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Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches

Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches

Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches what is up guys this is Andrew with my
watch addiction comm and today we’re going to take a quick look at the newest
field watch from undone watches today we’re going to be taking a quick look at
the basecamp before we get started though guys if you have not seen my
videos before down there on the right hand corner of the screen is that
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guys but for today let’s tear into this Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches undone watch the base camp so as we take
a closer look at this undone watches base camp model you can see right there
a day of purchase right on the outside that’s also used as their warranty
information if we open this guy up and you can see the undone base camp this
guy does come with a 20 millimeter Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches leather strap and see right there with
the quick-release pins and of course white stitching right there in the strap
does have the undone logo kind of hard to see undone logo right there on the
clasp guys I’m gonna pull this guy out and take the plastic off and we’ll zoom
in and take a closer look guys as we zoom in on this base camp
from undone watches the first thing I notice right out of the gate besides the
legibility of that dial is this crystal that’s on this watch if you look it’s
got a huge huge dome on it so that is a Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches three millimeter thick polycarbonate
crystal on that now that’s the same plastic that’s used in headlamps and
helmets supposedly 250 times stronger than typical mineral glass also guys you
can see that polished case that comes right with this base camp now the case
thickness on this guy is about 15 millimeters thick
again if we flip it back over look to the front of this you see that date
indicator right there at that 4:30 Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches position now that date indicator and is
if we take this apart here I’ll show you a little bit that the indicator is
thanks to the automatic movement that is in this watch the automatic movement in
this watch we can see from the open display case back is a Seiko and h35
automatic movement now if you guys have seen me review that movement before that
is a flagship workhorse movement that a lot of the micro brand watch companies
are using in their watches that automatic movement has a 42 hour power
reserve now if you guys are interested in picking up one of these base camps
from undone watches they are available directly from undone they’re going for
about two hundred and ninety-five dollars give or take
if you check out their website I will post up a link in the description
section below to take you guys right over to undone so you guys can find out
how to pick one of these up so that is Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches the base camp from undone watches over
all in my opinion really really neat little field watch decent size that NATO
strap seems pretty rock-solid that Seiko and H 35 automatic movement in it you
guys know already is a workhorse movement that a lot of the micro brain
companies are using really really digging this guy and glad
to have it in my collection guys if you stick around a little bit longer I will
post up some loom shots of this watch so you can check out the low-light
visibility see what you guys think see Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches how it would wear from a field watch
standpoint anyway guys I’m gonna get out of here if you guys want to see this
watch on my wrist don’t forget to follow us at Instagram slash watch addiction
die us thank you guys and I will see you soon Basecamp Field Watch Review from Undone Watches

Reader Comments

  1. I like the watch. Just dont like the brand. Have heard a few horror stories about them from several friends and reviewers.

  2. Not a big fan, the bezel is too plain and looks dumb. Keep up the great work though man, love your reviews.

  3. Would a Submariner die of thirst in th field and at the same would a field watch drown in the ocean. Inquiring minds want to know. Cheers

  4. The watch looks like a a customized seiko or something but nonetheless love the video keep up the good work.❤❤❤

  5. So I own an Undone. The Killy. And while I like it I find it wears a bit small. That does not seem to be the case with this guy. I agree with some people below. The plain bezel is not what I would go for. I will say the general vintage feel to the watch is very good. I like the dome crystal. And the legibility of the numbers. Again a very authentic vintage look to the indices and numbers. Good lume shots too. I had an issue with my Killy and I have to say the customer service was outstanding from Undone. Great review. Interesting time piece. Thanks Andrew!

  6. Base camp is basic AF and looks like a Vostok. Not a fan. Only thing it has goin on is the Seiko movement. Thanks for the great review!

  7. I bought one myself. I didn't receive the same packaging though, instead it was just a leather case and a card with date of purchase. Despite this, I am happy with the watch.

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