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Area 51 raid gets a warning & ‘manholes’ renamed in California : Daily News Weekly

(reflective music) – Welcome to Daily News Weekly, where we highlight the stories from the past week that
you might’ve missed. I’m your host, Michael Sheridan,
and I’m back solo again. But I’ll tell ya, I like it better when I have my daughter here. This woman is awesome. Danielle Reno was picking up her daughter in Missouri when a thief swiped her SUV. She filed the report with police, but then decided on her own to figure out what happened to
her car and get it back. So she used a little detective work. She tracked the charges
that were being made to her card, as well as her phone, which was still in the car, and actually managed to find the locations that the thief had
apparently been going to. And through all that she managed to track the woman to an Applebee’s, and then did something even more ballsy. She actually just got in
the car and took it back. And of course, and what
probably should be seen as a sign of the times, Reno streamed live on Facebook when she took the car back, and it’s very entertaining to watch. You should check it out. The link is down below. She also went back and captured video of the arrest of three women, one who’s believed to be the alleged thief and two other women who
were in the car with her. Now, as cool as all that sounds, unfortunately Reno didn’t seem to be very happy with the
car when she did get it back. There was a mess in the backseat. There was beer. There was apparently some kind of odor she didn’t particularly care for. There may have been
some drug paraphernalia, according to Reno. But either way, I gotta say,
Danielle, you are awesome, one tough cookie. Bravo. The absolutely ridiculous event on Facebook to raid Area
51 is no laughing matter, at least not to the Air Force. The military has actually responded to the event that went viral and apparently attracted as many as a million people who are saying that they’re going to run into Area 51 in Nevada to, quote, see them aliens. An Air Force spokesperson
told the Washington Post, “Area 51 is an open training
range for the US Air Force “and we would discourage anyone “from trying to come into the area “where we train American armed forces. “The US Air Force always stands ready “to protect America and its assets.” Now, apparently the person who created this Facebook page claims that it was all supposed to be just a joke. It was just funny, and he wanted to try to get thumbsy-upsies
on the internet. Despite whatever the original
idea for this event was, all the media attention has attracted so many people that it’s very likely someone or a group of people are going to show up on September 20th
to try to run into Area 51. One key thing to kinda keep in mind here, and everybody, people are acting as if somehow you can pass the barrier of Area 51 and suddenly you’re there. There’s miles of desert, open desert, that you’d have to cross before
you even get to the base. So not quite that simple. And besides, there are
no aliens at Area 51. They got moved to that
secret base in Ohio. (lighthearted music) So last week’s episode. Wow. Hundreds of comments, tens
of thousands of views, all off the Area 51 story,
which was really viral the day we happened to post the episode, and we got a lot of comments about that. Some people were not very nice. Most people are people who’d
never seen this show before, didn’t know this was a show. But it was very interesting
to see some of the remarks. Now, a lot of those comments
about Area 51 really varied and most of them were ones using words I can’t really repeat here. But what I would say to
a lot of the comments, which there was a consistency to it, and most of them argued
that you’d get shot if you actually charged into Area 51. Of course you’re gonna get shot. They all kinda criticized
me for indicating that you wouldn’t get shot, and in fact, all you’d really do is get arrested. No, they’re not gonna just shoot you. They can. They actually have the ability
or the right to do that because you are, in fact, trespassing on a military installation. However, the likelihood is
they’re not going to do that. They are simply going to
detain you and fine you. Another story that got a lot of feedback through comments was our bit
about the Spider-Man etching on the gravestone. Father in England’s trying to get one put on the tombstone for
his young son who passed away, but apparently Disney refused to grant them permission in order to do it. Ketsa Official on YouTube wrote, “We put a Cat in the Hat on a gravestone “alongside a Dr. Seuss quote. “F Disney. “Honor your family however you want.” Spill It on YouTube wrote,
“Has Tom Holland reacted “to the Disney thing? “If not, I’m waiting.” I don’t know. These people could bring
it to his attention, but I’m willing to bet he’s
gonna stay away from it and not get involved. Dante Coate on YouTube wrote, “Disney does not own
Spider-Man, Sony does.” Now, strangely enough this was actually a comment
written a couple of times, but just to be clear, no. Disney owns Marvel. Marvel owns Spider-Man. Sony just owns the movie
rights to Spider-Man. They don’t own the character. There’s a difference. Another thing we talked about last week was a Pennsylvania
school district’s effort to arm teachers, which they have now abandoned because
of the new state law. Now, excuse me if I butcher this name, DuPaul Michael on Facebook wrote, “Teachers with guns? “They are not trained to
become police officers.” I think that’s really
the fair point there. America Corsund on YouTube
wrote, “She’s right,” she said, referring to
my daughter’s comments, “They should not give teachers guns. “They should just have good security.” Now, not everybody was against
the idea of arming teachers. Branden’s Outdoor
Channel wrote on YouTube, “Teachers should have the option “to conceal-carry weapons if
they wish and have a permit. “Protect the kids like a bank.” (lighthearted music) I hate ticks. It hate them with a passion. When I was a little kid I
went camping with my parents, and one time I got covered in ticks. I hate them. So this news is just terrifying. The Asian longhorned tick is posing a rather disturbing threat to
animals, according to experts. This insect, which
apparently started showing up in the United States
just two years ago, has been known to suck so much blood from animals that they’re killing them. Seriously, these ticks have reportedly actually killed animals by
draining almost all their blood. Now, there are a couple of reasons why these ticks apparently can suck so much blood from a single animal. One of those things is because females that are well-fed can lay
as many as 2,000 eggs, and they can do this without mating. They just do it on their own. The other part of it is because, unlike normal ticks, which will only suck your blood for a couple of days, these ticks can do it
for as long as two weeks. Now, these parasites have
already been found in 10 states, including New York, New
Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and one of the big concerns is that these guys can also transmit diseases like any other tick, which
makes them even more dangerous, especially to humans. Experts note that, when
you go into wooded areas, you should be careful. Make sure you’re treating yourself with bug repellent and
all that kinda stuff, and also make sure that you’re treating your dogs and your cats,
so that way they’re safe from these disgusting blood-suckers. So when is a manhole not a manhole? When you’re in Berkeley,
California, apparently. The city council there has
apparently passed a measure to update the city’s entire municipal code to remove and replace
gender-specific words with gender-neutral ones. For example, a manhole in Berkeley is now officially designated
a maintenance hole. This apparently applies to a lot of different words in the municipal code. One of them is manpower, which would be replaced with
workforce or human effort. The word man-made will have
a lot of different words, including human-made or machine-made. I’m actually kinda surprised that they went with the word human. I would’ve thought maybe
they’d go with hu-people. There’s actually a list of all the terms they’re changing online. You can check it out
through the link below. Now, this change does not just specifically target masculine words. It goes across the board, going after anything that suggests gender of any sort. For example, the words sorority
and fraternity won’t appear in the municipal code anymore. Instead they’re being
replaced by the mouthful, collegiate Greek system residence. Now, I kinda get some of these changes. I remember back in the day,
when people were debating whether you should call
them policemen anymore or firemen anymore when, and then it was firefighter
or police officer. I get it and I think that’s
legitimate, but manhole covers? Isn’t that a little ridiculous? And seriously, doesn’t
the city council have better things to be doing, more important, pressing
matters to deal with? All right, that’s it. Thank you for watching, everybody, and if you enjoyed the episode, please hit that Like button down below. Please share the episode
with your friends and family, whether it’s on Facebook or
Twitter or YouTube or whatever. And lemme just stress that I really, really was excited to see
how many people commented on the last episode and how people are just commenting more and
more on all the episodes, on Facebook and on YouTube. It’s been really exciting to see. The comments are always nice, but I like seeing people comment. I like people engaging, and especially when they’re discussing the stories that we’re trying to highlight every week, whether they’re silly
stories or serious issues. We love seeing the
comments and want people to be able to say whatever
it is they wanna say. So thanks for watching,
thanks for commenting, and I’ll see you next week.

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