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Army Fire Trucks REVEALED! You won't believe what they look like!

Army Fire Trucks REVEALED! You won't believe what they look like!

hey what's up these guys my name is sergeant Bardo with the 369th engineer detachment I'm originally from newtown square PA telco and I'm with also with the Philip Fire Department medication service baby PFD today we'll be doing a walkthrough of the pfft tactical firefighting truck for the US Army all right so what we have here is the m11 42 pfft tactical firefighting truck this is manufactured by Pierce it's on a Hemet chassis the truck itself has a thousand gallon per minute pump and it holds a thousand gallons of water this truck is capable of both structural and arf-arf as you know stands for aircraft rescue firefighting our capabilities don't have you can see it from here but we have the five hundred gallon per minute roof turret and a 250 gallon per minute bumper turret we also have four ground sweeps underneath the vehicle they pump out at about 15 gallons a minute discharged capabilities this truck that's a total of six discharges to on the driver side do a half inch same thing on the passenger side we also have Dupree connects on top of the vehicle three connects we have 400 feet of inch and 3/4 and usually for this little discharge right here we carry a little trash line we just use it to clean the vehicle so we're gonna hang it to dry they take why this vehicle has three intakes driver side main inlet two-and-a-half inch to a five inch storks also on the driver side you have a direct tank fill which obviously goes directly to the tank it's automatic the driver pump operator from the pump panel and switch it to auto so once it gets full the tank to automatically shuts and you have an auxilary inlet on the passenger side the truck itself like I said it's manufactured by Pierce on a gente chassis it's 11 feet tall nine and a half feet wide it's about 35 feet long and it's just under 30 tons that's what we have here is you know your standard for a four-man crew cab it's kind of heat AC and tie rack controls right here and here compartment use your care for the flight line standard engineer tools you know couplings gated wise different we have a Siamese on here – an – Siamese – a four-inch national standard thread that's for dual three-inch when we're getting fed water from the he watt these are what I call your everyday tools you know your hose clamp your piercing nozzle you look at them they're on the truck everyday so appliances for airbags on if you can see from here put that rope right there we have airbags on the vehicle you have a gift from the PFD we call it a second in bag right now it's got a filly load on it which is just the adaptation of the Cleveland load so the first two bikes it's got three legs total of inch to 3/4 first two lengths are Cleveland loaded and then the last length just that accordion like flat murder on the top and this has their schools medical compartment various tools now PW dry cam we have air hammer and the Blitz fire horrifies for Department / Walgreens wash hand tools and just a sort of hand tools for wildland forcible entry stuff like that the officer seat if you look in there there's the handle for the roof turret and joystick for the puffer turret next to my element I forgot to mention earlier this truck also has eat wheel drive 8×8 as I mentioned earlier bumper turret roof turret Alcantara puts out about 250 gallons a minute room 3500 so within one minute you're down 750 gallons as I stated earlier the truck holds a thousand so to conclude this I just want to thank American responder designs for supporting our unit throughout this deployment with hoodies t-shirts you know stuff for our families stuff like that so if you want to get your hoodie or shirt from America responder designs it's going to be available one last time it goes to help us out on the deployment I want to do a shout out to all my brothers and sisters the photo Fire Department thank you so much for your support and to all my buddies in Delco just remember stay low go slow straight stream to the beam have a good one I know money in specialist Kevin Gurley Department 2010 gosh firetruck it's also known as at pfft tactical firefighting truck there go over real quick we do try to explain a little bit about what we do and what the trunk any can't do closes ball at anchor holds 2500 gallons of water it's used to supply other fire trucks that don't can't hold this much about 500 for an engine or so we have a portable drop tank we can dump all the water in while the engine can draft from that we go out and get more water for them to help support them fight the fire we have four discharges on this truck we have true that we hook up lines to one on each side hose reel we already attached we can pull out for small fires the also deluge got up front we need to put large copious amounts of water on a fire quick over here okay you see her pump panel here we got our circulation tank fill or two driver and passenger side inlets and our discharges everything is color-coded to kind of help us because we can obviously can't see on the other side of the truck here it's all free program for our pressure we can have it pre-programmed to 150 or whatever you want for 150 we can also manually raise and lower the pressure as well we also have an automatic title we can just put it on idle and it'll hurry up lower it case for some reason we need to drop the line and run out of a building or something drop take pull it out and like I said we can set off anywhere we want try how do you put some hose and source somewhere gear to the road on too much space on this truck well to man truck you got your driver and your operator we got Hawkins we would call them up top corridor kind of source some extra supplies if we need it like I said there's really not much room all this is really designed for is trying to get a large amount of water into a certain place quick to help support other units booth in front of the truck bumper turn also deluge I guess this will be used to throw large amounts of water on the fire pretty quickly roll-up electronic system we got the controls in the cab the driver or the passenger TC and operated inside the cab here you see there's really not much space at all it's an automatic like I said the 2010 Oshkosh it's eight wheel drive eight by eight we usually keep it in four by four just the rears it's got a dual turning front wheel on it so again special things it's American responder design comm check it out buy one of these five shirts t-shirts help support the 369th engineer you

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