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Austrian Army Large Rucksack / KAZ03 Bundesheer Kampfrucksack

Austrian Army Large Rucksack / KAZ03 Bundesheer Kampfrucksack

hey guys was kind of some woodsman here hope everyone's doing great man it's beautiful out here in southern Wisconsin right now hey I got a pack that I want to talk about today it's a rare pack actually and it's it's issued by the Austrian army it's officially known as well there's a couple names it's uh it's used it's when I purchased it they called it the Austrian army large alpine rucksack and here it is right here pretty cool I've also seen them online called a boon dish here and I'll actually put this down in the description so most information a key part of that Kaz Oh three I don't know if that's a style or a particular excuse me line of military equipment by Austria but yeah I've had this pack for a while and I like it so much that from a design standpoint because some of you know I like to make my own gear and I've handed up on my wall I've never been used and I thought about getting rid of it I actually took it down today and I was gonna put it on eBay but I just can't do it excuse me a little bit of dusting around here it's a pretty cool pack let me put it on first vlog do the 360 so you can get it all in here yeah well what do I like about it first of all and I think there's a fighter jet that's actually a male over that'd be pretty cool I'd like to see it anyways it is built like a tank I mean solid stitching it's made out of a canvas II I wouldn't call it like nylon cord or it's thicker than that but the inside does have like a like a polyurethane type coating so it is water repellent check this dude out man I would say that this is probably more like a 65 liter pack maybe depends how you fill it out but so let's start from here so here's the shoulder straps really nice very thick they have that mesh material that absorbs some sweat one thing that is missing is a piece that goes from here to here the sternum strap I'm gonna get some fast X buckles and some webbing and just make my own time you got various lashing points these little d-ring type deals yeah there's some mosquitoes out here I'm not quite sure what this is but this unzips it opens up now I don't know if they would put a hydration bladder in there I could see that maybe but you'll also see that this the shoulders straps where they hit this is adjustable you can take this velcro off and you have various points in here to adjust for your tarsal length which i think is great because i have a longer torso and i have a hard time getting belts to come down and hit me where I want to want it hips by the way you liked his pink shirt yeah it's Montana I'm rocking that state emmys load lifters so you can get that position right you got your load lifters on the top one of the more interesting things and this is I'll talk about kind of what's missing from this pack this is not a complete pack unfortunately and one of the reasons why I was thinking of getting rid of it but let me go through this so you got this metal bar that goes across the bottom and what I figured out that this is used for is there are two belts that are made for this pack and I do not own either one there's a thicker belt and a thinner belt not quite sure what they do but this bar somehow slides and integrates the belt in some I because this is a combat pack I think it's some sort of like easy release pull off the thing and then you've got a buckle release here drop your pack so I think that's what it is but yeah that is one of the cons I got a very you know this is a heavy pack even just empty its you know it's pretty stout I don't know how much it weighs but I'm gonna go with four pounds maybe maybe more I need to get a scale so I can leave these things for you guys anyways you load this thing up you're gonna want a belt on the bottom so I'm gonna play around with baby try and Alice keep the belt through there I may have to make my own I have found the belts online and they're kind of expensive they come out of Austria and I'd end up spending more and belts and the whole I paid for the whole pack so I got to come up with some sort of solution in this one anyways let's move around to the sides another thing that's missing from this pack it actually has pouches that attach to the side there are three pouches there's one big one on one side and on the other side there's a medium and a small those are also available again it just it kind of becomes ridiculous it becomes how much do you really want to invest in this pack as a collector because this is rare some people are gonna do it I'm not quite there yet anyways they go right into these this webbing here okay the other cool thing is it has this nice detachable top on here I can pop that folds down can come completely off and this top alone is pretty cool so yeah one of the things that in cover is you have a place to attach something the top could be a tarp who knows maybe a jacket once you take it off of here you might want to use this to attach something just to carry it around but it's pretty neat on the on this side it's got a zipper you'll put it up yeah store stuff in there hand goes all the way through it is coated on the inside you know you could put Maps snacks anything you want to get to real quickly you guys know the drill on these and then you got another option there that goes all the way through we'd be down on the inner part who knows what you'd put in there but jeez man even if you you want to save some weight and you don't want to put everything on there leave this thing at home or I could imagine me getting some fast tech buckles buckles some male wants to go on here and making some type of shoulder strap you know you get a cool little hammer sack if you want just neat love the zippers on here too just wicked strong doesn't say what the zippers are the same if they're YKK but these are military-type zippers and everything has long pulls on it pretty cool by the way this pack is in really good shape I'll show you one thing that's wrong with it not really wrong but it's um one of the buckles of snap that can replace it I got this from keep shooting calm a while back they no longer have them I'm not sure they are going to even have them back in stock but I've never even actually had this pack out in the woods and I'm heading up to the north woods of Wisconsin this weekend I'm gonna be in a cabin resort so I got a you know full disclosure they're not gonna be entirely in Bush weather supposed to be rainy but cooler you know I like cooler weather less sweat bugs situation not sure what's going on up there I know around here in southern Wisconsin the mosquitoes are alive active and they're carrying off our kids into the woods I'm kidding but they're pretty bad so back to the bag on the outside what else can I show you okay back here you've got this neat little velcro pocket there we go hit a velcro pocket very small you know who knows what you put in there compass you know some multi-tool just stuff you want to get to real quick some food okay on the bottom you've got plenty of webbing here you can put a bedroll or whatever you want the other thing is you pop these two buckles here try to make sure you get this in unzip this kind of hard to do this well stand me but this full bottom folds out look at that and you've got space for bed roll you could put your tent I mean the whole took up kind of a partial clamshell and I think a lot of people seen these before where you have the inside of the pack sort of segregated off you got a drawstring here you could open this up and get to the rest of your pack contents yeah pretty neat stuff I'll just buckle this bottom up for now just so we can keep moving I'm not gonna what's with the zippers the zippers are a little tough but they've been useful I do this pack is not seeing a lot of action okay um turning it around again you've got another packet on the very bottom again that's coated another place to put stuff you could put tent stakes a couple bottles of beer no no what you do with it but I do like the external organization this power yes I would like those side pouches I'm not gonna lie I like a lot of organization this is a pack that I would take for more of an extended stay out in the woods definitely would love it in the in the winter speaking of winter because this is an alpine bag I think you put this top on I saw these loops here in the back and you've got a loop down here I think those are actually for holding trekking poles or maybe even ski poles somehow they might had collapsible ski poles I don't know but yeah holds a lot very cavernous in there and it is coated so I guys had to edit there my neighbor drove up it was great to see her gonna take care of her cats for a couple days or actually just feed them for one day so they can last a couple days not whatever anyways so I'll showing you the inside yeah the other cool thing about this drawstring top is it has expandable you know if you really want to load this thing up oh yeah and this is kind of something looks like this might have been made in 2005 yep and the other thing that's kind of cool is if you see inside of here see some snaps there pop these snaps you can see there's a lightweight metal I'm not gonna pull it out now if you pull this out a very lightweight metal frame that runs all the way all the way down the back I think it's a nice rigid you never feel that on your back it's pretty cool about this so yeah there are some drawbacks it's heavy you can load the crap out of it and doesn't have felt that's the biggest bummer so I got to figure out a belt solution and I got to decide if I'm gonna keep it or not it's never I've never used it as singers in really good condition so I'm gonna add something for sternum strap and yeah I would really like to have something on these side polishes oh I forgot to mention compression straps on both sides compression straps on the bottom you know as far as just pack coolness man this has got it all I really like this I'm any of the Austrian military stuff I've ever gotten like I have one of their two-piece no that's polish I have a pup tent that is basically yeah that is a two-piece two keys rain gear type deal two pieces ringer and it's just it's really cool so one of the things scuse me I'm thinking about one of the things I'm thinking about doing from the side is using these buck pack Somali but pack you know it's got two last points here I might figure out it's a little tough figuring out how to do lashing to something this way be better to do it this way I don't I don't know how I'm gonna make that work but I'm gonna try by the way that's Natalie these Molly bought packs are really cool I recommend everybody got one at least one maybe two I attached this to my three day Mali assault pack and I usually put food in here or whatever it just expands out the stuff I need to make it really a three day for me and the other nice thing is is it has hidden straps in the back here that you can pull out and actually it is a butt pack I mean you can tie it around your waist it's got a fast ex click and you're good to go I got this one from Coleman's it's unused probably I might get another one so these but packs are really easy inexpensive way to add more storage to your backpack and as time goes on I like being I like modular systems as it goes to my packs sometimes I need more space sometimes I want less and any of these Molly type pouches and there's ton of them out there really allow you to do that so that's my pack and I'm sticking to it yeah so I'm gonna see if I can come up with a belt solution on there I wasn't thinking of taking it with me this weekend sorry I got it some get some mosquitoes bugging me there but I think I'm gonna take it with me I think I'm gonna load it up with typical long weekends worth of gear and food there are some trails I can go on out there I'm gonna try it without the belt I'm gonna try it with some sort of belt I don't know what I'm gonna do and report back I'm also gonna what else somebody got plans for this weekend I'm going to film someone make some chair clock I want to try doing one of those Swedish fire stoves where you split the wood and you put the tinder down in the middle and you can click on it the video on the alcohol stove I recently did we're gonna bring it with us we're gonna test that alcohol stove what else I've got a dehydrated meal I'm gonna test out that's you know all-natural gluten-free has none of the weird chemicals in there I got that as a gift from the missus I'm gonna bring the dog who knows what that's gonna turn into so yeah we're gonna have the family out yo anyways enough babbling by me this is the Wisconsin woodsman I look forward to putting out some videos next week based on the stuff I do this weekend thanks for checking out this pack and if you guys are aware of this pack or know any more information about it or know where I can get some inexpensive belts and side pouches for them please let me know I haven't found someone on eBay but again it's kind of expensive so take care everyone thanks for watching if you like this video click on like share it out whatever you feel like doing take care zip Abul we I need zip away and as time goes by and I use more of my packs I really like the modular modular mod modularity

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  1. There are a many of good stuff from Austrian army for Prepper and outdoor use the most of us use the "alpinpullover" because it is warm nice to wear cool looking also the "feldmesser " its the combatknife made from "glock" highly durable wonderful handling and cheap for 30€ (35$)

  2. Austria bundesheer german bundeswehr, kaz03 is a battlesystem called Kampfanzug 03 combatsuit 2003. Greetz from austria.

  3. Hey, stumbled across your video, being from Austria I'm surprised you guys in the US do test and carry our stuff 🙂

    Regarding KAZ03 maybe i can help you out, its an abbreviation for
    (Kampfanzug 03)
    and translates to something like Combat dress Uniform 03 which has been established in 2003
    Its kind of a modular uniform setup from KAZ03/1 to /5 basically ranked by its amount of gear; /1 is the lightest, /5 in principle everything a soldier owns; your rucksack is part of /4 and /5

    Hope this helps, greetings from salzburg/austria

  4. If you still search the 3 smaller bags you can attach to the outside i found where you can buy them. The cost between 13 and 18 € each.

  5. Not actually the alpine version, this is standard issue infantry equipment.
    It's part of a modular load bearing system. It can be coupled with the combat vest and load bearing hip belt. The sternum strap, which you are missing, is part of a jettison system, which drops the pack off your left shoulder, leaving the vest and belt on the wearer, reducing target size and aiding in agility. All pouches are interchangeable and can be mounted on the belt, vest or pack as required for the respective unit, facilitating vehicle travel, high mobility or maximum carrying capacity in accordance with the objective.
    A 2inch belt and added padding would work at a pinch. Any molle system will fit on the webbing, as will the old American webbing systems etc. If you want pouches, contact "ESSL", the company who designed and built the original "RU90" AKA "KAZ03 Kampfrucksack" for the army.

    The pouch at the bottom of the pack is for a vinyl raincover, which attaches to the internal retention loop in the pouch. The external straps are for the Steyr AUG, the elastic is to keep the excess webbing from flapping about. He straps on the side go over the pouches to take a ground mat, blankets or ice picks, the single webbing strap on the front of the pack takes a pouch for the trenching tool, the handle of which is the retained by being inserted through the single small loop below the webbing.

  6. The backpack is only missing the chest buckle. The Belt and the 3 pouches are part of the KAZ3 (Kampfanzug 3) in english Combat suit 3. The Top you can use as a seperate Backpack if you loosen up the tension belts on the tophalfe and use them as shoulder straps.

  7. I have the old Austrian Bundesheer (Austrian Army) rucksack and webbing with the assault pack they used in the 80s. It is a great pack and based on the old US large ALICE pack. Both packs and various other kit attaches directly to the webbing so your LBE and pack are all one system. It is a great modular system. They still have a version of the large ALICE style pack they use made by Glock but they did away with the integrated webbing and the newer version is just a traditional design. The space behind that pad might be for the folding sleeping pad that the Germans also use. On the old pack it was used in part like a frame sheet to give the pack a bit more stability since the old version of the large ruck is frameless. All in all I am pleased with my experience with Austrian gear.

  8. Pack you BUG DOPE!! If the skeeters to the East are anything like they are in this neck of the woods, They will suck you dry! They are tiny and MEAN

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