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Austrian Army Canteen,Cup,Stove,Water Bottle For Bushcraft And Wild Camping

Austrian Army Canteen,Cup,Stove,Water Bottle For Bushcraft And Wild Camping

[Applause] Marlene guys I'm back out on the beach I'm nice what then I walk it started him on and see it and all the other having a long wait so I decided to come out for a walk and here when I was out I would thought I would show my Austrian canteen canteen cup off so let's get in there guys this the rain is actually started so I'm worried about cup of tea and then what I've done about five miles to get you form a half I think so been about four and a half to get home hopefully I'll get to wear but my skin's war isn't so I'll give you a look at their oxygen canteen so that's a little pouch that I keep there the Austrian canteen cup and this is a BCB BCB a midden card I bought us for me but just not an actual Omni one the only ones are a lot more a robust than these ones but this one does the job so I'll show you the contents case you get a lot we'll put it on the go readings getting heavier so I've got myself a low a 10 foil blood I'm using the BC B cooker so nice to have a kicker for the the Austrian one titanium Spock [Applause] so I'm using their Osprey cup we've got a few of these cups ID that fresca you can buy these for a couple of pounds of you bet yours and then there we go that is their canteen cup the bottle is actually an old tape ball so I like this one stainless steel that's cut so if I look down here they can when that folds look so sorry I'm doing this with one hand looks right but so there goes that flops out and then you put there this little piece here don't like so see it and then all hold you let's shirt handle Seville said water bowl the one I'm using now just goes on put make sure this is actually the milk take Bowl when I bought this I had a cop but I've ID'd the cop and Tamara and I lost sit just wish then I'll cut that hard Illini though [Applause] so we'll get the stove on nigga so I'm going to use the BCB one I'll put some mesh in the bottom and then we'll light up [Applause] there we go I've got the mesh bumming away good give him a little blood on don't beat myself I will cut the boil things up I can't beat the skin here what doctors on the beach Renne are what one person on the beach Gavi at work well there was bubbling empty usual I get up for the whole Beach to myself [Applause] that rain is getting heavier the Navy aha lovely I'm gonna get soaked it up on but yeah as I said my scans water bro I don't mean the rim beam from Scotland so when I was in Australia a mummy it used to run for the car and I used to just walk but here I'm just you're still early and I'm not get up already so [Applause] I've ISIL forgotten during my walrus Ruffman Sally Sally Sally mama so I was going to actually put and my canteen cup but I might just end up putting it and save my life in checkup drink on nigga so I want to thank everybody for watching the video and a few could give me a thumbs up this [Applause] juices I've actually made that the actual rain has stopped would you believe that I might I slit transfer and to the actual air there BCB I like drinking out of the BCB cups to darkness the gut thus let's always keep some piping hot [Applause] so cheers guys Tempe Abra and yellow play-doh and Baylor yeah some care can't be so yeah thanks for watching nice and a few could give me a thumbs-up thumbs-down wah-wah so thank you thanks guys [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] you

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  1. I'm a big fan of the BCB burner but one of my first upgrades was to cut 2 discs of carbon felt and then I made a press fit cage of quarter inch Hardware cloth to friction fit hold everything in place … holds plenty of denatured alcohol to boil my two cups of water and it's ALWAYS in place….. much safer ……no sloshing around of alcohol
    What's the name of the bottle and cup ?

  2. Hi mate. I really like you're reviews. I noticed you actually use some of you're military surplus like I do, so I thought I would share this with you. A reviewer told me these are mess kits, not cook kits, they are therefore quite small. I am a big guy and I like too actually cook in the field. This is why I have warmed to the British Army Mess Kit. Its the largest and most versatile of all mess kits I have seen. Now, I have always insisted on genuine military surplus, however there is one other non-military mess kit that I am considering making an exception for. It looks the same as the British Army Mess Kit, with the same construction, however the tins are a little bigger, slightly longer, but more so deeper. They therefore hold more food. Not by much, (maybe 1cm deep and 0.7cm longer), but this still helps. These aftermarket British Mess Kits are virtually identical to the original in construction. The aluminium is the same heavy gauge, they are anodised aluminium and the rivets holding the handles on are also the same. The only difference with the ones I have here have chrome plated handles. I think there are versions available with stainless steel handles, but I am not sure and I am still looking into this. I also have the Dutch Army stainless steel mess tins (similar to the British one). It is a beautiful piece of kits, but wont nest as well as the British one, or aftermarket British based one. From what I have seen I think it is the same size as the British issue one, but it is about 1cm small than my Dutch one. I hope this helps. Cheers, W.S., Outback Australia.

  3. Hi Stewart, I carry in my day bag one of those fisherman's shelters, there small and in a situation like that It makes a perfect shelter, It's quite a handy thing to carry.

  4. Got exactly the same brew kit but replaced plastic mug for stainless, got two cook pots, ideal and all in one pouch πŸ‘Œdo us all a favour Stew and stop poking your bloody tongue out, we don't want to see it.

  5. Great video bro in a lovely spot on the beach, those seagulls were hard to understand were they speaking in some local ancient dialect. All the best

  6. Nice video Stuart! It doesn't really matter that you forgot your waterproofs mate, they would only have got wet! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing Stuart. Happy Easter to the family. Take care, Steve. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Nothing like a peaceful brew up on a walk to relax. Did feel like I was waiting for a secret album track for the last 4 minutes though πŸ™‚

  8. Lovely day for a cup of tea on the beach. I am sold on that bob cooker. Have to track one down now. Liking the videos!

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