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Basically…Run…! 786

Basically…Run…! 786

Basically… Run…!

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  1. @doctorwho786 umm changed my mind not the best line but that was the best scene with the 10 doctors before him the best line

    little girl "are you afraid of monsters"

    the doctor " monsters are afraid of me"

    along with

    forgot it's name " fear me i killed hundreds of timelords"

    the doctor " fear me i killed all of them"

  2. This is a great little video! Matt is my Doctor, but I did go back and watch Tennant and Eccleston to just give them a shot. Eccleston was too…bleh for my taste; to me the Doctor is outgoing and eccentric, and does NOT wear all black! And Tennant, I kind of enjoyed but he was way too lovey dovey and kissed too many people. Humans, too. Don't like that either. The Doctor is an alien, for heaven's sake!

    Anyway, again great video I really liked it. I freaking LOVE Matt Smith 😀

  3. Don't worry lol The Doctor will just copy what The Master did & somehow obtains a new regeneration cycle! – Either that or this big, dark secret of his will reveal that his regenerations are infinite or something – they'll think of something lol

  4. That is a matter of opinion. I like Tom Baker as The Doctor, however, I prefer Matt Smith. Matt is bonkers like Tom was but I see Tom as overrated. A lot of people only favour him because he is the longest serving Doctor, or that they grew up with him as The Doctor. I don't wish to argue about this, but I see Matt as a better Doctor.
    It doesn't matter, this video is about Matt's portrayal of The Doctor so enjoy =D

  5. Matt is indeed a wondeful Doctor and I love that true alien feeling he delivers. Now Jon Pertwee is also my favorite but of course I do have range when it comes to the character. However I do not like Tennant as he really played the character as a fan and not an actor. That is why Ecceleston and Smith are better. Chris never watched the show and the show wasn't on when Matt was growing up. Which means they could bring their own fresh take on the character.

  6. Army of Ghosts&Doomsday were great, but they could have done more with Dalek/Cybermen conflict and I wasn't keen on the Doctor/Rose love story, so they're nothing special. Stolen Earth/Journey's end destroyed the Daleks image with the spin and Doctor Donna which was more childish and ridiculous. Midnight was a low budget, good episode but Vincent and The Doctor was phenominal&wasn't focussed on a goody/baddy which made it more wonderful. Pandorica Opens was EPIC with a GREAT cliffhanger.

  7. Those episode were beautiful, end of. Journey's End may have shown they weren't invincible, but the spin made them seem like toys. They have been his deadliest enemy and then they are made to spin I mean, come on, talk about ruining the threat.
    Destiny of the Daleks didn't have spin like that.

  8. david tennant is the best doctor. matt smith can't act, and he tries to hard to be quirky. there's a difference between alien and saying random weird phrases and wearing a stupid hat.

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