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Ammo Cans – How to Fix Them – Quick Tips

Ammo Cans – How to Fix Them – Quick Tips

folks man you see a here and damn if I don't love you guys why cuz I stopped in the middle of what I was doing you guys can see here we got a bevy of cans that's right dinged up look at that oh man that's nasty huh look at that that's sad anyway there were some ones worse than these see that and we were just knocking him out and I'm thinking we got to make a video we got to show these guys how to do this I looked everywhere online I couldn't find anywhere that gave us any suggestions on how to fix dinged up cans and what to do with them okay now one thing first I want to point out if your cans are dinged up and I'm in like the corners right here are just smashed to crap don't use them don't pick them up won't even get them usually you can get dinged up cans like this for pennies on the dollar which is what we did today we picked up couple dozen cans and I don't know I think there were like three four bucks a pop just because they were being a little bit of ding never hurts anything you know bang never hurts anything tool is nice first thing we did was we wash these in hot soapy water with dawn because they were disgusting so after that we went through we spray-painted and you can see it's an OD green kind of just get covered up of the rough spots and I mentioned you guys ought to love me because this is some interesting info so what I was doing all afternoon was being in and banging away really good on my nerves I tried everything to think about how I could fix these the best way possible and then I got medieval I got I think this is 15 pound sledge all right 15 or 20 pound sledge and so what I started doing was first of all you want to look at the thing you see how this ding originates down here it's real deep so you want to get that sledge in here and what we're going to do is we're going to pound it from here on out work your way from the bottom out to the foot how with force start off kind of bang it bring down if you have to go up and slam it and take a look not bad not bad we got that a lot of that ding out of the way see that very very nice it would help though if you would paint them after you knocked the ding out but that's just me backasswards right I'm gonna finish getting this little guy out take the edge just barely kind of tap it alright a ring on it same thing stop in the back now does it look perfect no but you know what it still holds your gear alright it looks pretty decent I say compared to where it was and you're saving a lot of money plus take your favorite Lube I'm taking bull play here I love bull play and I hit the pins overkill maybe like I said you guys are lucky I like you so much that I actually took the time to show you how to fix them just like butter and these things will Center themselves now take a look at that can you tell that it was ever nasty and dinged up like that no you can't so there you go folks a little beat up but you know what they work and here is a stack of the ones we've done look at that oh man worse for wear no you can't even tell so when you guys are out you guys see somebody selling the thing once say hey how many you give me for a dollar that's right a buck a pop two bucks a pop and tell them I'll take them off your hands those are bad you'll never sell their dinged up they're cosmetically flawed kind of like Nancy Pelosi huh she looks like she's about a thousand years old no matter how much makeup she puts on but I digress that's a video for another day get them they're cheap they're great and that I mentioned that they're rodent proof uh-huh and you can put anything in here I'm going to show you guys one more time just cuz I know some people are a little slow so you can see on this one we've got the thing that comes all the way back here to this side I'm gonna start working in this side work its way out the neighbors love me and you can always use a little more leverage if you gotta come up and down that's fine just make sure your bench could handle this look at that we got this bottom part I'll straighten out we got a little bit of reading here we're gonna work on this side you're not gonna get perfect people but you know what you're gonna get really nice so you can see this right here has got a little bit of a ding on it that's gonna affect it closing just there you go I see that we've run it down a little bit just a little bit a little goes a long way Bowl plate gotta love it great for the aka great for the m1 garand and yes great for your hinges of your ammo boxes people you guys are lucky it's pouring out there today out here in a great urine state otherwise I wouldn't have made this video I love Don Don is the greatest like butter holy cow folks if I told you this thing was 2 bucks would you believe me no you probably wouldn't and guess what it'll stack like normal and yeah you may want to paint these after you knock the dents out of them but that's just what I think questions comments concerns cinnamon down you guys know YouTube is these monetizing us yeah the director from the high up above Ministry of Truth came out and said that all gun videos are now banned and D monetization their channels are gone our challenge would be monetize so look for us on the other platforms we listed below cos are gonna be moving us soon cuz shootin do something for the sport til next time

Reader Comments

  1. I just bought an MTM durable plastic ammo can with a water seal lid for $7.99. No sledge hammering required.

  2. Manny, you mentioned Bull Plate lube, an old dead website comes up. Where can I get some of that? Great work 👍👍

  3. Tupperware for real men! I have used a small thick sheet of plywood to avoid making dings in the sides. Use it between the metal and hammer. You can also take two thick sheets of plywood and clamp the metal between the wood to bring out the majority of the dent and then finish with a hammer. Light tapping against a bucking block and you can really clean them up. Those funky body hammers with a thin wide face work the best.
    As for screw tube, they can go pound sand where the sun don't shine!
    Another item of interest, the EU has demanded of the Swiss to change their gun laws in order to qualify for free travel within the open Shengen Zone. Goes to vote 5/19/019 and its looking bad for the gun owners. Mandatory registry but there are exceptions from what I have read.
    Do you have any plans for that musket cap punch you made several years back or are still making them?
    Manny, keep safe, keep those videos coming as long as possible!

  4. The small gun channel purge  has started.  We lost two Maxx Bear and one more that I can't remember.

  5. I think they aren't anymore waterproof and you can see that they are bend in the reflecting light on the paint like on cars.

  6. Damn Manny….going medieval on the cans. That's what I tell the dog when he misbehaves….Don't make me go medieval on your little ass. Great fix on the cans. If YouTube shuts you down, and the other gun related channels….I'll just stop using YouTube. I only have one video on here anyway, and I can still link to it and never have to come back.

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