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America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 6 | Got Talent Global

America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 6 | Got Talent Global

Reader Comments

  1. Simon is truly the boss , when he stands up to clap , the rest of the judges that didn't want to initially have to follow him when he did.
    Just look at Howie , he literally look at Simon reaction after each performance hahahaha

  2. I am generally unimpressed with a lot of dance groups. Although there have been a few I really liked, like Light Balance, who are still my fav … but that couple made me gasp numerous times. That was simply fantastic.

  3. Blind man all I hear is chef on south park singing about his chocolate balls…..

    But seriously, he can sing amazing

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  5. I like the way Americans dry up their tears they use a single finger but in my home land two hands involving inclusive handkerchief😆

  6. I´m really sorry buuutttt…. 39:08 this song needs I mean: NEEDS lots of strenght, pasion, love, powerful voice to sing it..!!!!
    Howie is totally RIGHT and with a lot of presision in his comment.
    This song is NOT ment to be sung like this… terrible…………………………………………………………….

  7. AMAZINGLY BRUTALITY of 18:40 strenght, pasion, love, performance, shape, they flow like the fresh wind..!!! AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL..!!!!!

  8. That mind lady in red with that guy in the suit. I find it alittle weird he has to put the glasses on when he does his acts. he wore them in first one took them off and then put them on for second one and takes them off again. some sort of image transfer

  9. 38:00 is so annoying because they both have mics and one of the lady's ears is always hidden. The dude always seems to have to see the image before she guesses… it just seems too obvious, unless I'm jumping to conclusions? If it really is that simple, They shouldn't have been given 3 yeses.

  10. How is it that most disabled people seem so much more talented than people without disabilities. ..Wow😮

  11. they have people in on the trick. why is this even in the audition. the magic tricks in this one n even previous ones are fake…. wtf is wrong with u people voting for them

  12. I like watching agt shows, performers here always convey such dedication, passion and inspiration! Loved the boy who dreams of Broadway, made me cry…

  13. Why IS IT Always the japanese acts who are… Outstandingly cheesy, crazy and… Strange in a loss of better words…

  14. where is the judges comments for the old guy.? Absoute rubbish and anticlimax without judges comments.If u cant post with judges comments then pls dont post.

  15. Second act… That little boy… I want him, he's the most cutest baby boy I've ever seen I just want to peck his cheeks and cuddle him all day 😭 HE'S LIKE A WHITTLE TEDDY BEAR TT

  16. That second kid didn't deserve a golden buzzer,there were lot of dance groups and other talent who were excellent.

  17. Worth mentioning that the guy at 29:30 was the winner of Swedish Idol in 2017 and he performed the same song in the finals in case anyone wants to check it out, possibly even better than this performance. Hoping he does as well in AGT!

  18. Imagine there's no country… We'll have only "Our Earth's Got Talent" as one….. (John Lennon didn't tell…C'est moi.)

  19. I am blown away by the connections being made thru dance, music, magic, and comedy. We are not as different as we might think; we cry the same tears and laugh mostly the same (except when Howard Sterns snort-laughs), and we love performers with the same hearts. So much diversity in the audiences and performers and yet we're feeling very close and very much the same here.

  20. boy from new york singing musicals is great, but really has to stop eating and start moving his body for his health. he is already obese.

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  22. Американское шоу талантов лучшее, всегда так трогательно и эмоционально. 💞

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