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Army Guard Chinook helps Air Force sling load Humvee

Army Guard Chinook helps Air Force sling load Humvee

the California National Guard Stockton army aviation support provided some heavy lifting to the US Air Force five 71st contingency Response Group out of Travis Air Force Base we're assisting the United States Air Force they wanted to move some some people in some Humvees to a different airfield and so we provided the mode of power the sling mode expertise to help them get from point A to point B good training for us good training for them worked out for everybody I think external loads a little more difficult to get a hover over it stable hover get to get the slings on the hooks tough to do in today's winds about thirty thirty not wind gusts up the difficulty factor a little bit but we like that it you know makes it a more realistic training mission for everybody involved you you don't always get to pick a day with calm winds when you have to run a mission for real well to be quite honest we are the only Chinooks in Northern California all of California to be to be frank so without with a Humvee weighing as much as it does there is no other heavy left helicopter that can perform that mission in the state of California we were assisting the Air Force with training on that external load operations so we plug picked up coal sling loads and reposition them to a different airfield so they can do their training exercise it takes quite a bit of preparation especially on our part to they were using all of our equipment so we had to inspect all of our sling legs and our sling load equipment before giving it to them and then we gave it to them a lot of them to do their training of rigging the sling load and preparing it for us to inspect and then we inspect the sling load and then we commenced with the extra load operations when I'm going down the aircraft look into the center hole of the aircraft I'm what I'm doing is I'm call me doing the pilots commands to come forward come down go left go right and give me the directions so that they hook up crew can get to our external lower hooks to attach the single o for pickup so I the pilots obviously can't see underneath them and the air force sometimes they have people put a station in front of you in front of the single o but it's hard for them to see what exactly the pilots me to do so I kind of bridge the gap between the commands of the air force person in the front giving the hand on signals and I actually get like a little bit more of a in depth command for the pilot and they follow me directly on their eyes and ears and back they can't see anything so they rely on me heavily to get the aircraft exact where needs and be to pick up some love so what we've demonstrated out here today is ability to get the team and the equipment onto a helicopter and taken from point A to the point of interest where they can then continue on with their field assessment work and then exfil at the end of that I think I think the key is being able to partner with the Stockton army aviation unit was beneficial to both of us we have needs we have here in the blue side that we can't meet with Air Force assets Stockton's guys had needs as well that they were looking to meet post-deployment as well a win-win for all parties I think for the California National Guard this is Master Sergeant David Lafleur

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