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Auction GSA Surplus Wholesale Cars Broke Down on Freeway No Google Glass

Auction GSA Surplus Wholesale Cars Broke Down on Freeway No Google Glass

okay I don't know what I show without Google glass but I'll tell you what we got some stuff home out of here we got some stuff gone yeah that's the first time I've seen this trailer there's any cars you're interested in this crap is going fast I'm cleaning house moving stuff along doing it too in it that's all there is to in it I'm making some videos this weekend some interesting videos and I'm also doing a concrete job at home remodel for a friend and I'll have some info on that as well and some really cool videos like construction type videos I'm out of here got help man I got real help I got shocked shut up here it makes it a lot easier to get stuck with it there five fucking dollars it sucks this is my lane okay on the way to go actually he's probably talk about the Evo at the McDonald's walking around and what do we find fucking duck so goddamn duck in the middle of the parking lot who get to flatten up it isn't flat duct work what is ever what's your phone number name David already seen that okay okay five I got my fooled in several conferences Oh end of the street down here he's got a buffing he does cars and stuff a lot of car detailing and stuff and mechanically or anything about mechanic in a little bit and between that and him up here we got it I've got yeah I've got I'm doing concrete and I need will get close-up I'll hold it until I told my dad I said he brought me a pretty good worker we started talking about it like puckering and talking about that I don't do we don't like anything about pot yeah one owner car guy one owner car guy calm had the option it's a government sale to game today and no one is a government sale they've got a lot of these Fiat and pops I've been looking at them I like to get one especially a little electric one in orange just like this this is electric boogie woogie woogie think I want a piping well that's not even that's not even pipe and that's stitching okay look good it'd be cool cute little car and you can use the carpool lane anytime you want so with that in mind they've got lots of them they look good in gray they look good in black in fact this black one has a odd wheel there's an odd wheel style cool white black no matter if you're black or white it's all good looking but they're just a cheap car they go really cheap now hundred are more Fiat pops I'm here for the government option and it's all government cars we are literally here to get these sand-colored f450 s they're going through so cheap it's pitiful we've already got one sold it without even making a video of it you could paint them whatever but I guess they have sonar equipment and stuff set up on the back do not idle truck brand-new mint 20,000 miles I got all the seats flipped around in them and they will all have these little tables odd deal I got like drain tube things here and everything I don't know I know it was a hot seller and I want to buy every one that goes through here comes my dad he's worked up about him – he's ready to buy him don't know why this is in the government sale I don't think it would be a drug impound or nothing these things are clean all the tires bottom our brand new yeah one off what was it so they definitely have it okay the insides have got somewhere from beat problems on the windshield stuff but there's four of them today I believe it'd be five I'm not seeing vans gonna go through cheap enough to do anything for me 12,000 miles on a passenger it's 12,000 mile van I do enjoy these really cool little Taurus exits you don't see him everywhere holy hell what they Peck for that thing you know it was slamming their gun outside the window and something I don't know oh no wow it's just kind of beat and thrashed on the inside or dirty generally dirty I'm into these though oh my God look at those freaking tires okay number one this is the one Nate once I think it is I want number Sifl they got no table 41,000 I shit what that's why they have tires on it I wore it out you think you guys will man seen them trucks you're like looking at them you can't tell if the AC works it's 6 o'clock in the fucking morning huh the other awesome tires huh these are good they just a little mismatched I don't have a headache rack thing yeah they all have it no they all have it yeah uh-huh okay I got a look at this Wow fuck grille pieces missing that looks to be about the worst of it though huh I think that 1:22 okay hopeful convicts hey Chuck sorry officer [Applause] good thing we tried it out can you try this curse out right there weird-looking tourists huh I never knew they made a Taurus next to a while ago [Applause] always cup cars have a cap lighted room I know how this all works doing a regular camera versus a Google glass but I figured I'd make a little bit we learned of her mom 28000 yeah they just busted that thing off I got fucking bolt it the only one that don't start what's that was that you fall in yeah yeah it's not from the government no it's another consignor but they hooked it right up to him yeah and they gave him a prime spot being next to it where people would think that yeah what a heap is the truth a hunk of shit van is that's not dude I'm telling you the vans here have ten twelve thousand miles this is a moneymaker this is a cargo the other one's a passenger can you let believe they let these assholes buy two vans look at the roof dude it's brand-new in here you'd be driving this shit – you retire to be able to put that in ten years think about that Chuck ten years ten thousand miles forty years to retire you get a sign the van you retire in that motherfucker when you drive that kind of miles you be 43,000 miles in 40 years think about that they can retire with this van three-quarter ton for sure great quarter cuz I'm from Jersey I don't know if this has got a tilting bed what ya got no cables on them in or something I don't know I think it does tilt well it seems like a break wasn't gonna stop the trailer this is surge brakes here ain't it yeah in this thing when you stop a parka Oh for each tire bro look at the titties on them no one's even ever drove it right they oh dude nobody's even drove this thing on the road and there's a bland brand-new package of floss strips awesome this just keeps getting better and better it's four gold bars or something though man you ain't got a small enough to put on that trailer ain't no deck space I wonder if hey this shit's goin through this is going through on the 15th this was what kind of what I was interested in I don't see any stickers no stickers you have a water tank out here [Applause] huh yeah okay the mallard goes through – hey – really today yeah but it's already went through a few times which is always worrisome when they don't buy a trailer by the border either they want too much hordes talk oh really I've got like a preview that's stupid one doll one owner car guy one owner car guy calm I'm out of water out of waters Chuck yeah we ran out of water I found this over here boom products on the freeway I didn't have a water thing he got him turn on yeah hey check out him to turn it on anyways so just so you know if you're in California and you're looking for water little one owner Car Guide on tips for you water and air if you talk to the service station they will turn it on for you for free and nowadays crazy crazy no go ask him inside man they'll turn it on for ya just like that okay well just a video and we didn't have a water bottle we have a gas can now so we're just putting some water and something gas can will work bad and provisional he's a dollar fifty for five minutes so I sent him in and see if they turn on and then I walked around the apartment building I got a spigot outside busted it Philip was full of those picking but that's on as if you don't look weird enough well if the gas came with water hey I got was in this bar some water hydro bow ran out of water I don't know much go for that yeah you shouldn't have any pressure could guarantee Bordeaux that's how it's done right there gotta get some gas in the car this might not be a good idea be careful now though your hose you actually got it holding water now

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  1. Another Great Vid Nathan! I liked it and have been a sub for years (since you were based out of that Car Dealership, Peugot Lot?) Anyways….can you Subscribe to my channel? Appleby Vlog…….THANKS!!!

  2. Dude if u bud an STI or Evo u can actually sell them for 30k plus. So if u see one bid on it. It will get u a lot of money. And the s2000 too.

  3. Dude you gotta buy those electric Fiats. They are in HIGH demand in Europe!!!!! as they are California exclusive

  4. The Tahoe at the start I believe is a border patrol chevy the ones without the bumpers keep up the good work on the vids I love them .

  5. if you buy crown Vic's cops car check for any drugs and stuff stashed in them because a guy on YouTube buys them and have found drugs and stuff stashed in places you wouldn't expect

  6. I don't understand why are they sand color were these trucks used during all the bullshit going on in the middle east

  7. Hey Nathan I'm 17 I just started watching your vids again and am really interested in getting started in the used car business is there a way to contact you aside from YouTube ? Was hoping for so help as far as tips, advice, etc.

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