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Auction haul. Parker pens, Military, Antique loupes. Reselling on eBay.

Auction haul. Parker pens, Military, Antique loupes. Reselling on eBay.

hey guys auction hall this represents about one hundred and twenty five dollars of 185 dollars I spent today I also got three shelving units two of them restaurant-quality that I paid $25 for and another one I paid not restaurant-quality I only paid $5 for that one though little larger Rock two also got a bunch of electronics tolls I got some hand tools some mechanics tools some yard tools some sickles some hatchets stuff like that and I got a number of box lots that have some real age to them one of them had a whole bunch of watch watch making tools watch repair tools and stuff and a couple of them had little tin toy like things and stuff like that some molds this ones for alleged soldier stuff like that I'll have a lot of fun going through those box Lots I will start off over here I paid $5.00 for this in a box lot that's an Alpine hopefully it hopefully it works if it does it's worth about 75 bucks the Eclipse came in a box lot I paid $2 for that if it works that's worth about 40 bucks or so the Sony I bought by itself one dollar I think it's worth about 25 or 30 dollars these two items I got in a box lot Vice is worth 10 or 15 prob about $15 the badge ain't worth much the military items I got choice off the table for all the military items at $15 first choice and I got 6 lots the first lot was a large duffel bag completely full and then I got a number of items that's a vietnam-era it's only worth about 5 bucks the knight desert camouflage the tops worth about 30 the pants are worth about 15 in that duffel bag also I got the map case back there it's in excellent condition I think it's worth about 25 to 30 and the chemical suit back there brand-new in the pack it's worth about it's worth about 30 bucks the helmets I paid $15 a piece there are each one choice they're both kevlar size m3 and one size m4 both in excellent condition they're worth about $40 the gas mask was another choice it has the bag and everything it's a model m17 a one with the hood it's worth about 20 bucks in the condition it's in it's not in the greatest condition but in that bag there was also a Beretta m9 magazine that's worth about $20 and the best purchase out of the military lot for the 15 dollars and my first choice was that vest right there flak jacket style worth about in between eighty one hundred dollars the photograph I liked the photograph as soon as I saw it I didn't have to pay a dime for it though because I didn't see it until the end of the day so I got it for free obviously he's got some age to it then I saw the board backer on it they didn't introduce plywood into the United States until about 1865 I think it was and then I got to looking at the photograph and it definitely looks definitely looks of Civil War era and then I was looking on the back and there's a stamp on the back but it's not a postage stamp Internal Revenue Service for playing cards the stamp dates back to 1863 so I think it's safe to say that that's probably yes of a war era photograph the the photo and the frame back there I got in the box lot I think I paid $8 for that box a lot I don't know I think the frames in awesome condition I'm not sure of the age it's pretty it's in pretty good shape though I don't know what I'll get for that I'll have to research that some more yeah lumen I'm Dutch oven I paid two dollars for that it's a it's a Wagner where it's got some age to it I've found comparables on it the newer ones have a different handle on top they're not worth nearly as much the older ones have a different stamp on the bottom that one's this one's worth was worth probably 35 bucks one of the watchmakers Lots is awesome it's just awesome I like this stuff it was full of optics that loop right there I paid $1 for the whole box the for the whole lot that had all these optics in it plus it had a bunch of other stuff and that one's like a four power this one's a 10 that one's a that one's a 4 power this one's about a 7 power that one's about a 10 power and I was looking through them and I was like you know they're a little dirty and everything but you could still see that they're quality optics and I was looking at him closely and I don't know if you can see this or not let me see not that one this one right here it's got a stamp on the side these are bashings arms antique Bausch and Lomb sloops I don't know what they're worth probably thirty you know the better one right there is probably worth thirty or forty bucks you know the ones that aren't as good a shape you know maybe a little less a little less you know that one that straps to your head not worth that much but it's pretty cool I'll probably keep those with me for a bit the photograph that was all about the content I paid one dollar I just thought that was cuter than hell so I paid one dollar for that in the frame it's obviously got age to it I don't know I have to look at it more closely it's just got cardboard on back maybe I can take the cardboard off and see what I got maybe there's a date on it her name on the back flat where I got at the end of the day for free I thought it was communal nothing but it's not it's actually Hackman made in Finland it's actually easily as good as the canoe month and stuff I think I've got probably at least a hundred dollars worth of flatware right there and some of its got condition issues but even consider even considering that throwing those pieces off to the side of I've got $100 worth and then Stanley Roberts that's sell the Stanley Roberts stuff that stuff's made in Korea there you know I don't know what I'm guarantee I've got 20 bucks there you know I can almost guarantee you that um this this this slot right here I paid I believe I paid $8 for the slot maybe that's the one that the photograph came in um this one's not worth that ones but not worth much it just looks it just looks interesting the the clock is made in Germany its eyes moved back and forth all the weights and everything are down there that's pretty cool I saw one on Ruby Lane it sold for $65 and and this it looked like a ballpoint pen it's got a heavy gold plating on I believe but it's not a pen at all there's not a hole that goes through and I just took off that end cap it's for holding mechanical pencil leads it's got some age to it though I don't know what it's worth I'm thinking it's worth at least 20 25 bucks though this the parker i paid this i got this out of the box a lot now it's the only thing I took from the box lot that I paid $1 for it's a pen and pencil set 22 karat gold electroplate on it that's worth about 25 bucks and I think this is the best buy of the day I paid eight or nine dollars for the slot I think I paid nine for this one Osborne home upholstery repair kit it's missing some of the smaller tools but it's got the larger ones I think with the box and the tools that it's got I think I'm looking at about 25 bucks but I believe this is the homeowner today mechanical pencil and a pen set it's got a 14-karat gold nib on it that's a good thing it's made out of a cellulite so you look is that correct I don't know how to pronounce that correctly or not it's made by Parker and I managed to look it up it's inscribed on the side there are some condition issues on it it's missing this little end cap that was gonna that goes on the back of the pen you know the racers completely worn down there's some finish where they're you know but there aren't any cracks in the body overall that's in you know it's in it's in serviceable serviceable condition I think fully restored here's the name on it right here Parker Mandarin yellow senior do do a fold lucky curve in completely restored condition one sold for a set exactly like that but obviously in like new condition which condition is a lot went for 888 dollars so I think I'm going to start that out at an auction probably 150 200 dollars to start and we'll see what I get out of that I think that that pen set right there should pay for everything that I got for the day though so anyways I hope you got something out of this video oh I got some hats I got five hats for a dollar 32 to $75 price tags on patties or something like that anyways I hope you got something on this video I thank you for watching

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  1. Great lot. Love the portraits. You’ll get a pretty penny for the pen/ celluloid pens. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wonderful finds…my favorite is the beautiful young girl and the fancy frame…stunning! I used to collect pens and mechanical pencils so the yellow pair bring back sweet memories. Thanks so much for sharing this video.

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