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Army Surplus Sleeping bag Cover w/ repair

Army Surplus Sleeping bag Cover w/ repair

hey whats up youtube here's some army surplus for you guys that are into army surplus this is a sleeping bag cover as the u.s. logo on it here it's upside down these are really nice i picked up a bunch of these a long time ago and just found this one hiding in my cedar chest so it smells really good but i was messing with it the other day and I saw that this I'll see if I going to read it for you guys here case water repellent for bag sleeping American spring cushion manufacturing company p.o box looks like 144 I can't see what the rest of that is it says date something 16 1944 so this thing has been around for a long time let's start of look at a little closer you can see that there's been some repair work done to it over the years they looks like they had to replace some snaps in here as well a little bit of a mend here see that's an older style snap and then right below where they put the ad on that's a newer size style a snap but these are really really valuable to have and I'm going to actually roll one up and I'm going to keep it in my Jeep but one of the things i wanted to show you starting to get some little holes in it i don't know if this is something that i did I don't think but I think that might have been the way it came I didn't really inspect them first I just washed them and dried him and put him away so I'm gonna show you guys how to patch this and this is the outside of the bag so I'm going to do this repair from the inside of the bag here hang on one second to me get this camera mounted up here hang on a second yeah anytime you guys can find an expensive army surplus now if you can pick it up cheap by throwing the vehicle use it whenever you're camping anything like that it's good enough for our men in uniform mission a game good for any one of us so let's give it a second Carol I find this repairing a real quick turn the bag inside out here I'm hoping to have a couple more Lantern videos for you guys over the next couple of weeks I just got another one coming in from California i won so I'm happy to have that all right here it is I don't know if anybody's ever done any kind of like patching or anything like that it's pretty common and it's actually pretty easy to do and see you guys how I do mine just have your regular items iron here I tried to turn the steam off on this let me see if I can do that for you guys just make sure you turn your steam off and turn it on like the cotton setting so you don't see that yeah something like that but just start working this around you want to heat up this area pretty good and leave it sit on there for a minute or two just to start to come up to temperature because you want this patch to stick and you want to stick permanently I don't remember the name of the patch that I got here hang on a second but I asked for the best patch they had and this is what she recommended there was a bunch of patches there by the same brand name and I wish I I remembered what it was i'll find out and just tag it in the video here but I you could probably cut that down but I'm not going to i'm just going to use the whole thing you can still get that heated up a little bit here and the lady told me that once this dries cures for about an hour you'll be able to laundry it use it abuse it and it shouldn't come off at all xi XI XI this is what she uses for her repair work at the sewing shop here so to put this on lengthwise I'm going to follow the scene of the where that runs just going to start working my own over this a little bit at a time I think my memory serves me correctly I think these were called m51 sleeping bag covers it's something along those lines I bought seven of these from the dealer I believe in Michigan army surplus dealer back in 2007 I think you got these for like three bucks apiece or something like that and they all seem to be in pretty good shape I put a lot of them on my sleeping bags some I let some people use but they're really nice to have even if you're just you know crashing out on the couch and taking a power nap pretty nice to have because believe it or not they actually are really really warm they retain your body heat fairly well as long as you keep them clean like body oil sweat and stuff like that keep after them that will help to retain any of the waterproof qualities that this has or water resistant qualities i should say that these have I'd say that's been a lot long enough for this one here flip it over scam it down here for a second do this on the other side here okay you can almost see where this runs around the edge here but now at least I don't have to worry about getting that snagged on a sleeping bag zipper or wear anything else has a little bit more protection underneath there got two of these big patches for a dollar 30 i think was the price on that there's no tax on clothes here in Pennsylvania cell all right I'm thinking that's probably been long enough I'll leave this sit for about 10 minutes come back and just check the edge make sure it didn't didn't start to curl up or anything which it shouldn't but if it does you just apply the iron again but there's an easy mend for 1944 military water-repellent sleeping bag cover so like I said if you guys find them grab them they're cheap awesome and there you go alright guys thanks for checking out my video bye

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  1. I love military surplus gear! It's usually built to last and you can find a lot of different gear fairly cheap. Do you think one of those bag covers would fit the mummy style cold weather bag?

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