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  1. Commander: PRIVATE! WERE UNDE-
    Private: keeps tapping boots
    Commander: carry on…

  2. should of thought of this when i was in jungle ware fare training on oahu lolnever thought this would of given asmr lol sgt make them do this as a meditation pt session at 0530 give you an excuse to relax before the day former spc c. out lol

  3. That's definitely a real water bottle for military definitely not plastic btw I aint being toxic bc my great grandad died in the war because he was protecting us

  4. Russian airforce anyone? Haha…ha….I respect american military force though.. they always go to other countries to help stop terrorism and shit like this.

  5. When you get home from duty but you have nothing to do, and you don’t feel like drinking with the rest of your barracks.

  6. You spent your whole enlistment in the standard issue boots? Holy crap you're tougher than most of the joes I know haha!

  7. How the hell do you get your blousing done so nicely? Mine is always baggy and doesn't look good at all.

  8. Thank you for this. My boyfriend just left back to the Mainland after leave so I wanted to watch something military related. Those shoes were very unexpected. Thought it'd sound weird but it sounds great! Lol.

  9. the depression almost got me tonight. couldn't find any army ambient that would get my mind off ending things so I found this one and it's helping. thanks.

  10. Hello, I am eleven and plan to join the Army once I hit eighteen. I do basic things such push-ups, sit-ups, butterfly kicks, Et Cetera. Anyone have tips for me to get into better shape so I'm ready?

  11. should you put soda in a canteen? I mean not while on the field I just mean as a container in general

  12. I'll never forget this video because this was my first ever ASMR video, I discovered this about 2 months after this was posted.

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