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Autumn Falls: Act 1 | Ricketts Glen State Park

Autumn Falls: Act 1 | Ricketts Glen State Park

can a quarter mile turn left onto Pennsylvania for 87 North turn left onto Pennsylvania for 87 North continue on Pennsylvania for 87 offer for foils sketchy right here and a quarter mile turn right get a quarter mile turn right I want to go back to the late Rose Lake Rosen that that's let's go section one falls trail by the well for the chillers got Stephanie your thing about the first thing to notice about whether it's cold that you got to start cold for the day yeah are we moving on yeah you will warm operates the skin past that yes that's operating our parents around I wasn't gonna tell you and they turned us right up here yeah like various false trails I know when you come in this way you like your your top your above and falls and you see the little features game that starts the fall as you know and walk through the hemlocks and the boulders you start to see some water and always start hearing it then top of the falls there descending the trail happy and pleased for rendezvous up here would that be cool maybe have a rendezvous peep game on it couple folks couple folks out here well we're in a frigates Glen State Park scranton/wilkes-barre area it's cold swindie it's fall hoping that when we get into the trees the wind will subside a little bit for audio purposes but if not I'm just gonna roll with it right I'm excited this first time I've ever been here with someone I mean second time here first time I was by myself and their adventure yeah I had a little had a bed all set up for myself in there bunch of wool blankets like a modern-day throw less Walden Pond and less the cabin that's the ability to have beyond privately and elated contemplate life oh well how many Falls are here do you know know what is it like 20 20 or 30 are they what there's all different types – what do you mean by that the urine Falls well there's like cascading Falls there's also ones that are like this almost like there's natural slides that roll smooth the rock and the water just kind of like sliding off yeah I know it's a small but I do remember but these hemorrhoids are just so my favorite yeah it really is so cool that's so beautiful out here more of it going this way yeah go to the fold see I caught a glimpse of it did you see where that squirrel went yeah I went over the left did it yeah there it is there way up there yeah you see it Island Channel Springs so we go Harley Island yeah I'm a fan of getting island go there Glenn yeah the Glen's the this one yeah I think it started that way not here thankfully there has been some person for even shelter from from that biting wind that's what they say you know I mean this is falling Northy boys and her other team I thought you guys wanted to decision was sort of made forward which way to go sure his head was not falling that group of can see no way glad they're here I don't want AG behind them yeah see there's like cold water trout streams and if you just keep this for reference is that we're gonna be making our way back behind you sign here in the water kind comes back but then the Glen Starr throws at Glenora or something I think Glen it was basically was it just means gorge or like waterfall she's like walking is going all that in New York I love how these yellow birch girl you remember why look this up before I'm not sure no one's I've seen growing like that before or because they grow out of decomposing stumps yeah they start from and then the stumps right the grade and it leaves the tree and it doesn't even translate really that well this is gonna be a test in my camera that's for sure first of all right there you can see the scream sorta sighs like that eh no not from here you can all right scuffle closer yes technically this could be the start of all that you walk your own path come on Don the old trail be careful they say they sail or I don't know what it is nice rocks loose it's like a threat that's a pretty good ways down yeah Niagara Falls little cousin Niagara good I'm sort of young they say the shooting from Florida was this something mainstream lighthouse I'm pretty sure he's prolly retired you should have guessed he was from Florida the ad like the fleece gloves on yeah that's right but still it's not that cold today yeah I'm not trying to do this right yonder a lot of photographers out here today it's definitely probably one the water was up here nope yes see it soap scum what would you make of that burro Oh I think the first waterfall we saw Hawk wasn't it something like that and there was an Ida which I think was just right back here and that's actually two of the five or six meters six now of tribes I guess that the Iroquois Confederacy the Mohawk and there's a Tuscarora stick to whatever Onondaga Cayuga throw on a blank right now I think we'll see their sign I think they're all named for a fall so this valve all right really gonna go down here I guess maybe get a drink of water and snack stop the report second just taking some air missiny Narita scenario you want to cook it here for a minute take a little break for the camera off as a little break

Reader Comments

  1. yall wouldnt happen to be from the area would you? i go to ricketts glen all the time in the summer. its one of my favorite places to go hiking.

  2. Can anyone tell me what camera/audio equipment they use? (I couldn't quite see the label in the reflection) These videos are just pristine in quality.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of this!

  3. Dont know if it was already posted,but the other tribe name is seneca that you might of been thinking of…

  4. Looks like a great place… too bad there were a lot of Yahoo's running around like it was an amusement park.

    I love being out in the wild, and hate it when on the rare occasion I actually run into another human being, let alone a bunch of noisy Yahoo's!

    I was once hiking in a state park, and ran into a super noisy group of boy scouts. I could hear them from a mile away.

    Needless to say, I went out of my way to hike as fast and as far away from them as I could.

    Thanks for the video.

  5. Dude, Sweet!!! So happy to see I made it on one of your videos… And that over hanging rock was a great shelter in a big thunderstorm… can't wait to see if what you captured in the continuation..

  6. Anyone recognize the music from a TV show, or movie, or something? I can't figure out where I know it from. Seems like it's at the end of the credits for something.

  7. Different than your regular gear reviews. Yet still cool to see different locations in the country. Beautiful park.

  8. I enjoyed this video. Cool to kick it with casual krik and suave stony out in the woods. lookin forward to the other parts.

  9. Gents, I think you really hit on something with this style of video. It keeps the beauty and whimsy of your WalkAbouts, but the conversations you two share add a level of depth that is captivating. It lets us, your fans, look under the hood a bit to get to know you better while saying true to the voice of Black Owl. I think it rounds out your catalog very well. I'm looking forward to the next acts. Great job.

  10. Really beautiful area, liked the way you guys shot and edited this one. Felt like I was right there with you.

  11. What's it like to complain about the weather and then see a bunch of kids in street clothes braving it just fine?

  12. "Who!?" … Niagara. Haha. Love these videos. I always like seeing one of these roll through. They're always worth it. Good work guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Chris

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