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Beretta Takes Shot At Army & Sig

Beretta Takes Shot At Army & Sig

hey everybody welcome back to the channel I appreciate your time thanks for watching halftime bringing it home again the you know I get a lot of flack on the videos I did regarding the Army's pistol program where they chose Sig over a couple different manufacturers but it came down to SiC vs Glock yeah I carried Glock for 15 years I own sig aswell carried sig for 3 years on my career but people have constantly said that I'm a Glock fanboy blah blah blah blah because I'm one of the only people who are bringing in the news I guess well yeah beretta just came out and I did pitching a fit about it as well that's right beretta themselves have come out and said that their m9 pistol is about ten times more reliable than the sig 320 now a lot of people are going to say it's sour grapes as well because beretta lost they had the stranglehold on the military handgun because they had the m9 contract and in fact they just narrowly beat out sig if I recall when they won the contract came down to price so they underbid sig in which is exactly what a sig did the Glock is they underbid him by a hundred million dollars now beretta has come out with a press release and they said that they've completed their 14th consecutive m9 lot acceptance test this month with an average of only one malfunction for every 19,000 and 90 rounds they also go on to say that during this testing period 42 m9 pistols were fired 210 thousand rounds were shot and the result of reliability was almost 10 times better than the rate of the reliability required by the US Army in its current modular handgun system program so they're calling out sig calling out the army right there so it's just not just me who thinks that maybe sig shouldn't have gotten the contract if you own a sig 320 like I do you also know that we're having issues with drop test results yes the drop test meets or exceeds the army standard but we have seen how easy it is to go off if it is dropped so they've changed their trigger design and maybe the n9 didn't have to have that problem fixed or or maybe other makers not just Glock there was a bunch of people who tried for this contract I don't know about you but if I purchase a couple hundred million dollars worth of product and it came defective saying hold on we need to fix this before you can issue it I'd be pissed off too so there you go it's not just me not just people who think Glock is a great gun not just people who think beretta is a great gun who think sig is a great gun I happen to be a big fan of all fre makers but perhaps the army didn't do the testing they the way they could over should have or the way it says on paper that's the information that that's out there we'll see what do you think do you think this is just sour grapes from Glock and beretta or do you think the army just skirted the system to save some money and maybe just maybe put an inferior product in the hands of our soldiers I'd love to hear your opinion on this because I know everybody has a strong one please leave your opinion in the description here in the comment section I'd love to hear what everybody thinks I hope you enjoy this type of information please have the thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and until we see each other again this is Jared from guns and gadgets be safe stay vigilant carry a weapon take care of everybody

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  1. All Our brave Men & Women who serve our Military both here and in foreign lands deserve to have the VERY BEST. I don't know who is at fault BUT this decision should NOT be based upon economics when human lives are at stake here.

  2. I like my Sig 2022 and 226, but, the bids normally go to the cheapest price. THAT should say it all.

  3. Glock was also found to be more reliable than the Sig Sauer P320 in post-contract award testing, which is why Glock filed a a completely justified complaint. The Army simply made the wrong choice, and again, are putting soldiers' lives at risk to save a few dollars.

  4. I've been following this issue recently since I have decided to own a gun. While I was in the Army I was a 76Y, but also had to train as a 76C which is the arms room. I remember cleaning unsigned guns, they were Berettas . And since that was all I knew Thats what I wanted to buy until money wise it was a bit out of my budget, so I went with a S&W M&P 2.0 Compact 9 mm. But I have watched or read all the issues with the Sig. Sadly the Army dropped the ball and Beretta should have gotten that contract. They have been very much in the reliable dept., more money down the drain. Sometimes you have to see who is behind the curtain pulling the strings and getting something on the side…..sadly sometimes that is the case.

  5. One thing is for sure about the Beretta, that you can rely on it .I'm shooting steel case ammo with the Beretta and i never have any problems with it.

  6. Not a fan of Sig one bit. Had a 226 and it was not reliable. It honestly seemed like a fragile gun. It probably was rugged but it didn’t feel that way to me. I think that beretta would’ve been a much better option. I shot my cousins 320 and it didn’t impress me. I dislike Glocks though too. Mine had a couple issues ejecting and the ergos/accuracy was terrible in my hands. It also just felt cheap. Like it was just good enough and nothing more. I love HK but I don’t see the military choosing them due to price. I think the M&P M2.0s are bad ass and cheaper than Glock but I guess they don’t fit in the Modular category they were looking for.

  7. All the bandwagon boys won't want a Beretta anymore but guys who know how to really shoot aways go back to the best. If the USA didn't want Beretta they should have went back to the 1911. Who agrees?

  8. The army asked for a "MODULAR" hand gun. Glock and Beretta didnt offer one.

  9. The Beretta came with problems, slide. The M16 came with problems, fouling. The M1 Garand came with problems, gas trap, The 1903 Springfield came with problems, brittle receiver steel. John M. Browning appears to be the only inventor whose guns functioned perfectly out of the box. Since Browning is dead it may be asking too much for his kind of perfection in new guns. Get off of your SIG hating high horse. SIG will straighten things out in short order.

  10. I own all three I was issued the beretta and when I was in the military I bought a Sig and a Glock and beretta and the sig‘s I have has nothing but issues. Seems like ever since they started manufacturing them in the United States quality control is going down the only gun that I’ve never had a problem with was the beretta provided I had the proper magazines. I feel like sig got the contract because some politicians “congressmen and senators” were pushing the US Army into getting a new more lethal handgun and rifle even seen YouTube videos about that and the fact is a 9 mm is a 9 mm! I think they should’ve gone with the Berettam9a3.

  11. You would think after all the development and research ( or so they say ) that has gone into the creating a service pistol spanning over 100 years, that perfection was the only option left. You can debate this point all you wish. The only concern I have is that when one of our people, who's job it is to 'protect and defend', reaches for the tools they need to do that job, it had better work. The rest is nonsense and politics.

  12. Beretta is better than the 320
    BUT, if they’d chosen the p226 in the eighties they wouldn’t be looking for a pistol now
    Plastic guns are NOT for combat
    Combat conjures up almost unimaginable circumstances and shit made of metal is what I’d bet on.
    That’s just me, a vet who’s actually relied on a pistol in combat.
    An M9 in my case.

  13. Sounds to me like some general bought Sig stock and tried to short circuit the system at the expense of our troops and the American taxpayer.

  14. Saw a video with the guy who I designed the Army’s M4. He showed great upgrades including open bolt when the rifle was on full auto making it more efficient. Army said thanks but no thanks. Spent 24 years in the Air Force always was amazed by the politics and BS to the detriment of the troops.

  15. The Military went (because your trusted? politicians put the pressure on em) on the cheap, same as what happened when the 9mm round replaced the .45acp, the politicians got involved and let NATO intervene and the result was more American Troopers died as a result of the 9mm not having the knock down power that the previous round The .45acp,, Heard all the arguments, 1. you'll be able to carry more ammo, 2. improved ballistics, 3. more humane, 4. the female factor,, in the end you'll need more ammo because the one shot one kill is gone down the toilet you need clips instead of rounds, the 9mm just doesn't have the knock down power period, The military has become a political fubar by allowing the (trusted ?) politicians to dictate their agenda and that's bad for trooper.

  16. SIG 320 was chosen because it is a NWO company, run by stooge Cohen. PERIOD. Glock, and Beretta wasted time…fix was in. NWO self promotes.

  17. Well, Let me start by saying I really like the Sig Sauer Products, as well as Beretta, I've never really been a big Glock Fan… I believe Sig must address the Biggest & MOST IMPORTANT Issue FIRST.. Failing the Drop Tests, if This Weapon is Firing when dropped, The only way they figured they could fix it was by replacing incredibly durable and reliable trigger mechanism with inferior components that were made of inferior Ingredients.. Under pressure from the government to keep cost low, Sig didn't pay attention to the Quality of Product they were Selling, or Components they used, they very well could have Provided a Much Better Product for our Military, Instead they give them inferior equipment because somebody's worried about the price tag. In my honest opinion, you cannot put a low price tag on the success of our Military, & the safety of our Soldiers..!!
    1) the only reason I truly believe that sig in their P3 twenny is malfunctioning is because of how many corners and inferior parts as well as the will ocular structure of the materials used to construct the trigger mechanism all lead to producing a cheaper gun so are cheap government could buy cheap guns in put him in the hands of our soldiers to defend their lives with

  18. I have owned guns from all three Beretta, Glock, and Sig. The truth is all three would have made an excellent sidearm for the Army. One of them had to win. I personally would have been happy with either one. The Glock and Beretta fanboys need to get over it. I can’t believe these grown men crying because their gun wasn’t selected. Grow up, be men, not whiny little babies.

  19. tried and tested colt 45 ! biggest mistake was just not buying new ones yes there is myths to ever gun
    but tge 45 proved it self over and over what they gonna change pistels every 15yrs now lol this is the military i dustryal base pulling all the strings next we be byeing 500 dollar water guns !

  20. Beretta should have kept it. If they were actually looking for quality, that is. Glock, maybe. Sig is clearly the least quality of the three though.

  21. the Army's buying power makes all gun makers stupid ….. so lets stop dropping our fucking side arms! ….and why did we need a new side arm anyway?…..oh yeah i forgot!…..nobody could accurately shoot the M-9…..its the guns fault!…..right?…..lmao!!!

  22. Well, I’m a Beretta fan, I even bought one, a PX4 Storm, Compact. Beretta is the best handgun available!

  23. I actually just added up the years. I believe I purchased my beretta 92f in 1988. So that would mean it hasn't malfunctioned in 30 years. What more could you want from it.

  24. I have always loved the beretta. The under barrel lock up leaves everything open on top of the slide. So if in the slight chance that you ever have a jam due to a defective bullet ,or any other reason, everything is wide open and super easy to fix. You won't be trying to dig a bullet out of a small hole as with other firearms. My 92f has never jammed in 20 + years.

  25. Quick question. Carried Colt 1911 all through Vietnam, NEVER had an issue. Always fired. Kept clean because of the moist jungle climate and dust at LZs. How does this old stand by compare to todays 9mm semiautomatics?
    fmr Combat Medic with 173d Abn Bgd

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