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An Observation on Military Equipment Being Transported on Non-Military Trucks

An Observation on Military Equipment Being Transported on Non-Military Trucks

I'm at a rest stop in Missouri right now and thought I'd videotape this really quick I keep seeing military equipment moving around the country random rest up and the guy mowing the lawn behind me has been eyeballing me so taking there you go I've been seeing past couple days driving on the road a lot of military equipment being transported by private contractors and I know this is nothing new just interesting you know there's a lot of military equipment on the road nothing to be warned you know alarmed about or anything I just thought it was interesting so I thought I'd rap video over really quick and make mention that I've noticed a ton of military equipment like Humvees with generator trailers and stuff like that being moved around the country by a private carrier like that instead of on the back of military transports in large convoys that kind of blends anymore right anyway observation over time

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  1. I worked for a company that builds military trucks.. (1990-1995)  we transported many military trucks via private trucking companies.   this is nothing new!

  2. if you are getting any kind of income from the Federal Government, there is a hidden but very enforceable law that: You must report any an all suspicious activity or be also charged in the punishment process. this includes many outrages things, the mower might be snooping, duno.

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