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Are you ready to begin your Warrior Experience?

Are you ready to begin your Warrior Experience?

At the Army and Navy Academy, we help every
cadet reach its full potential. Our college prep curriculum focuses on
leadership, academics, and athletics for boys grades seven through 12. It’s truly
a life-changing experience. The Academy has impacted my life in many
ways. One of them that I’ll never forget if
the bond that I make my brothers here. We feel it is been a great stepping
stone for him onto the rest of his life. First college
and then career. I’m an international student coming from
Nigeria and before I came here, I didn’t really know the meaning to education and
morals. The Academy has taught me confidence in myself and my followers and it’s taught me how to
be a leader. Lead my peers. He’s pretty much set
for life. Become a part of the warrior experience!
Give us a call today to learn more about our boarding and day school as well as our summer programs.

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  1. How many kids get the option to go to a regular school? Those poor kids don’t deserve to have their high school taken away by being in the fucking military with all dudes. It’s fucked up. I was in the Army and in High School…they don’t need to go together. Oh unless you’re super rich and can force your kid to do anything which they will abide because they know they will be rich. Kids aren’t stupid…

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