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Ammo Pouch – 200 rnd SAW ALICE pouch

Ammo Pouch – 200 rnd SAW ALICE pouch

okay so I decided to make a little change to my bacon belt and I'm like addicted to this Alice stuff before on the back of the belt I had the the Alice radio pouch and the Alice radio pastor is really cool you know it attached with two owls clips there but it just it kind of when you put any weight in it kind of hung over the belt a little bit I don't think it's made to be put on an Alice belt because in this little pouch it's got the shoulder strap and I kind of got it tucked in there because they don't want to cut it off so that one's useless and this one was great for holding the knife but I wanted something just a little bit bigger so I graduated up to this specifically this this is the 200 round saw ammo pouch and it's a it's a lot bigger and a lot better just a short history lesson the if you were a saw gunner s.a.w SI w stands for squad automatic weapons so if you were the designated saw gunner in your outfit you were the guy who was assigned to carry the light machine gun and I think in Vietnam the light machine gun was not very light I think it was the m60 which fired belt-fed 308 cartridges and I think in Desert Storm they graduated up to the m249 weapon systems which was the 5.56 light machine gun but you carried either one or two of these and this held a 200 round 5.56 drum or hold or it held I think a 150 round belts of 308 stacks sideways so I don't want to carry a tune around drum or 150 rounds of 308 but I do want to carry this for camping and this is really really cool this holds and just by the way if you wanted to use it for through a bugging out or urban survival or anything else here are five ar-15 magazines and it has space for at least one more and you know notice these are green tips in there here's how five ar-15 magazines fit in there and these are empty magazines only ones fold if you have five full magazines it would be fairly heavy but since when I'm hiking I don't carry my ar-15 there you go so here's what I graduated up to and it sits on the belt really nice really square in the back is the feature that I got this for not only does it hook on with the Allis clips it's got the belt loop strap and this belt loop goes right you know my web belt and the heavy web belt goes right through there and this baby doesn't sag at all I mean it works great so here we go this is my new this is my new camping pouch okay and and it is for comparison purposes when you open it it's nice and square and you have a nice square box the top folds right back six inches wide about three and a half deep and about eight or nine inches high so what can you carry in there you can carry a ton of stuff here's my whole rusi mosquito net hammock right in there perfectly with room to spare you know I could scrunch I could scrunch a fire kit on the other side or you know you can stuff your gloves under there and it velcros and it snaps plus it's got another loop so that you can hook it onto your LBV stuff so I really like the two-hundred round saw my pouch that's my constant companion on my ultimate survival hiking belt you saw my canteen cooking kit the other day I'll show you the other pouches sometime soon but here you go the to run around saw or squad automatic weapons ammo pouch they also call it the small arms ammo pouch this cost me about 19 bucks shipped off of ebay so try one you'll like it once again this is mat full Florida boar survival see you next time

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  1. You need to ty-rap in your Alice clips, YT has tutorial's on how to do it, believe me you want to do this, now ask me how I know, lol. Somebody got a really good marine med kit in No. Missouri on public land during hunting season yrs ago.

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Love the video!!! Went to my fav military surplus store and found these in the bin for 10.00. Made a great addition to my combat/survival rig. Swap out my Butt pack on my one rig, and installed the SAW pouch for went I just want to go out for just a few hours. Have to love the ALICE gear.

  3. I made up an alice belt with suspenders. Old guys and their toys 🙂 I got the butt pack but I like the SAW pouch.

  4. The FIRST POUCH you displayed is not a radio pouch. The RTO (Radio/Telephone Operator) or "Commo Guy" straps the SINCGARS radio on his rucksack metal frame or he packs it in his backpack along with other commo equipment. I've never seen an RTO carry his SINCGARS radio on his belt, it will be difficult to low crawl and the radio antenna will obstruct his movement. I believe the first pouch you displayed is the first generation GPS pouch. Yes, it's hard to imagine a GPS that big. Yet, during the GPS infancy, the military GPS is that big. They were in service from the first Gulf War up to the mid 2000's when they were eventually replaced with the latest GPS version. Think of the brick cellphones during the early days of the mobile phones, compare to the modern smart phones. The small and long pocket on the right side of the pouch is where you store the GPS battery, which is a non-standard battery type the size of 3 C-battery combined.

    Regarding the SECOND POUCH, we called that "PORK CHOP" pouch. The 200 round SAW magazine is nicknamed "pork chop" because it resembles….well….a pork chop!!!

    If I may suggest, get a "BUTT PACK" specifically designed for LCE (Load-Carrying Equipment) web belt and suspenders. The two ends of the suspender connects with the butt pack. A butt pack has larger storage capacity than a pork chop pouch. I find it unusual you actually like the LCE setup. They were still in use during my early days in the military. I thought they were ok, nothing spectacular. We were all ecstatic when the LCE was phased out. Nowadays, nobody will ever get caught wearing them. I have a rucksack full of old LCE equipment in my garage. I think they belong in a museum.

    I can suggest so many things on how to improve your LCE pack, but I don't wanna disclose too many trade secrets, hehe.

  5. May 3, 2018—One thing a man can't have too many of is pouches. Got the 100 & 200 round ones along with the MRE pouch. Can't remember which one of these (200 round or MRE pouch) I've got 10 AR-15 loaded magazines in and it has no trouble with the weight or as far as tearing, etc. My MRE pouch holds my Ozark pot set along with a bunch of other stuff in the pouch and pots.

  6. 3 river blades he uses this pouch for his mountain house meals, 6 double servings I believe, Great video BTW

  7. John Sherwood sent me. Im into mil surplus and this was a good review. I'll be looking at your other vids Subbed

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