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Army ROTC Gear and Uniforms

Army ROTC Gear and Uniforms

hey guys lb Martinez 314 here so just recently I joined Army ROTC here in college and two days ago I'm a supplier run and position my gear equipment and uniforms that I'll be using us in s1 or s2 so first is detecting your cadet so I'm going to start off with the uniforms right here as you can see the Army Combat Uniform or ACU in universal camouflage pattern or UCP was this uniform up every three catches the US Army to patch the yard CFS this leadership excellence and US flag now along with the ACU coat I also got the pants and roll cap over here I have my boots they're desert tan size 12 right here I have my wet boat for my ACU trousers pants it's also another 10 in total my uniform I have a two sets of a desk an undershirt and I also have a pair of cushions black socks Marshall I have two pairs and four PT I have my army grapy t-shirt and my cold-weather sweatshirt right here I have my army PT shorts and my long sweats then it on the right side I have my BU m65 field jacket and whooping camouflage and right next to me is my double bag now from a duffle bag I use it to keep all my uniforms and my sleeping bag in it and you can use it as a regular bag here with the handle Orion carries a backpack here with no I don't say I keep the side to the uniform to the dimensions my sleeping bag moment it's all right here I have my sleeping bags with this actually got four things first off I have this flash sleeping bags it's for cold weather or green sleeping bag distance for patrol of the tag says along with this that put both of them in and a poncho and woodland camouflage I hope below me I have my large Alice box AK so you can see right here after three small pockets and here has the three large pockets one two three and these large pockets are for kumari or something and as well for just huge small items to Gus and here if I open it right here I have my just pocket saying as a radio popular seems like that then right here the inside of the rucksack yeah I'm going to go over the rest of my gear here have my Kevlar helmet the old basket helmet you can see hasn't if you have cover a solid band tied up some power cord so doesn't get loose chinstrap helmet band and along with this I also have another extra headband and extra chin strap strap where you have a queen waterproof bag now for the rest of my gear I was issued alice gear and i will be using it as an MS 1 + ms 2 and i think if i get contracted or if i'm an MS 3 I'll be turning it in and switching to Molly gear then you get them Molly rucksack and the FLC but anyways let me go over what I have right now here have the LT – LT 3 pistol belt with the black buckle some Elsie – suspenders I was given to one quart canteens and one metal canteen cup now when you get these they might be dirty so you might really want to wash them give em a good wash hot water and you have a high visibility belt this is used for PT as well as ruck marches you have my two m16 and pouches also part of my here just goodies belt clips and for now it's all that I have um are we getting a bit more gear from them an MS – I do know that sometime next week Oh beginning of more patches for my uniform but for now this is all that I have um thank you for watching

Reader Comments

  1. I'm in rotc here at northeastern state university and i still have no acu or pt seriously there is only 3 ms1 just issue me some pt so i dont stick out like a sore thumb

  2. @Alex Kiskis: ROTC es un programa militar que hay en muchas de las universidades en Estados Unidos. Es un programa de cadetes militares. Estas ahí cuatro años mientras terminas tus estudios. Cuando te gradúas, entras al ejercito pero con rango de teniente. 

  3. As of now, no I am not. However, I was issued my gear the next day after joining. The reason for that was because the day after I joined happened to be the day my ROTC group went on a supply run to get gear issued.

  4. Hey i was wondering: Are you a contracted cadet? I am non-contracted but I was told I would be issued gear eventually, but if you are non-contracted when were you issued the uniform and pt gear?

  5. Are you referring to the gear in woodland camouflage? Well that's just what we are issued. As far as BDUs, we don't use them. However, I have occasionally seen a few people use BDUs and DCUs when having to be opfor during training exercises.

  6. By your experience in rotc. All universities provide uniforms to the new rotc freshmans? (I ask because im from PR) also how hard is the freshman year? I want to do my best and give a good impression.

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