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Attending the Marine Corps Officer Candidate Course (OCC)

Attending the Marine Corps Officer Candidate Course (OCC)

The OCC, the Officer Candidate Course, that’s
only for college seniors and college graduates. Which is the preferred program for those that
already have a degree but do not have prior enlisted experience. Once they’ve completed their college degree,
they provide that proof of college degree and they enter into that program, attend Officer
Candidates School for ten weeks and receive their commission at the end of that program. Well, I went through UVA, learned how to do
the nine-to-five job, bolster the bottom line and decided that’s not for me. I tried a lot of different things. I went and worked a little bit. I went out to sea on my engineering license. All the while, having that dream to do something
more with my life, to make a difference. And I just felt like this was the challenge
that I was looking for. I found out that this is right for me and
that I’m very excited about pushing forward and being a Marine Corps Officer. When I graduated Penn State, I was actually
very eager to report to training. [California State] University, Hayward Emory Riddle Aeronautical University College of William and Mary University of California, Berkley Yale University Georgetown University Fordham University in New York City Starting off, you’re coming here just a bunch
of college students and we each possess our own personalities and skills. It’s a very challenging transition for most
of them. It’s a lot more intense than their laid-back
college atmosphere. Everything is challenging and it really tests
you, tests your discipline, it tests your desire to be here. My OSO kinda briefed me on what it was gonna
be like and I talked to other candidates who had gone through previously. This has been harder than I could imagine
and to get through it is really rewarding. Couldn’t ask for a better experience over
the last ten weeks. This is just the beginning of what’s hopefully
to come-a lot of good training and a good career in the United States Marine Corps.

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  1. @09supersoccer1 Yes you can major in anything. You are slotted were the Marine Corps needs you not by what your major was. Meaning your major could be oceanic Biology but the Marine Corps may slot you In Motor Transport. They slot you were they need you not by were you wanna go. Unless of course you have a contract before they own your ass

  2. @POWohnomypants If you are not sure about becoming an officer or want some exposure to the Marine Corps first then it is possible to do OCS later on after enlistment. But weigh your options first before being set on enlisted first. As for the Recon you'd have to work your way up to that.

  3. @POWohnomypants From my knowledge, it would be pointless going enlisted after college because you can just become an officer while you are IN college. Recon Marines are a whole different thing, those I think you just show you can take a beating and push through anything bootcamp offers you but I have known of people that are "picked from the streets" and become Recon Marines. Talk to an OSO, not a regular recruiter about all of it though.

  4. @sjoerdBloks you would have to become a citizen, first you need to be resident with green card then live 5 years straight (thats what im doing im already a citizen) but i originaly came from brasil

  5. Weight can be a problem. Share my workout with the want to bes. Please. I don't want weight to stop our young adults from getting in. Thank you.

  6. wait…so if you go through OCS as a prior enlisted you get to wear your chevrons? Is that what the chevron over the red tape is in the video @ 1:00

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