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Baby Driver Opening Scene (2017) | Movieclips Coming Soon

Baby Driver Opening Scene (2017) | Movieclips Coming Soon

[“Bellbottoms” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion begins to play] [singing along] OHHH! Oh… Oh! Oh! OH! Ahhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Baby… Ohhh! To catch the whole… New York City… Ha… … Explosion. [Distant Police Siren] [coming from bank] Put your hands in the air! [muffled screams and yells from the bank] Thank you very much Ladies and Gentlemen right now I got to tell ya ’bout The Fabulous… Most groovy… Bellbottoms! Bellbottoms! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah, woah, WOAH! Well aint’ yall’ cute… That’s my Baby

Reader Comments

  1. 3:38 look when the stuntman drives the car their is no one inside is….
    Director had certainly forgotten about it.

  2. Truly appalling film.the trailers and opening scenes make promises the film can't keep.casting not great.
    Whole thing is an over-hyped shambles

  3. I almost switched off at this cringworthy scene. On top, acting like a mentally challenged person in broad daylight and attracting attention is the exact opposite thing to do when you're involved in a bank robbery…

  4. I always love how these Hollywood movies show this hopped up car, doing these crazy power slides around corners, accelerating hard etc….and then this Crown Vic is still right behind them, taking the turn easy and keeping up like its no big deal.

  5. This movie was a waste of everything boring as hhhhh sucky movie and whats the deal with the earphone and sunglasses wanna b tom cruise


  6. п…ц на ограбление на красной тачке, далеко уедет)

  7. Hoop şöle bakıyorumda hiç TÜRK yok bu ortamda yanlız şöle bişşi varki 2 sene evvelinde bnm de 1100 hp lik bi subarum vardı ama şimdiki e60 M5 im var ve yine yüksek beygirli orjisi 507 hp ama benimki 900 hp lik bu aşk bi başka bnm 103 cü bmw ve bu çok özel bizevk gardaş…

  8. this is WRX cuz of tail lights, and spoiler, but it has STI intrumental cluster at 3.11 😀 and STI 6 speed transmission at 3.33, at 3.03 it has SUBARU front logo, in other scenes it has Subaru LEAF STI logo

  9. ياجماعه الي بيعرف اسم الفلم الي فيو جي وعلي المحقق جي ومساعدو علي

  10. ارجوكم أخبروني أسمو وووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووو

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