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Angels Military Sale

Angels Military Sale

so I suppose the first obvious one is civil Second World War British Army Dad's Army land ok so again your whole point pretending some of these can you touch the Dutch set is going to be easy as we do some of the faucet British ones yes which have been quite small sizes but that Dutch is quite nice assessment in that is the early early is not someone to yeah so amber the colors just a bit dark that works for Canadian yeah is their purchasing a chance to get this amount of stuff before never I shouldn't think ever ever ever I should certainly there's never been a chance to get this range of costumes before I suppose you went to an army mo DC auction there might have been a load of thumb DPM up for grabs but they would never have been a range of variety of stuff like this who do you think you were kidding mr. Hitler if you think we're all that'll run we are the boys you'll stop your little game the boys you will like it there guy comes true

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  1. This was a complete waste of time and money.
    They had NOTHING that they said they supplied, uter shit this was. they fucked up my christmas big time, cunts :@

  2. I am really going to try and go to this… rumours have it that most of the stuff is cheap… and if it is… got any canadian bd for cheap? If so im there!

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