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AquaPail How it Works

AquaPail How it Works

aqua pail it's a revolutionary new way to clean and filter water in an easy to carry portable pail after a natural disaster or an emergency when clean drinking water is scarce an aqua pail can turn the water you have into clean safe to drink water water from a pond a swimming pool or a muddy river can be transformed into great tasting drinking water well aqua pail does because we kill liars and bacterias to non detection which lets us flow up to a gallon in under 5 minutes and how it is done is a patented process that puts water through three levels of media cleaning and purifying as the water passes through each zone the first step is pouring the dirty water on top of the pail this lid catches any larger particles like leaves small stones and branches it can be washed off after it reuse next the water passes through a mesh filter on the inside of the pail this filters up to 40 microns and it can also be removed and cleaned after every use after passing through these first two filters the water begins the actual treatment process as it goes through the disinfectant zone the top layer of this material will catch fine contaminants including oil and this can be scraped off after every use substances like oil which are caught on top of this disinfectant layer will ruin the other water filters on the market today this is one aspect of what makes aqua pail unique that's different is we have three different zones we have a patented process media that kills viruses and bacteria it's a disinfectant zone so disinfect the water and we have another zone that absorb it's three times more absorbent than a car then we have another bed that's standard gac carbon and that's for capturing flavors that's at five micron flow so it flows very fast we also capture heavy metals radiations we capture hydrocarbons and we capture heavy clays that can be cleaned off the top easy service fast water and makes it safe water to drink hits the first layer it's if you look at is the magnetic it's a negative charge and the water with the bacterium viruses they are a positive charge and graz it to it and it kills it because the disinfectant that's on there the type of quality it is then it drops those down to desorb zone that desorbs sucks them in and then it comes down to the carbon and flows it through the carbon to 5 microns pure so the theory of the water is everything's dead 5 microns is cleaner than what you have in your home but just how many times can water pass through these pails and still come out clean enough to drink if you are using the biggest aqua pail a five-gallon bucket he'll get thousands of gallons of water 5,000 gallons of sewer contaminated water or 10,000 gallons of storage water right water and once you begin the treatment you can get a gallon of drinkable water within minutes what that allows it to do at 5 microns is go fast why wait for your waters are saying for a company because we can give you a gal in under five minutes where other companies can take hours to give you a gallon of water the aqua pails are environmentally friendly because bacteria and viruses are killed instead of filtered when the used pail is discarded bacterias will not leach through the soil and back into the water we disinfect the water we kill the virus bacteria we are not capturing we do not create a biohazard in our filter which other companies create by loud hazards and have been outlawed in some states we're allowed in those states aqua pale it's the water treatment system every home should have for more information go to

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  1. What camping water filter system would filter out Giardia and 1080 poison (sodium monofluoroacetate), Because I think the New Zealand Govt is poisoning us with 1080 in our drinking water. (rivers and streams) They aerial drop 1080 into drinking waterways to rid the country of rats and possums.

  2. Obviously, 2 microns would be better…like other filters, but the fast process is great. What I haven't liked so far is that every demo I've seen online…the water is VERY cloudy still.  I would like to see this fine tuned for the 2 microns with clearer water…

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