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Army Story. Crazy Brits

Army Story. Crazy Brits

good morning guys there's of armored vehicles moving as a lot of army activity in this region I found I know what's going on there because army base over there this big antenna no idea good morning hello guys hello is not morning anymore twenty past five but the since we started the day with the Russian army I think it's time for another army story first I'll say that I have my amateur sleeping system coming I don't know when but I have all of this and I will get it so that's cool and also if I'm not answering if you're commenting and so on and that doesn't answer it's not because I cannot be bothered or is arrogant or something like this and we just don't have the time at the moment I can answer some but not all nothing anyway story time no I was a combat engineer in the Danish army and at one time we had a visit from some British guys British regiment and so this will story and other information on this tour will be about the madness of the British skies of the previous soldiers because they're made they had just met well anyway we also had after the first Gulf War we had some Americans also but they're not like the rich the hardcore and meth anyway in my company we were like hundred and eighty guys and we reminded in a big barrack eleven guys in his room and I was in breach laying and minesweeping unit and as a light machine gunner so I was securing the bridge areas and so on well but anyway one weekend we were staying at the garrison and so on and the Brits were there and they were outside the garrison where they made a Kemble you can say outside the fence out in the maneuver area element terrain I have also quite a lot of guys out there so no like always in the weekend to just jumping around minding our own business drinking some beers and listen there but then two guys from my group the rocket launcher guys or it's not a rocket launcher it's a recoilless rifle carl gustaf with Moscone's that's quite a formidable weapon actually anyway they were walking out notes the real Gades of the back gate and looking at the british guys you know and it was so funny like but because they came back quite a long time after they were like white in their faces and completely shocked but unfolded there was that the Brits had a big mess tent and it was a week ago and outside this tent were standing a guy and he was saying to me let's run boy let's get on over here and well they came home on oh and they wanted to swap some berries and stuff like that then and he said yeah come on in and have a few beers and stuff and yeah okay okay and then they went into the into the mess tent and they said there was like more than 100 naked guys only the sergeant was wearing a t-shirt because he was a surgeon so he was allowed to wear t-shirt but there were just hundreds or something in there drinking as mad completely naked and they were making all and and they were making all sorts of drinking games you know with the pudding toilet paper on the airs and down to the floor and lighting it and you had to drink a pint or something like that before burn your assets on this shit and and yeah they were hanging out a little bit then they were the hell's going on here hello and then there was a one guy who came and one of the Brits came from the photo from his tender bunker whatever though he didn't want it to strip off his clothes and the other guys got seriously mad at him and never said like a discussion on folding and so on and so forth and when the father refused to strip the clothes the sergeant with the t-shirt he just commanded some of his own guys to just kick his ass for the kick his ass really bad I mean they said he was lying on the floor and they were fucking kicking him and beating him up and so on and what the fuck is going on here they were really like Oh well then some of these other drunk greets was starting to discuss if these two guys the two things from my unit they were also supposed to strips and clothes and then some start to defend them and all the I guess they don't have to another yeah if you wanna be in this trend and drink you have to fucking be naked unless your sergeant on officer something you know but you know then all sorts of drunken discussion and commotion developed and then they saw the opportunity to just run then they just went and they came over in our in our para you know like completely this bridge they have something here there are mad guys man that was essentially the world wide in their faces because they were looking at a serious beating they thought anyway you know because they didn't really wanted to strip off their clothes and so on but but anyway the story tells a little bit about British soldiers but you can say what the hell they're called in English I'm good I have got a group commitment or I mean because this the own guy had to be naked if you want to be in the tent of the hundred class guys being naked and he didn't understand it and of course when he he refuses says he might refuse something else much worse you know out in the barrel or something so so I think actually was quite logic that they did it I think was quite stupid of him not to do it actually well anyway really weird but we also had to know on on some big maneuvers and so on British guys were mad they refused to be taken prisoner I mean I never had incidents with them myself but some of the other guys and they they've been threatened with knives and bayonets you know on just a maneuver with the plank firing weapons with the know the plank firing muscles device on and all this there was one there was some other guys called the British soldier and a big bruise or something was hiding on the screws they were trying to get in with him get him and he just fired his weapon I'd like one meter or something and the basically a woman got burned in the face and everything and he was just running off of course you know because it's quite serious this the muscle blaster what you can call it flame from the from the blank firing device so I don't ever they were just bad guys though those you know they they they refuse to be taken prisoner by Danish soldiers in a maneuver sir I never had incidents with them myself luckily as I said to all the guys live like fire ed you know like at point-blank range and threatening with knives bayonets and there's no way in hell they're gonna be taken prisoner by the English soldier never so that's a little bit about the British fighting spirit and also the of our officers you know when we were discussing with them yeah but can you see that we don't need this draft system in Denmark we just need you know to cut down on the social welfare and have some professional guys why the hell do we want guys I don't really want to be here you know and then obvious is like yeah yeah but I think it's gonna end up like the British Army or like it was a worse scenario I was a second commander of the regiment yes there are some discussions with them sometimes when we were in the mess and so on but I never forget this is phase there but yeah but then it's gonna end up like the British Army you know like the mad guys that it was really funny but anyway just a little army story oh no they're coming back you can see more guys so so we're in the trip one last thing guys I will take four people telling a cool army story or funny army story or just any army story worth telling and the first guy first buds doesn't really matter about Helsinki pop user to the harm story make a video on it what Stephen the Montreal Chester in English please and CJ patron nc1 we'll also do one and funky Preble can do one and then when you made the video please post them as a video response to this video cheers guys

Reader Comments

  1. I met some Brits and French in Iraq 1991, actually it was Saudi Arabia in 1990 before we went in. They were always up to something cool and had great booze, it was boring as hell waiting to get our orders so hanging out with those guys was a fun distraction

  2. I think the term you are searching for is "team bonding". "Naked bar" is quite a favourite team bonding event and the burning bogroll you described is called "dance of the flaming arseholes" but there are many other fun drinking games like "bomber, freckles, pass the punch, shuttles, mattress jumping, soggy biscuit, and a host of others that are "character building" . Ahh the memories.

  3. The lit toilet paper game is called "dance of the flaming arse holes", the naked tent would be because somebody would have shouted "naked bar". Just dont play "freckles" 😉 Blank firing device or as we know it the blank firing attachment = BFA

  4. These stories were awesome )))
    I hope you get the chance to hear some Russian Army stories from your Russian friends!

  5. Great storie Lars, I was a British soldier, Royal Engineer, for 10 years. You brought back some happy memories 😂 love your vids !

  6. Lovely story, thanks for my morning laugh. Try hanging around some army pubs in the uk and then you quickly learn we brits are quite safe!

  7. Great story.

    I spent some time in Norway in 1980 when my Marine Corps unit participated in NATO exercises. The "Young British Commandos" were working as referees during this time. It was my only association with the British Army, but they certainly made an impression.

  8. I'm a bit late to this party but here's a Danish/British story.
    In the early '80s we had a big NATO exercise in Denmark, my unit (Queens Rgt) was based in the Holbeck area, the first thing once in the field was to find somewhere fo a CP, my mate and knocked on a farmhouse door and were welcomed with coffee and Danish pastries the size of a dinner plate. The owners of the farm gave us permission to use their barn, were very pro British as their grandfather was one of the Danish resistance who escaped the Gestapo HQ in WWII during the RAF Mosquito raid on it.
    They brought us coffee and pastries every day for breakfast, wonderful people.
    After a couple of weeks in the field we got a Saturday off and were bussed into Copenhagen, my mate Al and I went for a slap up meal, had a few beers and went for a walk about in the City centre where there was a long pedestrianised street, about halfway down it was a shop run by some kind of Socialist group. They had posters saying 'Get Thatcher out of Northern Ireland and other stuff like that in English.
    Along came a few guys from 2nd Para, they weren't keen on the posters or the Socialists so they went in and threw the desks through the plate glass window, piled up the posters in the middle of the floor and set fire to them and then proceeded to have a fight with the Socialists. Wisely, someone called the cops before they killed anyone, trouble was the Danish riot police turned up and were arresting anyone who looked like an English squaddie, short haircut, drunk slightly crazy look etc. At that point Al and I quietly walked off, apparently the police were trying to track down Paras for a couple of days after that because they had run off into the city.
    2nd Para have always had a bit of a reputation, they rarely let anyone down.

  9. Have a mate that used to have naked bb-gun fights in the dorm, hour or two of fucking around and they'd be covered head to toe in red dots.

  10. When I was in the U.S. Military in the 1970's, I never went in a tent with 100 naked men, nor have I even wanted to see 100 naked men, but Overseas I have been with over 100 naked women…you sure you guys weren't in San Francisco? Oh well "To each his own"!

  11. I don't like brits. They think that they are something better, because they WERE once big and have the Queen. But their Queen is useless, all she can do is wave. And England is not that awesome too, there are Hipsters everywhere, everything is so expensive! The best part about England was the boatride cause I like boats and the ocean. Lets see how they come along without the EU.

  12. That was once a topic in our german news, because more and more stories about the Bundeswehr got leaked, where they force soldiers to get naked and put things in their asses. Newspapers called it humiliation and sexual rituals.

  13. Here's an example of the type of Brits who do crazy mess-hall drinking games. Admittedly, these are Royal Marines, but the spirit is the same.
    Klick on the following link :

  14. You'd be mad too if your own Government sold you out to EU Multiculturalism and Muslims….London is a Caliphate with a Muslim Mayor now…

  15. group commitment = Camaraderie or esprit de corp. A brotherhood among warriors.

    when your job is death and destruction, madness is how you keep your sanity.

  16. Jaså! Det var först nu jag fattade att du är dansk. Hälsningar från Sverige 🙂 Hur kommer det sig att du bosatte dig i Ryssland? Hoppas du kan läsa svenska 😀

  17. haha still catching up with some of your older vids and this one cracked me up when you referred to the ol DANCE OF THE FLAMING ASSHOLES performed by the lads as a camaraderie get together or CLUB PISSUP lol it brings the lads together as a brotherhood, nakedness is a thing in the British Forces, in the Royal Marines we would run naked in mid winter around a 50 gallon drum of ice cold water in the forest and wait our turn to be called out and jump into the drum, put our head under water and then pop up shouting name and number before jumping out and rejoining the Troop running around the barrel until all 28 of us had done it, it brings us close together as a fighting unit and is a bit of a laugh, btw I like the tash Lars, you should grow it back it looks good on you 👍🏻🇬🇧

  18. many German people (I was stationed there for many years) thought that "British soldiers" were given the option to go in the army rather than go to prison that is why they were all so crazy,

  19. Trained with the Brits back in the early 80s, what an awesome time; jumping out of airplane's, rucking through the woods, drinking spirits, and laughing a lot… These days, I don't know how they are doing with the EU globalists agenda over the pond?

  20. I grew up in a city in Southern Alberta, Canada. that was 20 mins away from a huge NATO base. Think it's the biggest in NATO. We would go to 2 different bars where the Brit soldiers used to frequent. 95% of the time it would turn into a giant brawl.
    As soon as the fights started the whole bar would explode. 90% of the guys where all from Oil rigs, so We would be looking for it too after 60 days in the north at camp.
    I remember a few brawls, big schooners being smashed over heads. One brawl ended up on the Trans Canada Highway lol.
    Still remember my 22 b-day. Got jumped by 5 of them, just me and my buddy. I was on top of one guy hitting him, another Brit was on me, and my buddy grabbed him started hammering him. Then another guy jumped him. And then 2 more jumped in. But the bouncers broke it up and the cops, and a Brit MP showed up.
    Just as it was broken up, the MP had the one Brit who started it in a full Nelson. I gave that Brit the hardest upper cut I think I could have thrown. Knocked him right out.
    And I got to spend the rest of my B-Day in jail. lol good times.
    Never really disliked them. I ended working and having friends that where ex military that moved here after they left the military.
    We started it as many times as they did. Plus when they where out in the field on maneuvers for so long, and finally get to come back and have a night out things get wild.
    Same as us when we would get back from working in -35 for sometimes months on end wrestling pipe, and power tongs.
    One thing I must say is, Them Brits sure got horrible taste in women though. Seemed like the thicker her ankles where, the hotter she was. Or just massive beer goggles… Geez! lol

  21. Brit squaddie stories do get erm… just a bit worse: One sabre squadron whose name won't get mentioned here was on exercise in Germany and got leave to go to Hamburg and, predictably, they ended up down the Reperbahn and of course the lads ended up in the worst, most seedy sexclub imaginable.
    There they saw what was an immediately obvious sort of challenge to any Brit squaddie: In the club if you paid enough money what you could do was shit on a woman's face in some bizarre perverse 'sex' act…
    Now these places know their business and know how to get money from clients and her trick was to blow on the sphincter muscle so you can't actually shit. Of course the lads got wise to this and came back to the same place next time they were on exercise.
    Now, one of the lads was known for farting a lot (so his nickname was Cyanide) and running off to the bog a lot, so he was the natural target and they fed and fed him with every gas and poop producer imaginable.. baked beans, prunes, cabbage water, pickled onions …the lot till he could barely walk. Then for hours before the great event they wouldn't let him anywhere near a toilet (you can see where this is going), and as they set off to the Reperbahn they fed him a handful of anti-constipation tablets just for good measure. The poor bastard's face was going green and red in turn. The lads had to pretend to be as sober as possible to get in, and they all paid in to see this weird 'sex' act together on a stage.
    So the man hisself went first, the woman lay down and he squatted over the woman's face, and the moment she started to blow on his ring that was it, he let the whole lot out in one go… WOOMBAH!
    The bouncers in the place guessed what was going on and went berserk and laid into the squaddies, some even appeared with baseball bats, but the lads couldn't stand up to run away for laughing! A few got a good kicking, but they were by now so pissed (=drunk) it didn't matter till the next morning in any case. That was almost 30 years ago, and I doubt the PC wankers would let it happen anymore, Vive la resistance! 😉

  22. The whole anglosphere is infested with this toxic gay masculinity. "You're not manly unless you put this up your ass". Fucking perverts

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