.
But then, such is the nature… … of the experience here at Veena Stores. Thank you sir. So I’ve got my steaming hot idlis and the vada and the chutney, of course, here. Thank you. I love the fragrant aroma that’s coming from the idli. It’s very mellow. Very inviting. I’m going to taste the idli first, just by itself. I want to get a sense of this hugely popular idli that… … all of Bengaluru is crazy about. You know the idli is soft, yet springy to the touch. And it has this gentle steamed flavour. Let’s taste the idli now with the chutney. So the chutney has a whole bunch of
things going into it. So you’ve got some… … I’m sure there’s some curry leaf, there’s some chilli. That chutney packs a zesty punch! It’s spicy and just what you need with this super… I think I’m going to go and get some more chutney. I need all that chutney to soak up the idli and also the vada that I’m going to try next. The vada feels crunchy to the touch. And it feels crisp and dry. Very little oil that I have on my fingertips even after touching the vada. I’m going to taste this vada, just by itself first. Mmmh! That vada is crunchy, crispy, and porous inside. I don’t spot any other peppers or anything like that in the vada. There’s just that… … those flecks of coconut that I’ve tasted. What brings the idli and the vada alive… … is definitely this chutney. This chutney
has so much flavour! It’s got all that coconut and then it’s got
the spice. It’s got… … the chilli. I think there’s some mint. It’s so flavourful. … are a stand-and-eat affair… … but Veena Stores is a stand-and-eat on
the road affair. So, if you look around… … people are literally standing on the footpath. There’s not much of a footpath right now, because there’s some work happening as you can look around. But people don’t mind that. They’re here for their Idli Vada, I mean, almost everybody here has an Idli Vada. The other dishes that follow, are a mere add-on. But the star here, I’m told… … is the Idli Vada and when I tasted this, it certainly feels that way. Some places they call it Upma… … some places Khara Bath. How’s the Idli Vada? Good? How long have you been coming here? 2 years? And everytime you eat Idli Vada? Khara Bath. So young, old, Veena Stores is popular with everybody. As you can see, there’s bit of a hustle to get your food. But it’s all worth it. Thank you sir. So there you go. I have my Chow Chow Bath right here. So this is the Khara Bath. And this is the Kesari Bath. Khara Bath is the savoury, semolina preparation. And then… … the Kesari Bath is a sweet semolina
preparation and together… … the combination in Karnatake is called
a Chow Chow Bath. I don’t know how that name came about, but it certainly sounds appealing. The Khara Bath certainly looks very alluring. It’s moist, and you can see there’s some peas… … there’s some chilli. I also spot… … what may be peanuts, I’m not sure. And of course, the curry leaf. And there is no onion, garlic that’s used… … in the food here. I’m also told there is a sizable Jain community that lives in the neighbourhood. And perhaps that’s also got to do with the fact that there is no onion, garlic that’s used… … in any of the preparations right here at Veena Stores. That bite was soft, creamy, and flavourful! You know the fact that there’s no onion, no garlic, but it still packs in all that flavour… … thanks to the chilli that it has in it, thanks
to the curry leaves… … the tomatoes, the fried lentils that have also… … gone into it. In fact, it’s quite a spicy dish. But it’s so soft and creamy, and of course, you also have the peas… … for that added pop. This is definitely big on flavours. You also have the roasted peanut that
gives it that deep flavour. In fact the flavour of the Khara Bath… That’s how flavourful this is. After that spicy hit, I now need some of the Kesari Bath. This is the sweeter component of this Chow Chow Bath. If any of you out there know why this concoction… … is called a Chow Chow Bath, do let me know in the comments below. I think there’s also some banana in this
that I just tasted. So the Kesari Bath by itself is not too sweet. But as you bite into a raisin, you have that sudden burst of sweetness. There’s also some cashew that lends it a
bit of toastiness. I love the fact that this Kesari Bath isn’t too sweet. You know, sometimes you taste the Kesari Bath and it’s very, very sweet. But this one… … is not too sweet at all. So the raisin is just lightly fried, it’s not
roasted too much. So you have that very mellow flavour of this Kesari Bath. Quite in contrast to the flavourful burst that you got from the Khara Bath. So it’s quite a yin-yang sort of a combination, this Chow Chow Bath. Super delicious. In fact when I was
looking up Veena Stores… … people raved a lot about the Idli and the Vada and the Idli was certainly very good. But even this combination.. I’m going to taste a bit of the Khara Bath… … and the Kesari Bath together. So there you go, I have a bit of the Kesari Bath, the sweet Kesari Bath and the spicy Khara Bath. That’s very interesting! So because you’ve taken the sweet and
the savoury together… … the sweet actually enhances the savoury punch of the Khara Bath… … so with the Khara Bath I can taste that spice… … and I can also taste that salty savouriness. But it’s quite an interesting sort of a combo. So much so, that I’m going to finish the last of my… … Chow Chow Bath combination. It’s quite an interesting dish. I’m already full up, but I need to try that Pongal. I’ve heard a lot of things about the Pongal and they do a Gatti Pongal here which is a firm Pongal. So let’s get our Pongal and see what the
Pongal all about it. Thank you. I have the last of the preparations from Veena Stores that I’m going to try today. I’ve got the… … Pongal combination. This is the Khara Pongal or the savoury Pongal and then I have the Sweet Pongal. I think the Sweet Pongal is made with Jaggery so it’s also called a Jaggery Pongal. Now when I was trying the Chow Chow Bath, I felt that it was very savoury… … very flavourful so it didn’t need that chutney, that’s what I felt. But I thought I must get a bit of the chutney with the Khara Pongal. It looks a little mellower as compared to the bright looking Khara Bath. Let’s begin with what I’m hoping will be a delicious bite of the Sweet Pongal. Mmmh. You know, you can taste the Jaggery
that’s in that Sweet Pongal. And also some camphor. Edible camphor that’s been used to flavour the Pongal. But there’s also a certain… … graininess in texture and I suspect there’s some lentils that have also gone into this… … Sweet Pongal. And that gives it that
grainy sort of a texture. So you have that bite of that plump short rice that’s… … as compared to the Kesari Bath that I just tried. I’m going to next try the rice Pongal, the Khara Pongal. I think there’s some pepper here. There’s also some cumin seeds that I can see. It’s not as creamy as the Khara Bath and
the Kesari Bath… … but this is meant to be a Gatti Pongal
so it’s a little firmer. So you definitely have the cumin seeds that’s flavouring this Khara Pongal. And then you have the peppery bite of the
whole peppercorns. So the rice in this Pongal is almost crushed to a paste… … as opposed to the grains that you could still find in the Sweet Pongal. It’s a little mellow in its flavour… … other than the cumin and the peppercorn, when you bite into it. So I’m going to take a bit of the chutney, the coconut mint chutney and… … taste it with a bit of the Khara Pongal. I think this Pongal needs that chutney to
elevate the flavours. So when you taste the Pongal with the chutney… You’re standing roadside and there’s some construction work happening. But not withstanding that, Veena Stores has its loyal patrons who will stand… … on the road, and eat no matter what’s
happening around. I think I’m going to try to find a quieter spot there… … to finish the rest of my Sweet Pongal. So there you have it. I have a quieter spot… … in the middle of a busy street, to finish
my Sweet Pongal. Mmmh. It also has some nuts and some raisins
that I just tasted. So between the Khara Pongal and the Sweet Pongal, I’m definitely a fan of the Sweet Pongal. I think if you’re here at Veena Stores, definitely something that you must try. Some coffee to end what is a large breakfast here at Veena Stores. So you also have some of these snacks
that you can buy. So you’ve got some chikki, you’ve got some obbattu. You’ve got some mixture made of puffed
rice, some laddus. So some snacks to take away from Veena Stores. And I’m told that the store originally began as a condiment store. Got some coffee to end my meal here at Veena Stores. Mmmh. You know, you’re literally eating in a state of chaos here at Veena Stores. There’s traffic that’s flowing by. There’s cars, vehicles honking. Yet, if you look at people here… … they’re standing still and enjoying their
Veena Stores breakfast… … whether it’s the Idli Vada, whether it’s the Chow Chow Bath or the Sweet Pongal. Such is the allure of what began and what
still is actually… … a tiny little store, right here, in the heart
of Malleshwaram. Come here just for the food. There are no
thrills, no frills… … definitely no bells and whistles, but it’s all about the food here. So if you’re in Bengaluru, do check out Veena Stores for that piping hot idli. And until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road, stay safe, be happy. And happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share, and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log on to and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!

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