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Army APC Driver Transforms Tank Into The Ultimate Boys Toy

Army APC Driver Transforms Tank Into The Ultimate Boys Toy

you this is my AFV armored fighting vehicle 4:32 designed primarily as a troop carrier it was produced in 1966 that the alby's works in Coventry it entered service in to the British Army has spent a lot of its time in West Germany fighting the threat from the eastern Germans and the Russians during the Cold War era is powered by a rolls-royce six-cylinder multi fuel supercharged engine reaching a top speed of 30 mile an hour I spent 25 years in the British Army 12 of those were served in Germany I drove this vehicle and I fell in love with it it's British made for rigid people for the British army it will produce on a good day approximately five miles together which i think is quite economical considering it weighs 18 tonnes I've made a few alterations in the back of the vehicle firstly I painted it red I'll put some carpet in there I've added a flat-screen telly a wine cooler fridge a music system and I baited the seat cream I've seen it around once or twice and it's nice to see Warwick as a strong military tradition to learn I'll use the vehicle primarily to raise funds for a brilliant charity help for Heroes it's also there if anybody wants to use it for head and night since diagnosed you could have a great time when it trust me you really will enjoy you

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  1. I know this bloke from my Army days. He's a top bloke. The 432 was a much-loved piece of kit, and I'm jealous as hell of him.

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