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Australian Army Ratpack Contents

Australian Army Ratpack Contents

few months ago I would sense something I probably shouldn't have been sent you can use something that I'm glad I don't have to carry every day the Australian Defence Force Rat Pack fashion see there's a lot of weight in here it's amazing so let's have a look inside a chilly tuna and pasta ready to eat meal natural music these noodles ha ha yeah condensed milk beef jerky matches fruitcake meatball and now I'm not a fan of Vegemite at the best of times but when it's in a packet like this and it's called yeast extract instead of Vegemite I'm thinking it's even going to be less appealing so yes I will take one for the team I will try it mmm and it will scrub up them there is a whole lot of tasting coming on ahead of me so I'm going to imagine eats a day and so I'm going to start with breakfast with measly you

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  1. Bring back great memories to the white powdery chocolate, dirty racer spoon, opening the pack and immediately eating the entire tube of condensed milk and saving the M and Ms. Great video. Cant wait to see your face on the taste test. Rat pack c stands for crap. B is bad, A is awful and D was a disaster. I'm pretty sure they all have the ability to inflict constipation on any person.

  2. Love your vids Lotsafreshair. Old menus, but for the interested, the gist of the ADFs contemporary approach to 1 man 24hr rat packs can be gleaned here. The one you unpack appears to be a recent CR1M type as it contains heavier cans and ready-to-eat (liquid) mains rather than the weight saving freeze dried variety of the lighter special forces PR1M. Interesting to me for a comparison of then vs now comparing an ARA single man rat pack circa early-mid 1970s to 2015's. Even back then, we used to dispose of the unnecessary to cut down on weight humped between resup, as there was always additional weight to be shared out amongst the section/platoon. Were I a super fit super keen 20 again, I still wouldn't carry x3 of those sans surplus hex stoves & hex even on a three day patrol. Surplus to req would be binned. Distributed 7.62mm ammo for the M60 as well as your own for the L1A1 was heavy, and there was your turn at humping the RT, MG, spare barrels, etc.The ubiquitous tubed condensed milk is a gem. Glad to see they haven't deleted that in lieu of something more McGourmet. Think of tubed vegetable extract as the grunt's ersatz soy sauce. Versatile, it adds a lot of flavour for next to no weight.

  3. how long is the ration suppose to last for ? My rations sound pretty similar but much lighter, does not look like the meals are dry foods. Probably so that it can be eaten even without the ability to boil water.

  4. That's big improvement on what they were like when I wore a 'green suit' to work. Mind you, I quite liked the old ones. Back then, it was standard practice to carry 3 ration packs at a time. Two in your pack, which wasn't always carried and one in your 'bum bag' on you basic webbing.

  5. OMG. If you've ever wondered what goes into an #AustralianArmy #Ratpack #RationPack  then wonder no more… there is so much food, but boy… does it taste any good? 

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