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APRIL 2019 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

APRIL 2019 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

okay listen up guys I have a fixed
amount of budget for me to spend to buy at least one g-shock watch every single
months, so for this month of April they are like sixteen new G Shock watches, so I
want you guys to comment down below which one should I get, preferably at
this kind of budget, so don’t go too overboard. So let’s run through all of
them one by one, starting up with this Skeleton series, they are like five new
modelsl DW-5600SK, DW-6900 model, GA-400 in black and pink and GA-400 clear and neon green and lastly GA-700 in clear and gray as well I like how casio are
approaching this new skeleton series with two-tone instead of mono-tone like how they did on the glacier gold, I’ve seen the photo of these twos 56 and 69 model in person,
like a real photo of it it looks extremely good because of that mirror
face plate over there somehow it looks much better compared to when you’re
looking at this poster photo. I’m looking forward to get the square of 69 but
after looking down here, the GA-400SK.. it is pretty bright but it is very
unique I haven’t seen any 400 series that came in clear jelly band and bezel
yet so getting this might.. might be interesting but it’s all up to you guys,
you guys decide which one should I get moving on to the next series called the
retro color series, another five models as well AWG-M100SBL an ana-digi model solar-powered, multiband 6, small size purple and green color
combination next we’ll have a ga 100 series a basic one with speed measuring
capabilities, they’re layered with purples to strap instead of green like
this awgm100 model and the face plate does feature a camouflage green, so it
is pretty interesting,next youll also have a ga 800 series that came in purple
and green as well but with green layered strap and you also have a GAW-100BL, I
haven’t any one of these GAW 100 before I have a
feeling that this GAW100 is sort of like the big sized version of this AWGM
100 or just an alternative to this G steel model if you look really closely
to the image of this I mean every GAW 100 or GAS-100, you could see the
similarities between this model and this G-Steel 100 series that I have, their
widget placement, all of their sub dial, even the sizes are almost the same,
I have a feeling they are the same thing with different construction so I don’t
think I’m gonna find this GAW100 at all if you guys recommend it, even if I buy that I
might buying that just for me to see it by myself either I could swap the
engine in and out from this new steel or not so that’s gotta be quite interesting
26000 Japanese Yen, so yeah.. quite expensive right, so last but not least
from this retro color series is the GW-B5600BL at only 22,000
japanese yen keep in mind guys I could get all this
at a low price then those stated over here so keep that in mind. This one will came with negative display in purple which is very very rare in my opinion, the strap will came in layer green and black it matches very well
with the one or the bezel the green accents and all but I prefer to get the
purple instead but this could works for me still so talking about square G Shock
watch there’s also another two ones over here if you look at all these three over
here, there are the same like the function are exactly the same but the
price is like.. there it is, this 5000 series cost like triple than the cost to get
this 5600BL model so what are you paying extra for?? If you are into
function don’t bother getting this just get the retro color version instead if
you want something that is tougher something that is a lot more comfortable
something that you could actually feel different when you wear it
get this gmwb5000, so you’re paying extra for the different kind of
experience it will came in black in metal bezel and
black strap another one IP plated metal bezel to blue and also a black strap as
well. It is screw down case back, dlc coated, which mean is a lot tougher than
this 5600 version and also this
resin strap aren’t made from the same materials so even though they’re still
resin, they’re all poly-urethane but the one on this 5000 series is much more softer
much more comfortable so keep that in mind that is why you’re paying extra for
a different kind of experience so that’s done for two series.. three series actually
moving on to the next being this GA 2000, a new color series for the just released GA-2000 from last month’s in black and yellow black and blue and black and red I just
ordered the black and red version it is on its way, I’m looking forward for that
model to arrive somewhere this week so stay tuned for that unboxing and review video, I’m looking.. really really looking forward to that. If you look at all these
three black and gold, olive green and brown version the price are only at sixteen
thousand Japanese yen which means they wouldn’t come with extra interchangeable
strap so even though they look good it’s okay for me to pass because man I got a
black a red version already on its way I think that will be much better for the price
and I’ve seen Casio G-Shock announced that they’re gonna be releasing more new
color versions for this series which one of them will be coming in white; white
out white so I’m looking forward to that as well/ Okay down on the GA-2000, last but not least is the GWR-B1000X, another an extra, I beilieve to be an upgraded version to the.. a higher, a premium version for the carbon core guard structure, this is called the
carbon monocoque series model, they just released this like last month as well and
well there it is another one in black and red this is indeed a limited edition
model as being stated down here but they didn’t mentioned anything about a production units at all, if there are going to be like serial
number or not, if they add a serial number I have a feeling a lot of people
gonna buy this thing right away but since they didn’t, they didn’t mention
that at all I don’t think this one are gonna sold
out. I mean just look at the price it’s like 120,000 Japanese yen, added to 8%
tax that is insanely expensive but I can understand why it is a different
construction it is tougher than titanium and lighter in weight, Look at that, I have a
frogman over here this is one of the most comfortable master of G model that I have in terms of weight and this thing.. this frogman model will
weigh about 75 grams this new carbon monocoque model will only weigh about 72 grams. Yeah I could already have a feeling of how you’re gonna feels like since I
own one of this. So it’s okay if I didn’t buy the watch right away, I’ll probably
gonna wait, I have a feeling that the price gonna drop a little bit in the future, so
yeah I’m gonna get this model after that happen but if you look really closely,
it does look very very good I mean the price is double from the generic model I
have a feeling that is because of this black and red layered carbon bezel,
unlike the generic model that came in full black so quite easy to make, this one looks harder, it has a black carbon guard over here as well rose gold button
guard, knurled crown, and different textured buttons so a lot of details was
added in here the watch face thus reminds me of the new MRG-G2000 with the cobalt bezel because of that red accents although that one is totally different.. that one costed like $8,000 dollars, I mean that is just insane man, but hey let me know
down in the comment section which one will you get or you won’t get anything
at all, from here just let me know and thats sums it all, thank you very much for
watching this is GHF and I’m… out

Reader Comments

  1. the ga 2000, I am hoping they come to Brazil so I can buy them, they look awesome, to me the yellow is the best

  2. I would just save those 20k yen for may releases and then get one in 40k range πŸ™‚ I mean squre gw-b5600 is pretty neat, but I would still wait until may πŸ˜€

  3. I have 7 GShocks right now I have the DW5600NE and the DW5600 HDR-1 the 2 rare watches I don’t take out of the house

  4. GA-2000-5AJF!!! Because so many squares have been reviewed past months and every sane or sober person has bought GW-B5600 …exept me..because im poor and broke πŸ˜€

    Edit: its looking insanely ugly to me πŸ˜€ Other caditates are GA-400SK-1A4JF and GA-700SK-1AJF (it has button in the front) πŸ€”

    Edit2: I meant GW-B5600 Bluetooth

  5. Couple of nice ones coming out β€œagain”πŸ€ͺ!
    Nicely done and thanks again for the heads upπŸ‘πŸ»

  6. Subscribed a while back, looking forward to checking out more of your videos, I got the G-Shock bible when I saw it on one of your videos, both have great information.
    and also anxious to see that MRG2000 that is supposed to be coming out this year!

  7. Can you recommend me a watch g series that measures the steps that i make everyday and have a maximum price of up to 320
    $. If it is a 2019 model would be amazing xD Thank you!

  8. Get the purple and green square. That looks awesome. I like that last one but $1000USD is too much even though it looks amazing.

  9. Hi, I enjoyed your video. Could you pleas tell me the model number of your yellow watch you picked up at 7.08 ?
    Thank you.

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