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Angry Drill SGT V.S. College Students

Angry Drill SGT V.S. College Students

What?! Head and eyes straight forward guy! why are we talking and moving? We’re not! Way to get close to your buddy’s butthole dude. I’m sure he doesn’t want you to smell him. Head and eye straight forward. eheh eheh. someone’s got SARS you shoudn’t be holding hands with your buddy. you should be, that far away, from one another. move! pick up your feet and move! If you are not motivated to move, that sandpit can totally be utilized while you’re stinky and sweaty. get your arems up at shoulder level (repeated 7x) there we go. only the second and fourth, GUY! Learn to count! Maroon Hat thinks numbers is hard. “I’m gonna lose my mind.” Position of attention, MOVE! 1, 2! do it in unison, yes? oh I’m still talking to myself? YEP! YUP?! Awesome guy! Awesome! front leaning rest position move! half-way down not all the way, half-way. This is where we’re gonna learn. I said halfway down not all the way down , guy! get your prick outa the dirt! dont smile at me, keep your teeth in your face female. listen up athletes. when i say “Down,” you’re gonna say “Move” when i say “up” you’re gonna say “Faster.” do you understand? That is a direct question. Yes, or no? yes, drill sgt… yuuuuup! Awesome, we still dont know whats gpoing on.Down! Up! way to go guy! Way to kneel while everyone else is doing pushup and training. i could tell you don’t wana paying attention already. You’re coach is watching. I’m just making sure you dont suck at life. But thats cool, i’m sure your coaches already know. Outstanding! Down… UP! do you understand?……. Awesome! we still dont know how to sound off or say yes! its a very simple ter. I am a drill sgt! you may sound off with “yes Drill SGT” or “No Drill SGT” Do you understand? Yes Drill SGT! Outstanding! When i say “down” you’re gonna say “sound” when i say “up” you’re gonna say “off” Do you understand? Yes DS!!! down-sound….Up-Off… Really cause you’re not sounding off! i cant hear you, still! down-sound / up-off Position of attention…. I didn’t say “move” weirdo! down! UP! Position of attention…… NOPE!! I didn’t say MOVE oh were still not sounding off? Awesome! down! UP! position of attention MOVE How are you moving before she says “move?” It doesnt make sense! you cant possibly do it because she didnt say move! The Squat Bender! How bout you sound off! The squat bender! Ready? One! You may wait. If I’m gonna wait on you to sound off, for every freaking exercize, we will sit here and wait. Get your butt down, guy! Quite smiling at me. Got a gap tooth because you took too many hockey pucks to the face. You look like your parents had to tell you “not to touch the stove.” This is where we get to sit and think about our day. get your but up off of your calves cheater. Don’t look at me weirdo! stop turning around and itching your butt. I’m not into that. Front leaning rest position move position of attention move FLR move POA move FLM Move POA move the bend and reach! starting position move! By the numbers! One! get that curve out of your back. I don’t wana see you twerk guy. You got a weird shirt on and need to get lower. with you’re white chuck tailer’s on… Good Job! (claps sarcastically) you should think about shaving since yo cant grow out any facial hair yet. awesome still taking our time. when i say “down” you say “move” when i say “up” you say “faster” down -move / up-faster i got a better idea when i say “down” you say “i don’t” when i say “up” you say “care” that way your coaches know how much of a peice of crap you feel like Acting today. down – I dont / Up – Care! I can tell! Down! UP! oh you’re on the ground. when i say down it doesnt mean sag your belly does it? does it maroon hat? does it? does it? i dunno. I;m confused! i dont know whats going on, im scared. theres a man in a big brown disk hat yelling st me position of attention…. Move! FLR position move! take your time grey hat. thats alright, your coaches are watching you. Im glad i can make you stand out, so they know you’re a quitter. POA move! Awesome Awesome Grey hat doesn’t wana do it! FLR position move go on and stand up Grey Hat stand up guy! hey you! Hey I’m talking to you. Stand up dude. stand up! go ahead. When i say “down” you say “thank” when i say “up” you say “You” Down….Up! down! Up! you better sound off. No! you stand up Grey Hat! i didnt say you get down. I’m highlighting your excellence. you better sound off or ill make an example out of you also. Down up down up down up down up down up Are you proud yet? are you alright? is this applicable? are you ok now? you look upset. you good? you solid? you gonna workout with your buddies now? instead of being an individual? Thats cool. I got you guy. down… Up… Wooooooo! thats my jam! Numbers? Numbers again?! you’re killing me. Nuuuuuumberrrssss! they’re so hard… he doesnt know how to count cause he doesn’t know how to get here on time and read a clock Way to give up halfway Grey Hat! Way to give up halfway Grey Hat! everybody do a lap Oh no! Dont be last! you’re really showing me! This guy must mean business. oh no! im heartbroken. He’s come in last! Good job numbers, you don’t have to count for this one so you’re succeeding quite well. you even faced the correct direction slow it down numbers i gave you one compliment and now its gone to your head got-dang-it numbers! at leaste you’re trying numbers You’re very coordinated. Thank You! it was a liiiiiiiiiie! ohh numbers. i dunno about this one number! im concerned about your safety. im genuinely concerned for your wellbeing numbers thank god. we should have had numbers sign a release do you have osteoporosis? you look like an old woman right now. do you want a cane? You should drink some Milk! Drink some milk to get some Osteo in your Perosis, Guy! like you’re sneaking up on charlie in the middle of Nam! like you’re going odwn the Ho Chi Minh trail get your weapon up infront of you! they’re gonna get you with a booby trap! now sprint! no sprint and get away from that booby trap get low attack the target yes use your bazooka red shirt guy! with your weird trucker hat that you probably got from 7-11 charlies in the trees dude. move with a sense of urgency! like this! I can fly! do it numbers! move your feet faster than everyone else! you want to be my favorite! i can feel it! i dunno what Numbers is carrying. he’s got a rifle and a child in his arms run with the baby numbers! run with it! save the BABY!!!! alright! Do a lap! you’ve got a minute since you dont wanna run quick! your time lesses the more you irritate me! 3…2…..1 if you don’t beat me, you do it again! you better touch this line with your hand! if you dont ill make you do it again! nope do it again guy touch it with your hand cmon man, your’e a liability! this is a good reason for why you dont bring your phone in your workout pants. you weirdo! cause now that you left it you gotta get it back from me. you gotta pay taxes. to get your phone back. so you’re either gonna be smart, or strong. looks like strong. Hurry Up! dont let him beat you with his toxic masculinity! she smoked you you cheater hey peach, whats up? i have your boyfriend’s phone cause he is at practice right now. he left it on the ground because he’s full of dumb. dont worry he’ll get it back. Love you Byeeee that was somebodies girlfriend come on numbers! dont mix up your left and your right what are you doing numbers?! come on numbers! do it! com on, you’re almost there! you messed up your right and your left again numbers thast the wrong arm numbers! Hurry up Mini me get over there you gymnastic oompa loompa looks like you’re carrying a member of the lolipop guild the losers are twelve winers 13. these two teams 10 burbees each. go ahead, knock em out. every single one did 10? yup! Integrity! did every single one of you do 10? yup! liar do a lap when i get to hell! satans gonns say howd you earn your living boy? howd you earn your pay? who wants their phone back? i facetimed “Peach” you think im gonna come to you? it’s your phone right?

Reader Comments

  1. Drill sergeants are great. Ours never quit on us and ALWAYS had the utmost confidence in our abilities.

  2. I’m surprised they arnt crying to their chaplain about hazing.

    “THERES A BABY!!!!” Hahahahaha.

  3. You sure hope this is the first time they have ever had a drill sergeant telling them what to do. The way they meander through is laughable. Hell, at Parris Island they had us in the pit right away. In the police academy they would do the same thing. Sad part, I bet these kids think he IS being rough on them.

  4. I wish my drill instructor was that nice! They would piss themselves if they were really enlisted lol!

  5. Yeah he’s being really laid back. If they where real recruits, you’d see how many varicose veins are in his neck.

  6. This is an excellent example of how much authority the military has in civilian life. These are college kids taking courses harder than any basic training, not a bunch of 18 yr olds that never got into a university. I went through more shit than this to obtain a Master’s degree and earn more than these piss ants screaming their lungs out ever will! Military so damn great, yet you all can’t wait for that DD214, eh?

    TF outta here!

  7. This sh*t is Great!
    You should take this show and hit the circuit, do the clubs; hell yeah!!!
    That one bit, "Wu wur showwas wodlle webble"
    That kills dude, you'll own the room!

  8. Drill instructor's yell because they care!. Because their job is to turn you into someone worthy of wearing that uniform, so don't question their tactics and respect them for having a tough job!.

  9. this reminds me of when some army guys would show up towards the end of two-a-days football practice in high school and it would be one of the hardest football practices of the year, about on par with a wrestling practice.

  10. My high school wrestling team did more work than these athletes…plus we were all weirdos…makes things easier

  11. This is a Drill Sergeant the night after the best sex with their spouse they've ever had. They get MUCH MEANER

  12. “You boy friend dropped his phone because he’s a piece a dung don’t worry he’s gonna get it back love you Bye”
    “Who wants their phone back I FaceTimed peach” amazing I love this channel

  13. You KNOW they made him downplay his role. Sargeant, I will PAY to see you during PEC'S in red phase.

  14. 8:03. Do you have osteoporosis? Because you look like an old woman right now.

    LMAO. he was literally softer on these students than my high school football coach.

  15. This is a rousing round of morning PT for trainees, I get that he can't go full DS and bring the pain because none of them signed that dotted line and became property…yet. lol Grey Hat is lucky all he got was slight elevated yelling and some name calling. Still the DS doing this brought back some fun memories Good job @Angry Cops.

  16. Regular drill sergeant here, when you get your face dragged through the tire pit cause you fucked up the low crawl THEN you know what an Angry Drill Sergeant is 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. HOLY SHIT he lives right near me!! The place he is in is the indoor track at Cortland college. We went there last school year for an indoor track meet. Great place.

  18. Grey hat:. I'm such a rebel, I'm so bad.

    Also Grey hat:. Stop being so mean to me! Ermmmmm! 😠😡😤😭😭😭😭😭

  19. that dumd ass kid who was being told “hands on shoulder level” would have been knocked out cold by the DI if he was really in boot camp

  20. Ah yes the drill sergeant, a rare sighting of this creature calm, yet do not be fooled, for it can turn violent very quickly

  21. Reminds me of my coach in high school, except she was little louder with more cussing. Damn that brings back memories.

  22. Wait this isnt a angry drill sergeant, seems pretty normal to me. Some of the kids don't have respect for ppl tough

  23. i dont think i could take any of them seriously, when people start yelling and getting mad for no reason or for a bad reason i cant help but laugh

  24. Too bad there isn't 7 drill sergeants there roaming the halls giving out free shark attacks as needed haha. That would be a beautiful thing.

  25. A true drill Sargent gets so close to there face and scream but I guess they can’t do that because they can’t afford the teens/adults to pee them self XD

  26. This drill sergeant is nice, the retired marine that trains us, calls us maggots and nasty bodies 😆 and he sometimes screams in your face when you do something wrong, but he he’s a pretty funny guy.Blessed to have him training us.

    Edit:OMG I died when he said,”Don’t let him beat you with his toxic masculinity.”😆😆😆😆

  27. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

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