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Army Supplies Laughs

Army Supplies Laughs

we state your name rank and title sir captain Doug Noble commanding officer Navy Supply Corps school jeez God what happened here sir sir here at the Navy spike or school we build low decisions to serve the fleet being a graduate of the Naval Academy I thought we could try a training opportunity similar to the Annapolis West Point student exchange program by bringing in a commissioned Army officer and putting him through the rigors of our logistics training and how that goes sir not as we expected he had some trouble adjusting now board officer Matt Compton food service instructor you see I mention that he had some trouble adjusting some trouble adjusting is that what the captain said he tried to eat at Emory in class it was from the display case inspired in 2008 he didn't even cook it we had to call him I'm one to get us summit Lieutenant Commander Hamilton academic director well I think it the cannons working does that count hi Brad what would you do differently you know I'm not sure exactly all I know is that a farming plays football the way they do logistics I think we'll be okay this year well sir thanks for your time sure no problem go Navy be army

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  1. As someone considering switching from Army Supply Corps to Navy Supply Corps, I'd be interested in talking to that Navy Captain to hear more about this, ummm, "unique" experience.

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