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ANO Footwear Vid

ANO   Footwear Vid

hello everyone my name is Robert I'm a Footwear expert here an army-navy outdoors today we're talking about Footwear and how we do things a little different around here than what most places do first off you come to the boot wall and you're looking around you want to try to pair of boots that's great we want you to but what we also want is to make sure you get the right shoe and the right fit not only for your foot but for your job so first thing we do is go back to old school methods of sizing your foot why it works better we look at the length of your foot the size of your arch the length as well they can be very different the width of your foot we also inspect your foot and take a look at if the metatarsals up a little bit high the very top of your foot do you have problems is it rubbing we ask you questions sometimes it feels like we're being a little intrusive but really we're just helping you out so just share with us if we want to know if you have any spots that rub particularly in a particular pair of shoes that you have reason being you might think that a wide in one shoe is the same as a wide in another show it's really not so what we want to do is get you in the right shoe for your job and for your foot okay the other thing that we do is we want to make sure the depending on the surface that you're working on that you have the right in Seoul for them if you're working on a very hard surface we want a nice soft cushy insole for you if you work in on maybe something outdoorsy or you need a little more arch support something a little more firms going to work out better for you but again reason why it's important that we measure that arch length before we do that is because the insole that you might end up putting in your shoe is for let's say a size 12 because that's where your arch length measures but if your foots only a size 10 no matter what size 10 I put you in you're not going to be comfortable until we change that in Seoul out to a size 12 so let us here at army navy outdoor and the footwear experts here show you and guide you through our wide selection of boots we've got a wide selection of king timberland Wolverine Magnum and more 127 monument road or visit our selection online to at army navy outdoors calm you

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