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Anti-Feminists Think Rape Victims Deserve It: Profiles by VICE

Anti-Feminists Think Rape Victims Deserve It: Profiles by VICE

hi there I’m girl writes what I’m that’s my online handle I’m a blogger i vlog about masculinity gender equality and anti feminism when you think about the kind of life that many men end up having you know it really says something about the disregard we hold men in that we can chain them to that kind of obligation without providing them any kind of benefit of choice or freedom I mean we have a word for that and that Kurt is slavery even another couple decades and and that’s where men will be the MOR am the men’s rights movement is just sort of a group of individuals and organizations that advocate for raising awareness of discrimination issues that men and boys face in society I kind of stumbled across my voice for men and I stuck around and did a whole bunch of reading and then I stayed my name is Paul Elam I’m the founder and publisher of a voice for men calm domestic violence and rape and false allegations or happen to be three of the four areas where the public has been most successfully deceived by the feminist establishment about the nature of those problems these people don’t want these issues to be heard I know that sounds maybe a little tinfoil but it’s true the men’s movement was a boys club the public at large who might have looked at a face like mine a white male at my age and judge okay well here we go but the women showed up the moment they were invited I feel fantastic about the fact that a diverse range of people are gateways including women into the men’s movement people like Karen strong and Janet Bloomfield [Music] my name is Janet Bloomfield and I am having my hair and makeup professionally done I will be attending the International Conference on men’s issues and I would like to look as pretty as I can and I don’t know how to do this so I have your dad it lovely artist who is we got Harry yeah still gorgeous she didn’t need much help oh you’re so sweet I feel like I was being indoctrinated into feminism by this misrepresentation of male powers men have this incredible sense of guilts that they’re carrying around from rape culture this idea that they’re all rapists that women are all afraid of them but the standard of what constitutes rape is now so low that virtually all sexual encounters constitute rape I’m sorry but how much marital rape have you committed have you had sex with your husband well drunk like I have congratulate her rapist to the standards are so absurdly low and what’s actually gonna happen is it’s gonna get flipped around and turned on women you can count on men to start charging women with rape now the reason I wanted to have this conference is simply because we need the dialogue about these issues and we need to be able to have that dialogue outside the ideological lens of feminism welcome to the International men’s conference at the VFW st. Clair Shores as most of us who have kept abreast of events surrounding the conference know there has been some harsh criticism of some people in this movement myself among them allegations of misogyny allegations of racism allegations of homophobia allegations of supporting rape and other forms of violence against women I suppose that’s to be expected boys who are failures to launch who aren’t doing it well in school notice that not many girls are interested in them but they have an easy escape video for 250 million why in an age of equality so we have the male only draft registration why when nothing had a greater impact on women’s freedom than birth control pill for women we have none for men our next presenter is one of the most prominent women in the men’s rights movement put your hands together for Terrance robb all right excellent my name is Karen and I am an anti feminists this conference is extremely important to be able to come out in the open to meet everybody to form bonds and have our chance to talk for me like a lot of others Karen stron is a really important person a lot of people who are given a voice but they’re able to come speak here might not be comfortable bringing those issues up it really truly is an international conference that’s here people came here from India there’s so much time to interact and talk in fact yesterday night I slept only for three hours because it’s so exciting to talk and share and feelings these are very important issues that the speakers were discussing and I believe that society at large needs to hear this message we don’t care we don’t give a we women in this movement you can say whatever the hell you want about us call us misogynist rape and abling anything you call me what you want I am an anti-feminist and I don’t give [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] thank you it was okay I really didn’t have much prepared I just kind of winged it gonorrhea they call me the gateway drug to the mrm I get over 75 100 messages a day they they’re just thank you so much because you you articulate what I’ve always known and wanted to say I’ve heard from men who said that watching one one of my videos was the first time they cried in 20 years we decided we wanted to do a blog talk radio show with just just women do you think he wants to shine lollipops and rainbows and everything is wonderful that’s wonderful work together oh god she’s been right we have honey badger merchandise this is a logo that I had dreamed up a target with a honey badger head so that the feminists would know where to point the gun I don’t know if you can see a lot of the merchandise has my face on it which is a little disconcerting since a voice for men came on the scene we’ve done nothing but make inroads into the mainstream media and it’s generally not nice things that they have to say about us I wrote an article several years ago called if you see Jezebel in the road run the bitch down that was a response to an article at that focused on the editors and writers and readers bragging about beating their boyfriends and then I wrote a piece of satire that said what if we just reversed the roles on this what if I sit here and talk about bashing or taking a woman that’s hitting you and really beating her up real bad if you won’t hear men’s pain you will eventually hear their anger there’s nothing wrong with men being angry or with the women being angry and if anybody has an issue with the message simply because of how it’s delivered they can really go themselves the incendiary language the bad language that cuss words all of that is part of a strategy for getting attention if the homeless man is just lying on the sidewalk people just step over him and go on their way the only way you can get anyone’s attention is if he starts being perceived as a threat you start screaming and having tantrums because that’s how you get attention ain’t part of the reason people started reading judgy bitches because I would write on stuff like Steubenville and say why don’t we have a drunk horror registry Steubenville might only have been a year ago but a year ago we had no mainstream media coverage our blogs were sort of nascent a voice for men was established but still struggling and yet after Steubenville huh after Steubenville all of a sudden voice mermans traffic jumped so our evolution has been really rapid but it’s no different than any other civil rights movements and to go back and pick things from like the black panthers they’re embarrassing but they were so necessary I mean they strode through the streets with guns to challenge the Second Amendment I think maybe a voice from n plays Malcolm X to other people’s Martin Luther King jr. right when you have one group of like-minded people who all share an opinion and a goal it’s typical for everybody’s point of view to shift toward the more radical stance and I don’t want that to happen to us are we going in the direction of softening absolutely the satire is calculated some of the dark humor about some things is calculated it’s not like there’s some central like Charlie’s Angels with Charlie giving us all quiet orders that’s not to say that there aren’t violent misogynists who call themselves m-ras there certainly are the sort of crazy unhelpful ones got left behind and they’re still there where everyone else has moved on who wrote that one by the way did I I’m not reading the article right now but I would wager I would stand behind every word of it because that’s kind of a cartoon of a caricature are you kidding I appreciate that you may feel that some sort of caveat about that to put it in a new intellectual direction for an old piece of work might be an order this is from March ok March of 2014 okay because we are looked at as promoting rape because we are looked at as rape apologist because we are looked at as brutal rape bastards the idea of violence against us becomes palatable when we started really promoting our conference we got a lot of pushback people were phoning and threatening not only to do violence against us but against her hotel staff and against other guests that had nothing to do with us threats escalated to death threats so we ended up moving the venue to the VFW here [Music] I am familiar with a particular protester and she showed up expecting to be admitted to this press conference because she said so and no I mean that’s the answer no sit down and chill no I will talk I’m not coming here as a protester I’m coming here as a journalist and I want to be able to photograph and document this and I have crit I am the Prudential saber fired and I did at one point have a promise from them in an email that I would have those they told me to get out and the police themselves told me that protesters were to stay behind the police line Janet Bloomfield I think is completely off kilter she tweeted me not 20 minutes ago calling me a whore calling me a bitch calling my friends I feel that the women are misled oystermen LLC is not incorporated it was seized under tax forfeiture in 2013 the reason there is no protest here today is because the feminists who were here felt that it wasn’t a constructive use for their they felt that it would negatively reinforced the attention that a voice command seats all he wants is an audience but I guess a feminists don’t want to give him that audience and I have to say I agree with it women’s voices have more authority than men’s voices for me that’s really incredibly important is to get female allies I met Jewell this morning and how do you feel about what we’re talking about Jewell I think being friends and liking other women is an important thing and if you guys have something in common and can learn from each other that’s good too yeah I mean I didn’t know anything about this until you walked in today and I was pretty wowed by it so yeah I mean that’s what I can do I can communicate – well then I’m learning and then I can you know communicate it to my daughter and her generation um they need to know – exactly – get it out there is a good thing you’re doing thank you you’re welcome [Music] you [Music]

Reader Comments

  1. You morons obviously didn't listen close enough. She literally said "to suggest somebody has been raped because they got fingered while passed out drunk is totally absurd", so yeah. The title is kinda correct.

  2. Wow, clicked because the title, but these people aren’t crazy, it’s like their fighting for equality or some shit…. Wild yo

  3. If you think men and women are equal, women And men have a right to per sue whatever career they want. Guess what, you are a feminist. We sexes need to come together to end non consensual sex and violence. Bye

  4. The worst, type of women. Encouraging, possibly, sick, rejected men to possibly be justified if they are rapists or abusers. I see a lot of sensitive men that has switched roles with these types of women that are talking as a way for comfort.

  5. Your title is a showcase of the terrible "journalism" I'd expect from Vice. Slanderous, dirty smear merchants.

  6. Hold the banner ( I won't pay hotel bills)
    (Get a dildo)
    (I want new clothes like you)
    (Say no to sandels)
    (Why should I buy for you)
    ( it hurts cause iam human too)
    (I'm not a fuck tool)

  7. Nice having pure slander in the title of the video. One where no such thing is even said in the video by any of the people you claim to have said it.

    Did VICE themselves go after someone for committing slander ( even though they did not ) not that long ago? Got to love sleezeballs like you guys who project the illegal and completely wrong things they do onto others.

  8. Jewel: ok…. Now give me the money for the shitty make over…I gotta be across town in 30 minutes to slap some lip stick on some feminists.

  9. The make up artist looks like she wants to punch that bitch in the face when she mentions the black panthers at 9:41 😂😂

  10. I just came here to see the angry feminists comments 👀 but then I stayed and realized the title pissed off more anti-feminists 🤷

  11. Title is like a newspaper headline to catch your attention….. then you find the facts somewhere on page 3…. if you're lucky.

  12. Genuinely shame on you vice and the people responsible for this video. Regardless of ones views, it is so incredibly disrespectful and close-minded to evidently portray this issue, in such a slanderous, biased and trivialising way. Shame on you

  13. Let's talk about the thousands of male babies that have there genitals mutilated everyday via circumcision. My foreskin my choice

  14. I just find it kinda funny that literally not a single person of any gender is what the average person would consider attractive. Why is everyone always ugly at these types of conventions and things though?

  15. the like dislike comparisson tells about the world's balance – the feminists, gays, lesbians are now dominating this world. And one day they'll get raped so hard !!!!

  16. This really is a trash piece of journalism.
    The sensationalist title, the twee music throughout. What happened to balanced perspectives? Are you suggesting men’s issues are so laughable that those speaking about them should be openly mocked and derided?

  17. Total bullshit title that was probably written by a 20 year old non-binary feminist intern. The worst part is they actually believe it.

  18. "How often have you had sex while drunk? Well you've committed marital rape." It's almost as if there's an established level of consent between long term partners that doesn't make drunk sex inherently rape. Holy shit. Being drunk isn't the only thing that constitutes rape. Being drunk and being so inebriated that you can't consent and the person does it anyways is rape. If you can't understand basic consent then there is a great video on YouTube called "Tea and Consent" watch it and apply it to sex and you'll be golden.

  19. Yea she never said that women deserved to be raped in this video, you all need to review the content before creating a title…. I dont think they said anything wrong here it doesnt sound mysognistic to me…

  20. Anti-Feminists Think Rape Victims Deserve It
    It's not journalism it's a post-modern art installation piece darling.

  21. Hey there from England vice used to be decent now it’s full on shite! Put some real stories on not these misleading wanked out titles

  22. How tf is an Indian man trying to pretend like men in India dont have all the fucking rights. This group is ridiculous omg

  23. I didn't hear anyone say rape victims deserve it. Good job vice. I once really liked this news source. I'm beginning to believe your pushing an agenda.

  24. She is Pathetic Naive and COMPLETELY OUT OF ORDER, yeah there can be a problem with men being discriminated against because of their gender but there are more woman experiencing sexism than men and we have been putting up with it since the beginning of time and now when our ancestors fight and die for me to be treated right everybody all of a sudden calls feminists snowflakes and that men have it worse. NO! If that is ur opinion u may as well not have a mouth bc ur spreading cr*p.

  25. Rape is women fault. They shouldn't be depriving us of happiness and the ability to be fulfilled physically. Since they wanna hold sex over our head then we just take it from them. Rape them all and beat them when they disobey. They take away our happiness then we need to take away their existence

  26. MGTOW fleshlite no need for feminists or their courts of demons anymore, MGTOW will win the silent war on men, MGTOW sexbots and dalls, MGTOW the demon courts will go broke,MGTOW no need for women anymore fleshlite MGTOW the reaction is here,MGTOW

  27. I don’t like how the music is almost making fun of her in the background I have no stake in the actual opinion but I don’t believe her opinion should be looked down upon

  28. I got 1/3 of the way through and realized I was folled. It should have been called boring people go to a convention.

  29. I liked the video so much that i recommended youtube itself to watch it by a simple method called………….


  30. I disliked this video not because of what it's about, but because of Vice's slanderous bullshit. At 7:44 why did they not show the Jeezebel article he was talking about?

  31. So really all of you are feminists because you want equality….and all feminists want is equality. That’s the whole foundation of the movement. However, there will always be radicals on both sides.

  32. People who actually have a penis forced in them against their will, real rape, don’t deserve it, but those who lie about or change the meaning should be arrested

  33. I really don't see anything wrong with what they are saying men shouldn't be treated as scapegoats for all the world's problems. Yeah some men are dicks ..but I know alot of women that are dicks too!! Lol

  34. this is not journalism! The title and the stupid music…what a lack of respect, what about the imparciality of the journalist. Putting words in the mouth of people that never pronounce such a stupid frase: "Anti-Feminists Think Rape Victims Deserve It? VICE: " A DEFECT IN THE TEMPER… MAKING IT DANGEROUS"

  35. Now that VICE partners are fithy rich, don`t apologize, never make mistakes, they have become the voice of the truth

  36. Right as I opened this video and saw a 40 year old mom with a haircut like that, I knew at that instance this title was CLICKBAIT.

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