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American Widow Project

American Widow Project

[♪techno music playing♪] [gun firing] This is the Army Today. Michelle Michael found a young woman who is healing in her own way. At 21 years old, Taryn told him yes. Mrs. Michael Warner Davis—proudest title I could have ever had. He said yes to the Army and then 15 months in Iraq. There’s so many people out there who aren’t forgetting their husband sacrificed. The newlyweds didn’t forget each other; they wrote— [Laughs] Look at them. —a lot. >>A lot of letters. There was never a quiet moment between them until— “The Secretary of Defense regrets to inform you that your husband Corporal Michael Warner Davis was killed.” Mrs. Davis now had a new title. I was now a military widow. The days ahead were a blur—too many questions, not enough answers. Months later, she started asking the questions. She interviewed other widows, filmed their stories, and made a documentary. One of our main goals is to have these in the hands of the widows, especially in the first few days. She calls it The American Widow Project, a link for women in search of common sorrow. I think of it as putting a blank canvas out there and them painting the masterpiece— —one by one, story by story. Michael’s boots are by the door where he left them. It’s our home, and even though he’s not here, in so many ways, I feel as if he is. And so they’re important, for me, to be there in plain view when I come in. His empty boots are a testament to the cost of war—a silent reminder— —but they help Taryn find her voice and her strength in a battle that only a widow can understand. Michelle Michael, Beuda, Texas. That’s the Army Today, Washington.

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  1. This is War. Both Sides of the fighting looses brothers, fathers, husbands, sons and friends. This is the atrocity of war that breeds hate and spreads even more fighting.

    Oh, man and woman who seek to establish an utopia on this planet. Let us find the source of evil and abolish it. Truly, if we succeed, there will be no war and no more fighting. There is only one life, so make it right and make this a better world for those who are yet to be born.

  2. the evil you wish to abolish is within the shadows of your government. According to Biblical prophecy, it will only get worse. Lets get the peace this world can not give us…

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