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  1. It was developed for our troops in Africa, the moon&balls pattern works better here in my opinion.

    The mud in Congo has a purple/red tint to it. Thats why they went with that color

  2. First let me say, I'm on the fence about this pattern because the reds and yellows stick out like a sore thumb. It would probably be well suited for fall to spring with the reds and yellows IMHO.
    On side note I am starting to be able to find you easier regardless of uniform. Thank goodness my eyes arent failing me.

  3. Interesting, It looks funny up close but at a distance those red highlights blur into a really nice earthy brown. Doesn't seem to do well in fresh vegetation but if you can find some exposed earth it's fantastic. It really shines at 04:14 walking across that dry riverbed

  4. i just read on a vendor website how bad this camo is so I had to see for myself. Actually, it performed very well in your environment. Though as mentioned previously, different batches may yield different results as far as colors go.

  5. Thank you for all your hard work making this extremely interesting video. I found it really informative. Keep up the good work. Mark, Solware tv.

  6. Believe it or not this camo actually works really well in the autumn, all those red and gold leaves all over the ground and all that.

  7. So much yellow and red I think it's more of a fall type pattern.
    I was able to spot you out a lot better than in other videos.

  8. Maybe it's just me but there seems to be a huge counter ambush training component to these camo effectiveness videos.

    A military training simulaltion tech company could expand on this concept and have every known camo pattern and a variety of environments loaded into a mini-Imax sized training simulator.

    Time ratio related to identifying friendly or otherwise would be the initial objective. Neutralizing threat via computer simulation and time ratios could easilly be scored.

    I grew up in the woods but we are in a different age now. Real is best but technology and training are million dollar ideas. I just gave this one away for free.

  9. Thats a mega effective camo .. i struggled on some to spot you. The yellow really breaks up dark and light. Looks like shit close up though.

  10. I have the jigsaw jacket, however I'm not sure what this handle is on the front that is attached with a pressure button. There's also a button on the shoulder, can someone tell me what this is about?

  11. Sorry but picked you out the firt time watching almost every time. I had far more difficulties with multicam. You should realy adapt a new camouflage.

  12. Being belgian myself, and having done quite a lot of airsoft, I'm quite familiar with this camo, and I have to say I'm on the fence with it.
    Depending on the year of production and how new or washed out it is, it can go anywhere from dangerously useless to absurdly effective.

    My personnal outfit more than once allowed me to be unseen at less than 10m while just laying on the ground behind thin bushes, but I also know a few guys with it who look like a christmas tree. You really have to hand pick a surplus and keep it just right.
    Also, it's (in my experience) more effective from fall to early spring than it is late spring and summer.

    In the end, I decided to go with surplus german flecktarn. Again, you have to choose the right shade, but they are on average more effective. The last kit I built was incredibly effective for something I paid next to nothing for. Was just as well camouflaged as the guys with their expensive A-TAC, MARPAT or MultiCam

  13. Also take in consideration he is not in the environment this camo was made for. Still works relatively well IMO. A lot better then I thought

  14. I like this pattern ,although i think it would fair better in the fall when the leaves start to turn .

  15. I think it was so easy to find him, because we knew he was there. If you don't expect to see something, you are most likely not going to find it.

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