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Anchorage, Alaska 2017 | Tikahtnu Commons (Shopping Near Military Base)

Anchorage, Alaska 2017 | Tikahtnu Commons (Shopping Near Military Base)

are you recording okay hey everybody okay so now I'm in a different area we're in East Anchorage kind of like the Muldoon area or cuz you are you betraying my okay over here I would say this could kind of be considered like date night central because they have a whole bunch of restaurants over here they have a movie theater and I always said if they put like a up if they put a bowling alley you know just a couple other areas where you can do some activities this would be a really great location we have the military base right over here right outside this toccata new area which is called Illman no it's called Jay Baer now but anyway I'm going to go ahead and pan around so that you can see the different restaurants we got some stores over here and then we have a movie theater over here to my left alright so let me get it you get it okay Oh zoom here we go okay so this is the two cottony movie theater and I'll try to fill them a little bit inside we're actually meeting up with a couple friends of mine to go see girls trip so I'm hoping it's gonna be a good movie I'm excited to go see it I'm bringing my little one with me she doesn't want to be on you want to be on camera you don't care okay okay let's say hi hold on let me pull it back you know say hi okay so yeah she's going to be hanging out with mom and her friends tonight and my friends tonight I should say but uh so if you look here let's see what is that it's hard for me to see Pier one Imports we got the pita pit we got Men's Wearhouse we got BTY dental sensations you need to get your tan Verizon fire tap restaurant you don't see the sign here but this building is a Texas Roadhouse we got Red Robin over there there's a Olive Garden and we also have McDonald's I mean there's just all kinds of places to eat over here so alright we're about to go in oh here let me get this side too so right behind me we have Sam's Club and Ulta so we're about to go in Ulta and then we got to get over here to this movie theater so we can watch girls trip so we'll check in later okay so same area different day it's Saturday what is it June what do you know okay June 20 something yeah it might be 22nd or 23rd but um so this is the opposite side of where the theatre is so you got your Red Robin over there and then they have the Panda Express Starbucks two little strip mall over there Massage Envy one of my favorite places just gonna pan around and there's miss conscious just like shopping okay so we're about to go to Cole's she wants to look around you just want to look right are you trying to shop you want to look okay okay all right so we're going to do some window shopping and I'll try to record a little bit more so you can see more of this side beside that I'm okay I want to get another shot of these mountains here I wish I knew what they were called I should know as long as I've been here it's just so gorgeous all right I'm gonna see if I can get another the other side of the shopping I know you call these strip malls okay so here's the opposite side of the strip mall so again to cotton you so we have Lowe's so you got old maybe we got pests smart clothes which we just came out of without making a purchase that's the miracle and then target and you can't see it it's like way back in the cut over there we have Best Buy I mean today's weather it's just so nice it's so beautiful and we're gonna go bike riding probably around the neighborhood the sister cotton ooh I would say if you come to Anchorage you definitely want to try and get over here if you want to have like a little bit of a shopping experience we don't have there's not a ton of stores over here but it's a cute little area I like it

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  1. This is really nice they act like there no stores in Alaska. Thanks good vedio πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©

  2. Do they have high end furniture store. And another name brand furniture store in Anchorage and Wasilla Alaska πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  3. Sensational! Video! Great zoom on your camera. The time is getting close for me to make my transition. You have me excited about my move! I decided to sell everything just about load my car and just drive thru Canada for now. I may still fly but driving looks in expensive vs shipping my car plus I can pack a few things inside.

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