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BACK to the SURPLUS JUNK STORE! Abandoned J&D Surplus Canton Ohio

BACK to the SURPLUS JUNK STORE! Abandoned J&D Surplus Canton Ohio

I have a bad headache and my eyes hurt but this store right behind me used to be the surplus junk store if you can't tell it's on a very busy highway so I'm gonna shut up and show you the sign that is still here I used to go in there to buy little pieces of junk for things that I was making I'm always working on some kind of a little project I'll post a link below to the video where I went shopping in that store but they just had everything you could imagine in there on the year of the 25th anniversary for Back to the Future my friend and I rented the local theater in to promote his tattoo shop we showed Back to the Future and I built a full-scale DeLorean time machine out of cardboard and garbage like sweeper hoses baby food containers anything I could find that closely resembled all of the components you see on the back end of the DeLorean time machine there's a Facebook page called the cardboard DeLorean where you can see all the pictures from its conception being built and finally being blown up after the show literally blown up

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  1. Hahahaha. I've found my car in several places on Google Earth. It's currently showing in the driveway at my mother-in-law's house in Littlestown, PA and also at a red light by a McDonald's in Butler, PA.

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