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Army vehicles receive custom refits and upgrades

Army vehicles receive custom refits and upgrades

no Vicki no besoin de GVC in Madame's illegal yama the sedan melbourne new mantra secret way triple guarantee la sécurité de nada our vehicles need regular refit and upgrades sergeant Dan Melbourne shows us what's necessary to keep our soldiers safe on the ground a lot of important work is being done to Canada's live threes we came down to General Dynamics in Edmonton just to see what they're doing the General Dynamics Land Systems Canada we're refurbishing and repairing the Canadian Army lab three fleet we have welders that will get on the vehicle cut out a steering bracket put in a new heavier duty steering bracket as far as the upgrades to the steering else to do upgrades to the fuel system and as well the the Citiz manifolds and the and the tires and wheel and they come from all over Canada and overseas anywhere a lab would would be is where they can come from they can come from Afghanistan FL car say Shiloh all across Canada and overseas from what we hear the troops are pretty happy with the vehicle our DD inspectors are the ones that we really have to please and they're happy with every vehicle that goes out if they're not happy the vehicle simply doesn't leave we've done retrofits to the TU a fleet for the Canadian Army we're currently doing retrofits to the engineering variant vehicles used by the Canadian Army and as well we're doing work on the Bison we have a bison project going on here or basically taking one variant of bison cutting it up putting it back together again in the form of another type vehicle IOC's to MRTS is what we're doing right now boys here at General Dynamics take great pride in every lab 3 they work on which is appreciated by the troops to receive them for army news in Edmonton I'm certain Dan Milburn

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  1. I saw a video named "B14-NDOH-003" by CF Combat Camera / Caméra de combat des FC and it showed LAV 3's with a window case over drivers hatch and I found it bizarre since i've never seen that before, can anyone enlighten me on this topic?

  2. Who here remembers the good ole Grizzlies and Cougars. I would have loved have had a LAV III with the 25mm on it.

  3. @xvoy2002 They do that either they are sentries at the rear or the commander and gunner has their heads out the turret. They don't do it cause it's TIGHT. It's not made to be a Cadillac it's to deliver Infantry to the field/battle, protection and once they are dismounted support with the 25 mm chain gun and the C9 or C6 Machine Gun.

  4. I was inside one of the on a tour at CFB Borden. They look big but once you're inside they are very tight. I can see why the guys stand up throught the manhole at the top!

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