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Bai Lu, Xu Kai in Arsenal Military Academy, Li Xian popularity soars, Shen Yue’s acting criticised

Bai Lu, Xu Kai in Arsenal Military Academy, Li Xian popularity soars, Shen Yue’s acting criticised

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update July 26th 2019 edition. Make sure you watch until the end where, for
your convenience, I do a recap of all the dramas I covered in this update. In this edition, Go Go Squid’s Li Xian rises
in popularity and Shen Yue is criticised for her acting but first.. Arsenal Military Academyis
an upcoming republican era drama starring Bai Lu and Xu Kai and it is slated to premiere
on August 6th. It tells the story of a kind-hearted Xie Xiang,
played by Bai Lu, who disguises herself as a man to join the military academy in her
older brother’s stead. If the story sounds a bit familiar it’s because
it’s a slight nod to the legendary Mulan, who joins the army in her father’s stead. Not sure if that was intentional or coincidental. Anyways, while she’s in the academy she meets
Gu Yanzheng, one of her male comrades and forms a tight bond with them. She also meets Shen Junshan, another male
comrade, and the obligatory love triangle forms. In the meantime, the Japanese military stations
more forces in the Northeast region causing our young heroes to engage in battle. So supposedly Bai Lu’s character has to keep
her identity as a woman a secret the whole time she is in the academy. The question is, how is that possible? Forget the pretty and delicate-looking Bai
Lu, even if a super masculine-looking woman dresses like a man, one good look at her and
you can usually tell she’s a woman. It’s in the physical features and demeanor,
it’s extremely difficult to camouflage. And certainly if she’s spending several hours
a day in the academy with her comrades, her cover would be blown by day one. Now some might say well, we give Mulan a pass,
why not this? Well Mulan is different, for one it is a folktale. It is set in a period in time where stories
like that are way more common – we see it all the time in costume dramas – and therefore
we accept it more willingly. But in a republican era drama? It’s going to take quite a bit of convincing
but as the saying goes, “Don’t knock it until you watch it”,
I always try to save any real criticism of a drama until after I watch it. Of course, the great news this drama brings
is that Bai Lu and Xu Kai reunite for another drama. Fans of the recently aired costume drama The
Legends will be delighted to watch this tandem again. They had memorable moments and great chemistry
throughout that drama. Arsenal Military Academy has a great trailer
on Youtube. It is action-packed and intense and I dig
the hair and costumes they have in it. The drama is slated for 48 episodes and premieres
on iQiyi and Mango TV. Go Go Squid! became the first real breakout
rom-com drama of the year, topping TV ratings and internet streaming charts less than two
weeks after airing and it has been holding steady ever since. The cuteness and chemistry between the two
leads, Li Xian and Yang Zi, has won over many fans. I said in the last episode that Go Go Squid!
is the ‘it’ drama at the moment as it seems to just swat away any competition that comes
it’s way. Audiences are smitten and for good reason. Another thing is has done is put Li Xian on
the mainstream map. Yang Zi broke out with the costume drama Ashes
of Love but many audiences are really only getting their first taste of Li Xian now. 27-year-old Li Xian graduated from Beijing
Film Academy and started out with the film Feng Shui in 2012. After that, he did an assortment of movies
and dramas but I would say he made his best impression in 2017 when he starred in the
drama Tientsin Mystic. I still think his performance in that is his
best to date. I mean he’s great in Go Go Squid! but that’s
more mainstream and more of a crowdpleasing type of role. His character in Tientsin Mystic was not your
everyday type of character. It was one of those roles that he really got
to explore his craft as an actor. If any of you have become big fans of Li Xian
after Go Go Squid! and want something else of his to watch, I highly recommend Tientsin
Mystic. In 2018, Li Xian had a second male lead role
in Only Side by Side with You, the modern drama starring Bai Baihe and William Chan. And that brings us to today, where with his
performance in Go Go Squid!, Li Xian’s name has been trending online. Li Xian has this unique furrowed-brow look
which he uses all the time in Go Go Squid! It is quite perfect for his role Han Shangyan
who is a cold man of few words but actually is a gentle soul as well,
and he exposes that tender side eventually to his girl, Tong Nian. Anyways from the recent developments I have
read it seems our two lead characters are now dating officially now. Those of you who are all caught up on the
drama are probably there already. I’m actually quite far behind, I’m only a
few episodes in but I will definitely pick it up again soon, so I can give more up to
date thoughts on it. Liu Li Mei Ren Sha, literally
translated as Glazed Beauty Evil Spirit is an upcoming costume drama starring Crystal
Yuan and Cheng Yi and they recently released some production
stills. Crystal Yuan was recently in Listening Snow
Tower and Cheng Yi was in The Lost Tomb 2. Liu Li Mei Ren Sha started filming at the
end of February and wrapped just a few days ago July 23rd. Hopefully there will be more updates of it
to come, like an official English title and maybe a trailer. So there’s a story that’s been making the rounds about Shen Yue in her new drama Another Me. The drama tells the story of the strong bond
between two girls who are best friends. Recently, some netizens have criticized Shen
Yue for her acting in one of the scenes in the drama. In fact, more than 1.2 million people weighed
in on the topic on Weibo, some bashing her but some defending her as well. Some netizens left not so nice messages such
as “A dog’s acting” and “Go back to acting school”. As someone who was impressed with Shen Yue
in “A Love So Beautiful”, I decided I needed to look into this and give my two cents. Admittedly I haven’t followed the drama, Another
Me, but I did find the scene and watched the entire episode and also read up whatever context
I needed for that moment. The scene happens in episode 14 where AnShen,
played Shen Yue, comes home and learns from her uncle that her mother has passed away. Stunned at first, she comes to the realization
of what has happened and pours her emotions out in front of her mom’s picture. And my conclusion is that Shen Yue’s acting
for the scene was fine, in fact, it was pretty good. From what I can gather, Anshen didn’t have
the best relationship with her mother when she was alive
and never got the chance to make amends with her or even say goodbye to her on her deathbed. All this of course plays into her emotions
in that moment and I thought Shen Yue channeled it very well. I thought she was believable and constantly
stayed in the moment. And after watching the scene a few times,
it feels like Shen Yue had to go to her own place to recall some of her own emotions
which is really taxing on an actor especially when they have to do several takes. So then the question arises, where is all
this hate coming from? Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion
and while I saw an actor genuinely pour out her emotions, someone else saw “A dog’s acting”. What is true though is that Shen Yue has been
the target of criticism for many things in the past, silly things, like her height, her
fashion sense, things that I personally think don’t matter. So all this criticism of her acting may just
be another wave of netizens being netizens, and we all know how lovely netizens can be. If you ask me, I think a lot of this hate
is born out of jealousy. So just a quick recap, Arsenal Military Academy
starring Bai Lu and Xu Kai is slated to premiere on August 6th. If you’re a fan of the recently premiered
The Legends, you might want to check this one out. The trailer which is available on youtube
looks pretty awesome. And that’s it for today guys. Thanks for watching and give me your questions
and thoughts in the comments section below. Subscribe and like, and I hope to see you
all in the next one. Cheers.

Reader Comments

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh finally!!! the more modern drama that i have been waiting for…..dang it my heart… another costume drama news… me likey!!! i want to see more of crystal yuan. she was great in ever night and listening snow tower. p.s. usually one can find difference in constructive criticism and criticism based on emotions etc. i think you are correct in your thoughts on netizens being netizens.

  2. yay finally I heard some news about arsenal military, I'm waiting to that drama I really love the 2 main lead 😍😍

  3. Hi marcus when they will start filming the drama of shen yue and jerry Yan,thanks and pls more updates about their drama pls,

  4. Your ability to transition between topics continues to impress me! Again great work Marcus! Lots of work putting these news/segments together! Thanks again! Really appreciate your work!

  5. i found this video with scenes from the Liu Li Mei Ren Sha drama. i am officially hyped up on it!!!

  6. Whattttt Li Xian and Yang Zi are officially dating OMG OMG if it's true I'm so happy for them they've got great chemistry they look good together in my opinion
    Go Go Squid is the best RomCom drama this year so far it's worth to watch 😍😍😍 love from Philippines

  7. Shenyue os such a good actress. . She really nailed An Sheng's character. . πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› #weloveyue πŸŒ™ #imwithshenyue πŸŒ™

  8. Thanks for updates Marcus but it's sad that gg squid has no subtitle so I stop watching I'm waiting for subs,,,and don't forget to wear your wuxia as you said πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ peace,,,waiting for it thank you

  9. Hi Marcus,

    I watched Tiansin Mystic, and was in love with Li Xian's acting instantly. I was happy to see him again in side by side with you, even though he is only a 2nd male lead(he is the bonus, while William Chan was the prize in that drama for me) I was ecstatic when you did an update the drama go go squid and it had Li Xian and Yang Zi in it, more so when I saw the trailer for it. I'm so happy for Li Xian, his time has come. He will be a BIG name now, more people should watch him in Tiansin Mystic. Go Go Squid is a feel good drama, and it really milks our pride in our nationality, dreams and aspiration, and the delivery in this Drama is so well done, that one will automatically swells in pride when dreams are achieve, Han Shang Yan is not petty, he goes out of his way to make his dream come true anyway he sees fit.

    I think it's not impossible to hide one's gender, it's been done before remember Hillary Swank in Boys don't cry. Let's wait and see how Arsenal military academy does, I'm excited to see the 1st few episodes.

    Glaze beauty evil spirit, sounds interesting, I like Crystal in Ever Night, and she was pretty good in Listening Snow tower too. But this would probably be a long wait.

    Thanks Marcus for these exciting updates, I'm so happy you mentioned Go, go squid, I'm still not over this drama, although I'm thinking they could have use someone else to play Tong Nian, don't get me wrong, I love Yang Zi, but I would like to see someone else in this role. But casting her had been the right choice, since it has catapulted Li Xian towards the top search male actor πŸ˜‰πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Have a great weekend Marcus love and blessing.. CheersπŸ₯‚πŸ’–πŸŒΉ

  10. probably the other fans bash shen yue because jelousy because is famous and she good in acting 😊

  11. I am really excited and anticipiated to see Arsenal military academy And liu li mei ren sha looks intersting and promising too.

  12. Hi marcus thank you for the topic about my idol shen yue for me she is really a good actress thnk you to the haters they make my idol popular imagine more than 1M give their time to comments about ansheng thats a big help for another me promotion ….

  13. @Marcus Sim i agree with you i watched the trailer of ANOTHER ME the scene u mentioned about Shen Yue's acting is indeed agreeable for me because i felt the emotions An Sheng wanted to convey.., For me she did great on that drama not only that certain scene, i saw maturity in her compared before wherein she used to act, bubbly, bold, and naive on characters she portrayed on which this new role explored the depth on her plausible acting chops & i believe gradually she will turn the tables someday ..,

  14. We don't believe unless it's not officially announced by yangzi studio ..we been following her in weibo and they said in recent interview that they're just brother and sister

  15. Li Xian, apparently, is the current it guy. Everything about him, specially his past relationships are being dug out (at Weibo) and has been a hot topic.🀦 Currently watching Tiensin Mystic, though, I haven't watched that plenty of Republican era idk what to feel about it but so far so good πŸ‘Œ sad that in season 2, he isn't playing De You anymore unlike the other casts..🀷

    Poor Shen, even the intl netz are getting involved (ie Twitter) 🀦

  16. Hi, Marcus! I've been waiting for Bai Lu and Xu Kai's new drama since "The Legend" finished. Thanks for this update, I'll be sure to mark my calendar.

    Good thing that GGS is having positive responses from people! I haven't watched LiXian's T. Mystic yet though I'm his fan since Dr. Qin Medical Examiner.

    Same here, I'm pretty sure ShenYue is a great actress. I guess some people just didn't like her specifically so maybe that's why they're bashing her for various reasons.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the drama updates! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Despite Go Go Squid being the IT drama at the moment, I'm just interested in watching costume drama πŸ˜‚ but (three buts) only the ones that have been fully translated into English, not too too long, and.. have happy endings πŸ˜‚ yes I fall into that category. I also prefer 'mature' nature of the drama, than the super 'childish' some of characters in costume dramas can be. I don't know if I say it correctly.

  18. I am currently watching GO go Squid and the Legends…love them since the beginning. I am looking forward to watch Theron others…to make some opinions. At the end critics about unimportant things are only that. Hi from the rep of PanamΓ‘.

  19. Hi Marcus for me go go squid πŸ¦‘I don’t like the all I saw the whole drama the female actress I like in ashes drama but is drama both I don’t like how the acting and other me drama shen yen is really good actress but this drama I don’t like how the director is putting to her like a second plan well my opinion

  20. Shen yue is a good actress,she has beautiful heart to accept good & bad comments and she always learn & do something better for her acting. 😘😘😘

  21. I agree with you. I also think Shen Yue's emotion at that particular scene is very realistic. I'd probably do the same if I were in her shoes.

  22. Social media critics are the worst sort of people. I can't stand the things they say about these actors. I think it snow balls too. People just want to complain and any reason will do. Jealousy is at the heart of it imo. and I'm loving GoGo Squid, as I knew I would. Li Xian is so good in Tientsin Mystic. Im too depressed about him leaving to watch any new season without him.

  23. Hello Marcus πŸ₯° xu kai and bai lu watched them in the Legends their chemistry were good.. love to see them again, about li xian watched him in Netflix (tiantien mystic), liked his performance, witty and funny, again you give another drama to be excite to watch…will see if bai lu can act as a man, you so great Marcus ❀️✌️

  24. O no, more love triangle dramas that I really wanna avoid, but will probably end up watching anyways.

    And the internet can very brutal, especially to female actresses, because most internet users are dramatic high schoolers or jealous 20 year olds. They're usually just jealous that some other girl can achieve fame while they can't. It's also the reason why male actors don't get hated on as much on the internet because no matter how bad their acting is, they will always have an army to defend them just because they look hot or cute. Kind of bothers me how everything is based on ones appearance these days.

    Okay, rant over lol

    Thanks for the updates as usual!

  25. Thank you ,Marcus! Your videos about the updates on cdramas are always interesting!I like to hear about your thoughts on them.Have a nice weekend!

  26. Thanks very much for the INFO Marcus
    Great to know another wuxia to be aired
    Current ones watching
    Novoland eagles flag episode 13/56
    (Episodes 10 to 13 on the battle between tang side and li side)
    Love and destiny episode 8/60
    (To hold back this drama till finishes another 2 current ones)
    The untamed episode 34/50
    Love better than immorality episode 20/40
    Retourner le monde a Toi episode 1/40
    (Jeremy yu from legend of the Phoenix is also in the cast)
    Cheers exciting and dramatic drama time

  27. I absolutely love tientsin mystic.I have been a fan of Li xian ever since that show.I was always confused as to why he wasn't in more shows .

  28. Great reviews as always Marcus!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»Thank you for your supportive comments about Shen Yue! She is such a sweet girl and don’t deserve to be treated with so much hate by netizens 😭 but she still have supporters πŸ€—πŸ’• I will always be one of them 🀩 Thanks again for your comments and objective reviews always on target 🎯 πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  29. In the military, often men take a bath in a group nacked. Well, it is not so convincing that a woman can camouflage as a man there.

  30. Obrigada marcus pelas dicas mi emociono a cada serie lindo trabalho perfeito aprendo mais sobre a china estou encantada linda blusa bjs.

  31. I really wait ro watch bai lu and xu kai again in drama. It clear right that they chemistry os reallly good. Agree?of coz πŸ’ͺ

  32. I can say that ShenYeu' acting was cringe worthy. I watched original movie with MSC and ZDY and they're acting beyond exceptional, even won them the most prestigious award. The fact that they casted a newbie whose only two drama old bothers me, it should've been someone with more experience and charisma, she simply comes of as a bad actress in this, its a shame. As for Lixian I watched TM and loved his acting, I was hoping he would be super famous in mainland I guess now is his time to shine, so proud of him. I just hope he picks something diff next time and not a conventional role like this one again. And thank you Marcus for the recap!

  33. Drama novoland eagles flag
    Seen to episode 15
    Change in drama plot developments
    Everyone is looking for the shen Jian
    This is a very powerful sword which can help the beholder to be the chief of wulin and to take over the whole country
    It belonged to the husband of su shan gong

  34. Bai Lu and Xu Kai really have good chemistry in "The Legends". Now I'm so excited with "Arsenal Military Academy", thank's God.. I can see this lovely couple again! Well, the drama it's not focus on romance, but both of them is main leads in AMA. The trailer it's so dope!!

  35. 12 Aug a modern drama
    Already read the outline and drama plot developments
    Looks interesting and exciting
    Mystery and love
    Title controversy of love

  36. Watched that scene , long , emotional n draining 😒 shen yue's acting was just natural enough for audience to feel her pain and anger ..

  37. Thanks Marcus for your updates epecially on my fav shen ye ..i trust you in everything you recommend and inputs and its always on pointπŸ‘

  38. Hi please review series called Faith play by actor Qin Junjie I really want more information about this drama because there is not much ppl talking about it yet 😊

  39. Drama novoland eagles flag

    Episode 19
    Tie wang from tien jun clan has ah su le as their leader cos only ah su le could handle the shen jian
    Ji ye in order to save his family lives leaked to general toba the hideout of tien jun class.ji ya and his family were imprisoned cos they were members of tien jun class by symbolic of that ring.they were sent to prison.
    Yu ran and ah su le tried to save ji ya but he was captured.
    The tang king wanted to expedite the marriage of ah su le and yu ran with the threat that only that could save ji ye side
    Yu ran still refused.She was in love with ji ya.(refer scene where she visited ji ye)
    To let yu ran agree to the marriage to ah su le, general toba brought yu ran to the scene whereby using xia kungfu to control the zombies from li army.
    Ji ye's younger brother was attacked by them.his father pleaded with yu ran to save their FAMILY
    The tang king was ruthless.He wanted fame and power especially the shen Jian

    Episode 20
    The marriage on yu ran and ah su le
    Cheers waiting new episodes

  40. Marcus, really are they dating in real life Yang Zi And Li Xian? If it’s true I love you Marcus you made me a fan happy with the news from NJ USA 😍

  41. I really…really aggre with yue about my yue..
    Yue acting is so natural..
    The first i see AlSB,how could someone with no basic acting vmcan doing job so great…
    And for the first time i like cdrama is because of her…
    Her personality is so easy going..
    Anyway really2 like how you review all the drama.,good job marcus πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  42. They thought that by bashing Yue, they can bring her down. Too lame! Needless to say, the more they bash her the more project she gets… There's nothing wrong with being petite in fact it's cute and hello? She's beautiful duh! And what they call odd fashion? It's her style! that's originality. idiots! They should have thanked her instead coz she's the first Chinese actress who rose to fame in my country and because of her a lot of us now watches Chinese drama. Firstly, Another me! Dope!!! If they haven't noticed, there's more to Yue than meets the eye, she is the exact representation of PEACE and DISCIPLINE, regardless how people bash her, calls her whatever they want, tag her as ugly. She's silent even though she's hurting but invariably working so hard. Her successful career is her best awakening to all her bashers. It's like saying "look! the more you hate me, the more successful I become" BLEEEEEEEEE #pissedoff

  43. Wow awesome reviews & now I know what to watch thanks to u. But legend & Arsenal military academy is available on eng sub or not. ?

  44. Marcus, you do a good job presenting the dramas. I love Chinese dramas, I just wish there were more with subs in English, since I do not speak Chinese.

  45. I reaLLy enjoy watching Arsenal Military Academy,can't wait for another episode..iLove the chemistry of the Lead Actors..😍😍

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