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Army truck update 5

Army truck update 5

it runs it's got a mixed matched set of the best rings from the other motor or rebuilding right now it has the best cylinder liner out of that other motor rebuilding right now we're even using reusing that top wide thick sealing gasket and then there's a company here in Plains Gore Geor and their custom gasket manufacturer so we brought it in and they're like yeah well cut to some and hain't they made some custom gaskets some what custom o-rings to fit the piston so it's got you know the rubber o-rings it's got new ones of those but no use really the wide fat one at the top and we use RTV black as our lubricant so by god she's in there put it together with that spray cop or head gasket spray fired right up fired instantly instantly right up smoke for a bit as it is it burned off all a diesel we dumped down the injector holes and the grease you know that we lube the liners with and then it stopped smoking so if you watch that last video it's the video online european-style back up white noise backup alarm and I make some comment in there about how the truck was Papapa Papapa puffing smoke it does none of that even the blow by is oh gosh it's very very comparable I wouldn't say the blow by is is better than it was before not on this motor anyways this motor was tighter but it's about comparable with the blow-by on the motor we ran last year before it blew up so the one we're building now had comparable blow by two this does with used rings in it but and the liners flawless absolutely flawless there isn't even there isn't even surface rust which begs the question why the heck did it munch the piston in the first place and and no one freaking knows when we did the injector test using just a bar and some diesel in the head ports to activate it got a nice spray pattern after it was done however one of the injectors was drip drip drip but it was it was number four not number three so it was the piston the injector that was dripping was not the piston that blew up and you know once the system is buttoned up then it can't get any air to the other side so the injector can't drip because it has to suck fuel it's not gonna it's not gonna siphon you know so how you know no freaking clue I'm gonna put a pyrometer on it see if it's a heat issue I don't know I know it'll get the Kalispel I know I know it has as much chance as any of these things do to making it their kind of their Achilles heel make it to the shop but yeah I I don't know I I just I don't know

Reader Comments

  1. could it be the cooling nozzles and thats why they added them the way that piston looks it was an oil issue on the outside of the piston

  2. I hope you find the reason – otherwise you need to strip the engine down at the end of the season and do a fresh build at the beginning (and that wouldn't be a pain in the ass, right!!)

  3. I was a mechanic for 25 years. The copper coat on the head gasket works really well. Gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling doesn't it?

  4. Could have been rings too tight. If someone didn't check the ring gap when they assembled the engine. If the injectors are dripping then that could be an issue as well

  5. run her. never know she could have got some summer in a can in her last life and that's why the piston failed. run her and have the long block ready so it's not hard to switch. but make sure she ready so i can go for a ride in June

  6. I know that "gun shy" feeling all to well. Best wishes and I hope you have an awesome season. You deserve a break.

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