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ARVN Rucksack

ARVN Rucksack

sup guys it's a Brent here been a while since I've been on the youtubes but because uh I don't really have a camera oh my gosh I can see that I'm already back to my same old same old addiction of saying all the time which I hate so I'll try not do that so this video is sending packs that I got I'm out fishing right now there's a lake if you rarely see on my channel I don't really give a crap anymore I'd never saw I never showed my face my camera before well because most of the time I was active duty and then I kind of just stopped the videos when I was in school and I've got two semesters left and I'll graduated so I also don't have a wife anymore oh I guess we can call this the update of where the hell I am in my life but some up fishing right now this is the new packs that I got now that I wasted the first minute of introductions for anybody who came to this video just to see the pack I apologize this is a arvin pack ARVN the South Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War this pack was a short introduction in this pack was built by the United States for the Arvin military and during Vietnam before the introduction of the tropical rucksack and a lightweight rucksack which were the precursors to the Alice pack a lot of United States military personnel tried to get their hands on the Arvin packs because the but packs the but packs that they carried were not enough did not offer enough space to carry all the gear for patrols and whatnot in the beginning of the movies platoon Charlie yeah Charlie Sheen yeah yeah Charlie Sheen is carrying an armed attack so this one is brand new I just got it it actually came with a 90 1956 bike if I remember correctly Shaw etool carrier and that would go right here and a complete tool and also came with a m6 bayonet which is the m6 is the bayonet for the m14 and the 1956 carrier for the e tool has a one of these attachments on it so that the bayonet is on the tool carrier and then the tool carrier goes right there now let's see if I can move this just kind of in the shadow of your camp all right so your eetu a carrier would go right there and you've got a loop right here so that the handle of the each hole can go right there and get strapped down so I got this pack because I really do like canvas packs they you know when camping you don't have to worry about an ember from a fire flying onto your pack or a cigarette butt or something like that or any piece of flame going on the nylon and it you know torches up and it just been it's gone I also like canvas packs they're sturdy they're old-school I like old school things so this pack was brand new when I got it took the Ted there was a tag inside it says urban rucksack it's got the NSM number on it you know you can see it's got a little bit of corrosion on the brass parts but the guy that I bought it from on eBay seems to have tried to clean some of it off and I'll try and get the rest of it off with some baking soda and vinegar so it's a really small pack it's smaller than Alice pack I'd say probably maybe like a half of the size of an ALICE pack it's a really great size I'm like I said I'm up Fisher I now go my fishing gear again the outside of the pack we've got a X frame right here and I've got my tackle box in there I got the X frame right here you can take the frame out I haven't taken the frame out if I were to use this back it was just like you know exploring the city type deal maybe I would take the frame out when you got your shoulder straps right here they're padded there they're pretty nice the velcro here from what I have learned of the pack you know was to keep the shoulder straps from moving around when layered on top of your web gear there was no other attachment or anything that went to the developer that was the only purpose of them you got your standard bike buckles that you would see on Alice packs they work really great to loosen up the straps when they're on you Alice you know like I said after this was developed and you've got your tropical rucksack your lightweight rucksack and then the Alice pack was develop from those things so you've got that web self you know this web waist belt part of the frame that's kind of however how tight it is is the tension he have on the back of the frame it's actually really comfortable it's about three-quarters of a model to this spot from my car so I had to walk you know carrying my pack and my cooler my fishing rod and the pack was actually really nicely it goes up really high on your back designed so that you can carry your buck your buck pack and your waist belt and all your web clear underneath the pack so it actually carries really nicely I don't have it's fully loaded but on the sides of the pack you have these straps came with it top and down so and it's on both sides so the chair that I'm sitting on lashes really nicely to the fact these would be for like a bed roll or you know can also strap on some law tubes you know a be it nonsense if you could use it towards now you can use it for a bed roll ice-o-matic sleeping bag another a longer shovel and axe if I like that then you've got the all over the pack you've got these I can't think of the name but the wire hangers from the old legacy kits like your machetes or first day kids or canteens would hang onto the eyelets and then it's also edible for the newer style the 1956 and above like your Alice eater and everything like that with the alligator clips would also go on here so on both sides you've got you know you can put a canteen an extra ammo box or not animal box but uh ammo pouch or first-aid kit belt buckles or the shoulder straps connect down to the pack through these eyelets and uh hook so that you can use it without the frame reminiscent of the Alice pack well not reminiscent of the all speculative precursor to it but you up in the drawstring it does not have a cord lock like the house techno so you just got to kind of cinch it up and then tie it with like a slipknot the two pockets you got two pockets on the outside there passed through so they passed through for your top lash and straps for your lid and again this will be for like your etool carrier you could also on these two hooks right here you can put a machete and have it pass through the pocket or put a band out there if you want to and like I said the other side is the same as the other side one big big pocket in the middle there in the in-center there's no radio pocket or anything like the owl spec does this just MP so in there by my toolbox or my tackle box and I've got my flame I and I'm fire straining tools right there you got two pockets on the outside this is filled with my rubber bait this has my stereo my multi-tool stringers for fish and stuff like that some more like fishing tools are in here and then I've got my big bass in there and then these are the bottom straps for the lid straps and then I said obviously again the loop that you would put on for the etool holder or hammer that's the Argan pack I might you know I know how this video goes they might do a another video of it but I just was sitting here taking a break switching my lures and thought I would do a little video for you this is just filmed with an iPhone so hopefully if it looks might really want to see my foot compared to it that's how big it is there's only not that big but it really is I love it I love it I just got it yesterday I just filled it up for today for this walk and one to see I got it like I said I got it because I like canvasbacks this pack is was made of sixties this pack is fifty years old already and there's no rips there's no so the canvas isn't dry rotted or anything like that I mean it this thing this thing will go first this thing will go for 28 years so I really do like a lot already and without the frame that would make a good you know just carry on the city type of bag know what else I can say about it really now I'm sure there's your fishing that or let me like what the hell is this guy doing oh yeah so beautiful Lake I haven't caught anything yet but hopefully that changes soon all right so that's the urban pack if you have any questions about the pack if you want anything additional to this video as far as the urban pack goes let me know hopefully I'll start taking more videos to upload to the channel now that I don't have well I have a lot of free time but I spend a fishing so for the thousand something subscribers I somehow still have on my channel after not uploading video for how many years let me know what you guys want to see and and that'll be it alright take care guys

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  1. So cool on so many levels!! I've wanted one of these for years,just can't find them.The collector's have got the price's so jacked up it's stupid! I'm thinking about building one out of a alice pack but can't find anything on the measurement's! If you happen to do another video on it maybe put a tape measure on it for all the different sizes like height/width/pocket size you know! That would be so awesome! Outstanding ruck,thanks for sharing I too I'm into these old ruck's just can't find any information on them!

  2. Dude do you really need a collectable Vietnam ruck for a  fishing tackle box? There are plenty of commercial packs available.

  3. Damn Brent I thought the Army lost you somewhere hahaha sorry to hear about troubles in your life I have been there , I am glad you're back.

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