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ASMR Sleep for the Sleepless – No Talking Triggers to Help You Sleep (Tapping, Scratching, Massage)

ASMR Sleep for the Sleepless – No Talking Triggers to Help You Sleep (Tapping, Scratching, Massage)

لا حديث طوال الفيديو (أصوات خدش، نقر، مساج، والمزيد من الأصوات)

Reader Comments

  1. Timestamps:

    0:00 – Preview

    2:08 – Red heart sounds

    2:32 – Golden bear scratching

    9:35 – Air freshener bags Ear Massage (3Dio)

    19:01 – Fake leather sheet Tapping

    21:06 – Fake leather sheet scratching

    23:00 – Fake leather sheet Tapping (Again)

    24:00 – Fake leather sheet Scratching with a massager

    25:09 – Fake leather sheet Tapping (Again)

    28:53 – Package of Dried Rose Leaf Squeezing, Crinkling

    38:17 – Foam Roll Tapping

    45:25 – Paper ice cream Sounds

    53:45 – Sequin Package Ear massage (3Dio)

    54:44 – Sequin Package Crinkling

    57:10 – Sequin Package Ear massage (3Dio) (Again)

    58:00 – Sequin Package Crinkling (Again)

    1:01:34 – Kitchen item scratching

    1:06:20 – Kitchen item tapping

    1:10:08 – Mortar and pestle wooden sounds

    1:15:15 – Dried rose leaf and spikes in the mortar

    1:17:08 – Wood Tapping

    1:19:36 – Hand Holder Pillow tapping

    1:26:06 – Hand Holder Pillow Ear Massage

    1:28:56 – Hand Holder Pillow squeezing

    1:35:58 – Silicone Body Brush sounds

    1:43:37 – Bouquet with Spikelets (squeezing)

    1:51:51 – Bath mat scratching

    1:59:34 – Bath mat tapping

    2:02:33 – Paper Wrapped Wire sounds

    2:09:43 – Soap Dish Tapping

    2:18:05 – Case for brushes tapping

    2:25:13 – Fake Crystal Berries sounds

    2:33:26 – Pimply purse scratching

    2:36:42 – Pimply purse Tapping

    2:43:32 – Hot Pot Stand Sounds

  2. I love this smmm! I feel like I get more tingles in the intro w the mixture of all the different triggers than the triggers by itself, you know?

  3. i have never fallen asleep from ASMR because im not allowed devices in my room. but this one sure relaxed me :3
    love the nails dude ;0

  4. Everyone: ooo one of the best ASMR I have ever heard!

    Me: what is that? (I’m talking about the objects she is using)

  5. The caption in the video says there is a shorter version of this video and the link to it is in the description box but it isnt! I looked for it like 5 times so unless im that stupid then the caption is wrong. Does anyone know where i can find the shorter video?

  6. Ps. I love everything about this video including the gorgeous finger nails. We really appreciate the time and effort and attention to detail you put into your videos. The level of perfection isnt even neccessary, id still listen to fall asleep even if you had gross crusty nails and crappy video quality lol but its nice that you do put in a lot of effort and it has not gone unnoticed.

  7. 53:45 sounds like the dentist squirting that disgusting thing into your mouth then rinsing it with water 🤢

  8. i like dis for sleep and then what helps me sleep is to go do some pushups or run for 5 to 10 mins with some rock like deltaparole, cuz that takes ma mind off of sleeping and i can sleep easier once i dont think about it no more.

  9. Me : watching some ASMR peacefully and then im about to fall asleep…i forget to turn my autoplay off …

    HI SISTERS !!!!

  10. aight imma lay a real one here, thank you zalora for not having any cherry bomb – tyler the creator type beats in your commercials.

  11. انا مو مصاب بشي والحمدالله على كل شيء بس لما بتسمع ع مجموعة اسمر يجيني نوم

  12. Okay, so, my cat purrs ALL THE TIME, so I start the video, my cat jumps on the bed, tries to lick me face while the video is playing, and all I hear is –

  13. I was watching this and had fell asleep so I woke up an hour later for a second and the part with the beads were on and I thought that something was burning in my room because of the crackling noise they made😂😂😂

  14. For how much time and effort u put into ur videos u deserve more subs, life with mak makes like 10 minute vids and she has tons of subs (I love mak too no hate just saying)

  15. Lol these videos actually work. Lol I have sleeping problems due to sum shit in the past but thses videos help me sleep. Thamk you!😁*hugs*

  16. I really wish there would be a long asmr video without the asmrtist making sounds inside, on or close to my ear😭 for me it is the most disgusting feeling in the world and it personally makes me feel super uncomfortable and angry😐

  17. Блин, видео классное, но я всё же не пойму:вы англоязычный блогер, или же русский?

  18. I watched the video and I was like wow there are tingles on my leg….. Turns out there were a spider on my leg🕷️👣🤣

  19. С 1:19 секунды просто Вау 😍👍😍👍. Просто необыкновенное видео.

  20. Does anyone else feel lazy to lower down the volume cause of the ads and just keeps clicking on the video till you don’t have an ad

  21. Merci beaucoup, tu es au top!!
    Encore une fois, merci de prendre tout ce temps pour nous, de t'investir comme tu le fais si sincèrement.
    Bisous et plein de belles choses pour ta chaine et toi!! 😉

  22. I’d love it so much if you made a video of previews, and it’s long like 30 minutes. I’ve been wanting that 🙂

  23. unknown how I said I was watching this last night while it worked I fill asleep and it's night again let's see if I fall asleep again 🤣

  24. I love your videos so much. You are my favorite ASMR channel. One type of video I enjoy is the back tracing videos, so I was wondering if maybe you could do one of those? They are more visual oriented rather than sound, but I find them quite relaxing. Your videos always have that great visual quality to them, so I think if you did a video like this it would be amazing. Your nails are always flawless, and you could use some other pretty items too. Like feathers, colored q-tips, stones, shimmery/glittery body oil, etc.

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