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ARMY TRUCKS ROLL OUT NYC !!!!! (11/4/12)

ARMY TRUCKS ROLL OUT NYC !!!!! (11/4/12)

also I get points from killing critters right that's damage that means you did 17 damage to the critter army trucks it just missed the army men where am I supposed to turn three trucks hey you need to pick a lane motherfucker my damn year old I'm just stupid okay noisy I hit it and it works cool yeah I guess that's relief funds for the peoples we're driving a red hook right now we're going to Ikea to buy candles because it's Sunday we have no life but right now we're just trying to find damage because this is closer to the water and that's where all the damage happened and that's why there's armies trucks accept everything looks fine bro not to Red Hook yet we get to Red Hook where he's gonna film everything for you and vision well this area up there was underwater when the storm came through and now it seems it's not like anybody any different at all whatsoever limo crossing yeah it looks um there's still huge piles of garbage that's that's right it looks basically the same have anything maybe the streets are a little bit cleaner this is like the four feet of water will do that you know yeah look at all that said streets closed oh okay guess it's all waterlogged on the street oh that's a big fucking tree yeah the park might be kind of records you check that out that street sign is sideways oh boy I mean it was crazy it was under Obama was crazy underwater city I should say stuff there's a lot more resilient than we gave it credit for okay Wow it is important so let me get over there oh this tree got work that this tree got work that's of devastation right there I don't think anything you're out of here has power except like IKEA because they have like food thank you buck deals with everyone probably get that shit turn out like is like God it's very literally on the water as if IKEA was like a shelter I wanna get up over there I'm gonna show people how close IKEA is to the water so was that look at the line that's the water taxi over there for IKEA for the filthy-rich Manhattanites yeah this area fared pretty well you know what actually IKEA is built up pretty high here down there like that's like maybe 20 feet so maybe water didn't even come up here at all that might have been what happened whatever okay Rick let's go buy you some candles I don't know maybe think dead seamen it's an all the many times it can name near water I mean they cap cornice I don't know somebody tell us what this means we can pet blue jacket and something rose and then Delta Columbia who that sounds cool military maybe this is random words that'd be kind of neat maybe I'll press the button look it's like we're in college again thank you this at the best views of Manhattan probably in all of Brooklyn besides like the Brooklyn Bridge look at that that's insane this is a bed a chair but I don't believe it the best part of ideas they use part of idea because it's the same thing super engrossing I got here got mark stuff I want a big mirror that's what I want oh it's Christmas time you want you to treat us here right you want to get a tree this year oh and $19 jimmies I want those curtains and the stars for the room that we need here's some candles I want the big candle saw the big vanillas oh did you just sense them and we'll find them instantly he's the same thing he's a little bit different you see my reaction it's like vanilla mostly that's something else Cho mise hmm this is what we came for look it's an assemble yourself gingerbread house Kim that's so IKEA Christmas let's go look let's go to pizza first pizza trees okay oh good these are so good they're 99 cents each if this place was a little closer to my house I'd almost like as good groceries here they have everything oh my god STIs in Grogan's Raghu Kaka Kaka this is so cool IKEA shaped pasta hello this oh my god what are they look amazing I think it's focus if another language so it's like it's fresh now he knows we got crab toothpaste and salmon toothpaste oh my god the food section is filled with laughing couples because everything is so cool fresh and new what I can something they don't have a word for ketchup that's cool to hell are these they really hurt the camera to look at chocolate I only got three chocolates I want more chocolates I always want more chocolates this is what marriages it's looking at candles these are some nice ass candles though man all these colors I love panning on colors you ever noticed you want to get like a holder so we have something to hold our candle was it fake plants are kind of rad no he's more fake stuff Oh little fake Christmas trees you gave a little fake Charlie Brown Christmas that's cool well get it I got candles we got a ton of chocolate and this table was $7.00 no eight dollar sign eight dollars and I always like a red crayon table that's always cool my face is really itchy I can't scratch can you trash my face for me honey you trash my face please right here all this roads fucked this is right on the water that's why we just got told by Con Ed guy not to come down this way so we're turning around is theirs down wires up there scary weird then what the fuck I guess it's just like looking for crime or something I think it's a project that's why my hopes not too bad visibly the hardest that I've seen

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  1. Quarter million dollar house isn't aaalll that much especially if you consider the house that they have. Plus Charles bought his car a long time ago before his youtube channel was that big and Alli drives a beater Grand Marquis. Yeah they are probably well off but at the same time they don't spend in excess.

  2. I own everything you just listed and only make 40k a year. Obviously they make more than that, but you get my point.

  3. Hampton Roads is a body of water and port area on the Virginia coast
    if the Blue Jacket was a ship (or ships) .. then maybe they are all ships. ports, etc/

  4. Justin is back in Florida, living at his parents' house, working, making some music. he does have a channel ( YT / PrinceYeti ) but only posts an occasional vlog
    .. the guy in this vlog is the only remaining part of GradLife still in NYC – Wyatt.

  5. Wyatt I'd like to think the names on the concrete bollards are names of ships. The Blue Jacket was a fast clipper built in Boston in 1854. On a personal note she transported my great grandfather from London to Lyttleton (NZ) in 1867. A voyage of 75 days. Of course there are many Blue Jackets, and many Ikeas…but only one Gradlife. Respect.

  6. The amount of facepalm at the beginning of the video lol. Oh how I wish to be that clueless when it comes to video games again, the amount of childlike wonder lol.

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