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Annastacia Palaszczuk's red army rally ahead of the Queensland election

Annastacia Palaszczuk's red army rally ahead of the Queensland election

good evening Anastasia polish a is on the cusp of another historic election win with a poll showing labour leading the LNP but it's also revealed deep divisions with regional votes turning their backs on the major parties and supporting one nation Teagan George begins our coverage a final Red Army rally at Redlands on election eve tomorrow will be Christmas come early for one leader for the other it'll be the nightmare before the latest galaxy poll shows Anastasia Palace a will feel the love actually with labour leading a die-hard LNP 52 percent to 48 the party's final please too late for some almost 750,000 Queenslanders have already cast their vote your choice is to support our one nation coalition or just this time vote labour for a strong stable majority government it's been a far from dazzling campaign void of substantial new policies like a pinballed the premier has bounced around the regions where cheaper power more dams and the Adani coal mine are high on the wish list but it appears voters haven't been swayed the LNP leads labour in the regions with one nation still in prime position to return MPs to the Parliament if you don't get your 47 seats that you are required to to govern in your own right then I'm calling on the premier to actually resign labour looks set to be saved by the southeast its commitment to Cross River Rail is a crowd-pleaser despite the treasurer's for new taxes and I think many commentators have referred to it as Robin Hood I don't mind being compared to Robin Hood the overall primary vote has labour the LNP and catters Australian party all up support for one nation is down a whopping six percent while the Greens remained steady the numbers look good for labour at the moment but as Anastasia polishe and Campbell Newman found out the last time round absolutely anything can happen on polling day I was slightly confident you know you've gotta believe in yourself taking George 10 Eyewitness News and the premier joins us now premier thank you for your time for new tax at noon for new taxes announced two days before Election Day is this sneaky it applies to less than 1% of Queenslanders I wanted to be upfront and honest with Queenslanders and that's why I made it very clear to them that less than 1% of the Queensland population will feel the effect of them and let's be very clear we're talking here about luxury cars over $100,000 and yes we're going to ask those people to pay a bit more and if you own property over ten billion dollars excluding your principal place of residence yes we're going to ask you to pay a bit more and if you are a foreign investor investing in Queensland yes we want you to pay the same amount as they're paying in New South Wales so I think it's fair it's equitable and if I'm going to deliver the services that families need right across this state in terms of health and education the money has to be raised from somewhere so I'm being upfront I'm being honest where your treasurer has so far failed to outline a clear plan to tackle nearly eighty 1 billion dollars of debt do you have one we've said very clearly that that is always going to be a priority and we have already paid down in our last term of government twelve billion dollars worth of debt I have kept my promise I said to Queenslanders at the last election I would pay down debt and restore frontline services I did that now my commitment to Queenslanders is a clear focus on jobs jobs health and education it is absolutely absolutely vital that we ensure that people across our state get into work and get into employment that is why my government has secured a hundred and thirty four thousand three hundred jobs across Queensland working with business and industry and honestly Queensland's best days are ahead of us I don't want to see Queensland go backwards I want to see Queensland go forward from here do you think you've done enough to convince Queenslanders to vote for you tomorrow look I've worked incredibly hard I am inspired each and every day by the people of this great state that I meet I am humbled to be the premier of Queensland but tomorrow there is a clear choice and let me remind everybody your vote is absolutely vital and that is whether or not you back my government and give us a Labour majority to continue the good decent hard-working government that we have been delivering for Queenslanders or are you going to put in place an LMP coalition government with one nation and make technicals at the premier that is the deal they have done I don't want to see Queensland go backwards I believe our best days are ahead of us and together together we can continue to create diversity in this state grow the economy look after our families give our children premier well even if we do appreciate your time in sleeves in premier thank you for your time thank you

Reader Comments

  1. How absolutely disappointing and soul destroying, That Queensland still has an overwhelming population of brain dead fuck wits, and sheeple, that are so easily led by lies deceit, and empty promises, to continually vote political parties in to rape them over and over again, with more of the same, By selling off public assets to foreign interests, (that belong to the people, not to political
    parties), Then continually increasing the debt, to sustain their out of control bloated bureaucracy, That people must pay, by way of  these traitors committing treason- “who time after time again always replace the lies and empty promises with Increasing”: More statutes, and created man made laws, designed by evil scribes, (violating Natural and Gods Law)  to control the people.More power to fraudulent councils committing treason, By pretending to be governments, and stealing from the people, under threats and intimidation.
    Increases in revenue raising, to further feather the nests, of the very traitors, that have been blindly voted into office, on the whim of lies, open deceit, and empty promises, from the “how to get elected by the sheeple book”:  Traitors that only pay homage to, the lobbyists, and Banksters, not the people they are suppose to serve:The truth is:  All these political party traitors do for the people,  is to destroy, “the living standards”,  by increasing the cost of living, destroy family values, by pandering to minority groups, and above all by destroying “freedom”, and “human rights”, of the people. So:-
    Well done again Sheeple and brain dead. You have sealed a great future for all your children, a future  of continual Tyranny,

  2. Labor, liberal and especially the greens = socialist communism. The worst form of destructive thinking on earth.. literally. Lenin and stalin destroyed their lands and people. Vote for the main parties for virtual slavery or vote one nation for freedom and australian values and principles

  3. Typical falsified 'polls'. How on earth do these polling companies and mainstream media still think that the masses believe very fake news

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