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Benjamin International | Military Tent Bags, Bajas, Dreamcatchers

Benjamin International | Military Tent Bags, Bajas, Dreamcatchers

Oh well you do a little bit of everything
so we’re kind of like a one-shot off everything from gifts jewelry apparel
accessory anything everything from all different types of shops boutiques exams
we fell to a lot of the New Agers of course a lot of yoga shop a little bit
of every everybody in shopping and really this is awesome yeah I was yeah
and then what made you start doing this I’m actually I was the owner Marty and
he started twenty something years ago importing figurine and it kind of
evolved into this and the this market has really being an office so he really
just decided to go deeper into the gift and New Age items because it there’s a
big market for been really really good for us so you guys are a wholesaler
where I have obviously so what stores would want to buy something from you I
already know the answer yeah really any of them but Lockley yoga
shop lots of wellness centers all kinds of salons everybody really does everybody can shop
here so yeah but my bookstores – Oh books or
a lot of book stores from iron shop – whoever he knew I’ll review customers
and then what is your favorite thing that you guys offer right now right here
these are those recycled military ten bags who thought it’s a really fun thing
and the fact that it’s recycle repurpose is great
the other thing of it would the Tree of Life wood boxes over there those are
really really nice to be sold right out of those really fast we just keep
ordering Salt Lake supports are still big so my favorite self-loathing
the that line the cotton clothing from Thailand yeah it’s all yoga inspired
until the tree pose also and then my last question is what
is your favorite part of of just like an everyday thing that you do what’s your
favorite part of working here what life makes you the happiest ah pleasing the
customers really just constantly offering a new item because the owner
that’s what he seeks to do just keep adding to the catalogue you keep
providing for our customers so that we’re constantly changing and they can
constantly shop up so it’s not as dead an analogue after the years just keeps
getting added yeah you

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