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Authentic, Unused M-1965 Field Jacket + M-1951 Field Jacket Liner *NOT FOR SALE*

Authentic, Unused M-1965 Field Jacket + M-1951 Field Jacket Liner *NOT FOR SALE*

hello–hi – community lady Shulman so this is my first standing video and it's also a very color themed video and you'll see why so recently a pretty cool jacket came into my possession and this is it this is the m65 field jacket this was used from the Vietnam War was of course worn by the American soldiers and I have the authentic m65 film jacket and a bottom in insulated lining of m51 field jacket so let me zoom in I'll show you the details and then I'll proceed to wear it myself because so this is the m65 jacket and this is the inner part the M that belongs to the m51 feel jacket so let's check some of the details some differences of the m65 and the m51 field jackets are that the m65 has bell pros here and here also there's heavy there's a hood that's not separate as is the case with the m51 it's built in I don't think I'll be able to open this with one hand but here it is there are snap fasteners here all the way down and of course there are four pockets and there's also an internal waste draw cord yeah I would imagine this could also be used as a tourniquet during wartime out of a note so let's see some details here let's check the button in insulated lining of the m51 as well so give me a second to separate the two now this is the inner part of the jacket and I would like to draw attention to the tag here oh gee 107 was the basic orc utility uniform of all branches of the US Armed Forces from 1952 until 1989 Oh G stands for olive green and og 107 and specifically is for cotton because there was an OG 507 which was polyester cotton polyester cotton blend now all genuine m65 field codes have a contract number which is this one the DSA etc so this is the contract number and of course here are some specifics chest height etc this was for insulation it's Freddy dam warm so the size is large and we can see some of the details here so mmm just actually let me take it out as well here we go large you can read the tag here so a hundred percent war and of course here are the buttons to hear and then we have buttons here on the side for so I'll wear this by itself and then or it together with the m65 jacket and then also were the m65 jacket by itself and see how it goes so just for reference 173 centimeters one meters 93 centimeters so this is what the inner part looks like it's the size is large yep pretty large it's pretty warm I must say so here are some more details I don't think that showed you 65 so one thing I forgot to mention is that there are four bottom holes on the m51 but only three buttons on both sides of the m65 so I guess in the original and fifty one jacket there were four buttons I guess to go with its liner oh I didn't wow this is pretty good pretty heavy pretty warm of course this is my size to begin with but I think you get the idea oh and also let's check the hood as well our edits [Applause] so this is what it looks like there's a zip or as you can see I just it's actually very comfortable and warm so this was the m65 jacket so this is what the m65 jacket looks by itself of course this is a man's jacket and social suicide medium so but it's comfortable honestly I actually preferred it with with the inner part with the m51 liner because it's just too buggy and the installation really is not working for my size as you can see it's pretty huge for me however this is not something I'm going to be wearing outside anyway this is a part of the street and I consider myself lucky to own this jacket to begin with so this is the m65 jacket it's an authentic never used before jacket I think it's extremely cool it's a part of history so I won't be wearing it outdoors I can't risk having it damaged I usually I work for you but I didn't even wear perfume today just to try this on and not have it I want to have it as untouched as possible I don't know how where these ones are I assume perhaps in the US it'll be easier to find but I'm not sure it's going to be easy to find one like these and in this condition so as always thanks for watching and if I made a mistake or if you have any added information in this item please feel free to send me a personal message or post in the comments below I actually would very much like to have more information there are pros so yeah thanks for watching

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  1. I just picked up one of these at my local flea market! It’s an awesome buy! And I’m super jealous of your liner! Are interested in history?

  2. Nice find, I found a nearly pristine M65 not long ago that was made in 1967! Hope you get a lot of use out of your jacket, they were built to to last!

  3. Hi, I want todo buy an Alpha industries m65 jacket but I Don,t know which is my aproppiate size , I, m 171 centimeters tall , How tall are you???
    Which size would you suggest for me??

  4. An original M65 in "like new" condition is extremely hard to find. They are very tough and timeless jackets and can last a lifetime. I own an original M-65 manufactured in 1967. Yes, it's been through the washer many times and it's faded but still beautiful and functional. I have worn this jacket for more than 30 years and still get many compliments on it. The arms are baggy on purpose as it aids insulation in extreme cold weather conditions. Layer it with a nice wool sweater and you're ready for sub-zero temperatures. There are many replicas on the market now but none of them come close to the quality of the original. Consider yourself lucky to own this jacket! Thanks for the review.

  5. Can you tell me about this jacket I would like to buy a lot for send To Thailand but Right Now I stay In Canada

  6. Very cute. You should get a M65 one size smaller for wearing without liner. Look for Helikon M65, it's the same quality like the originals. If you want something lighter look for the 5.11 Taclite M65.

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