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ArmA III ► All weapons

ArmA III ► All weapons

1. The player doesn’t use the extractor.
2. Flicking a revolver shut isn’t recommended, as it can potentially break the crane. 1. It holds 11 rounds in a magazine, which isn’t really accurate for an FNP-45. 2. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. 1. It holds 9 rounds in a magazine, which isn’t accurate. 2. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. 1. It holds 10 rounds instead of the proper 12. 2. The player doesn’t use the magazine release. 1. It holds 16 rounds instead of 17. 2. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. 1. It holds 16 rounds in a magazine, but 16-rounders aren’t available for the P99. 2. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. 1. It holds 6 rounds instead of the correct 5. 2. The hammer is always cocked automatically. (???) 3. The player doesn’t use the extractor.
4. Flicking a revolver shut isn’t recommended, as it can potentially break the crane. 1. It incorrectly has a reciprocating charging handle that also locks back on the last shot. 1. It incorrectly has a reciprocating charging handle. 2. The FS2000 is a civilian gun, so, y’know, it shouldn’t have a full-auto mode. 1. It holds 150 rounds in a 100-round Beta C-Mag. 1. It incorrectly has a reciprocating charging handle that also locks back on the last shot. 1. It incorrectly has a reciprocating charging handle that also locks back on the last shot. 1. Treated as a submarine weapon. 2. It incorrectly has both burst and full-auto firing modes. 1. The bolt should be locked back. 1. You cannot see it here, but there isn’t a fire selector. Instead, the safety is animated as the fire selector. 1. Civilian rifle means no full-auto. 1. It incorrectly has a full-auto mode. 1. It holds 20 rounds in a 10-round magazine. 1. For some reason, it has both a slow and fast full-auto mode like a BAR. 2. The M249 ejects casings straight down. 1. It holds 100 rounds in a 75-round drum. 1. For some reason, it has a burst-firing mode that fires at like 2000 rpm. 1. Three rounds out, only one round in. Besides, you don’t load it like a GP-25 lol 2. Also the MX bolt moving when it isn’t supposed to… 1. The hammer needs to be cocked before firing.

Reader Comments

  1. Things worth pointing out:
    – As the game is set in 2035, some of the captions are just plausible. There's still a lot of years till 2035 comes, anything can happen
    – The NATO faction is pretty much the US Army, but I didn't say anything about incorrect use of some weapons or anything like that.
    – The animations are so wonky that I haven't mentioned some things (like for example the slides/bolts going back into battery like automatically).
    – Names between quotation marks are fictional guns, names in italics are guns based on that model, but not totally identical.
    – No captions on fictional guns for obvious reasons.

  2. Nice job Frost, keep up the good work man! Never a day where my day isn't better because of your videos

  3. Nice video and great guns, my favorite guns are the HK – 416 German, the Mk14 mod 0 American y the Izmash AKM Russian, grettings from Mexico dude 👍😉 and nice video

  4. Maybe you should have a second close caption that mention the D E T A I L S and awesomeness, just saying.

  5. Nice vid as always, yet the modeling and animations on this game are really uneven. Some guns are OK, others smell like imported from a mod made by less experienced people on design and animation. Gun design and models have never been a strength for the Arma series, but Arma III starts to deliver something consistent. Maybe it will reach some good standards for Arma IV or V.

  6. I'm not sure what to think about these.

    The animations are….it's safe to say,not the best.
    And the sounds are lackluster.

  7. Frost 1 question:
    In lever action rifles like winchesters, do you have to hit or put the hammer back with your thumb or it automatically recocks when u cycle the gun?

  8. Awesome video, Frost, as always 🙂
    Also I think that ST CPW(PDW2000) doesn't really have that in-game charging handle in real life.

  9. i find it funny for the "115" how when the gun's .50 is used, the main charging handle recoils, which design wise makes ZERO sense when one considers that the fact it uses the under barrel's charging handle as the charging method. (which mechanically implies that every time you shoot a .50 bullet, it also ejects a 6.5 and a .50.)

  10. ArmA 3 is a cool game, but the animation and sounds are a very bad thing… hope they are better in ArmA 4

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  12. 3:36 Lol MX 6.5mm Negro (yes I know it means black but still, it sounds pretty weird to someone from Northern Europe)

  13. Some moded weapon packs, such as NIArms All in One, have very good animations. However I would not expect you to be too enthusiastic on showcasing ALL of the weapons in that pack as there are over 2 gigabytes worth of additional firearms.

  14. I prefer the M249’s sound when it’s rof mode is set to be slow. It goes CHUG CHUG CHUG CUGH CUGH. Sounds better to me atleast

  15. ===PISTOLS===
    00:00 Zubr (CSAT)
    00:14 4-five (NATO)
    00:30 ACP-C2 (AAF)
    00:46 PM (Syndikat)
    01:01 Rook-40 (CSAT)
    01:18 P07 (NATO)
    01:36 Starter Pistol (Civilian)

    01:54 Sting (CSAT)
    02:17 Protector (Tanoan Gendarmerie)
    02:40 Vermin SMG (NATO)
    03:06 PDW2000 (AAF)

    03:30 MX (NATO)
    03:55 MXC (NATO)
    04:20 Type 115 (CSAT)
    04:57 Katiba (CSAT)
    05:22 Katiba Carbine (CSAT)
    05:47 Mk20 (AAF)
    06:11 Mk20C (AAF)
    06:35 SPAR-16 (NATO)
    06:59 SPAR-16S (NATO)
    08:21 SPAR-17 (NATO)
    09:06 TRG-21 (FIA)
    09:31 TRG-20 (FIA)
    09:55 AKM (Syndikat)
    10:20 AKS-74U (Syndikat)
    10:44 AK-12 (Syndikat)
    11:11 SDAR (NATO/CSAT/AAF)
    11:35 Mk14 (FIA)
    11:58 Mk18 ABR (NATO)
    12:22 CAR-95 (CSAT)

    12:45 ASP-1 Kir (CSAT)
    13:02 Cyrus (CSAT)
    13:22 MXM (NATO)
    13:47 MAR-10 (NATO)
    14:05 Mk-I EMR (NATO)
    14:28 M320 LRR (NATO)
    15:27 GM6 Lynx (CSAT)
    16:07 Rahim (CSAT)
    16:31 CMR-76 (CSAT)

    ===MACHINE GUNS===
    17:19 MX SW (NATO)
    18:35 LIM-85 (Syndikat)
    20:17 SPMG (NATO)
    21:32 Zafir (CSAT)
    22:53 Mk200 (AAF)
    23:28 CAR-95-1 (CSAT)
    24:42 Navid (CSAT)

    25:29 EGLM (AAF/FIA)
    25:51 EGLM (CSAT)
    26:15 GP-25 (Syndikat)
    26:37 GL-15A (CSAT)
    26:58 3GL (NATO)

    27:25 NLAW (NATO)
    27:39 MPRL Titan Compact (NATO/CSAT/AAF/FIA)
    28:01 MPRL Titan (NATO/CSAT/AAF/FIA)
    28:20 RPG-7 (Syndikat)
    28:35 RPG-42 Alamut (CSAT)

  16. The only issue I really have with arma 3 is that the gun play can just be clunky sometimes, like as much as it sucks the guns that are real aren't named correctly (Bohemia is just a really lazy game designer for the most part) the worse part is simply how a good part of them feel and how little you can get because of the amount of DLC they pumped out, I play wasteland with my buddies and I can't drive a certain car because it's pay walled? Bullshit

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